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March 2, 2020


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You know what gets me downright giddy? Hearing from students about how everything is going in their lives and businesses since they made the massive decision to invest in themselves.

These four students decided a year ago to hand over their credit card for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. I know you’ve heard me talk about it before, but this was the only course I took in 2019 and I just finished my second time through this year.

I could tell you all day long how incredible the content is, how I got a new million dollar idea in the process, and all the real, tangible results I’ve seen since taking it… But I’ll bet you’re more interested in the stories of students who kinda weren’t sure if the course was for them and whose businesses didn’t look like mine. I want you to hear from students whose lives and businesses look more like yours.

Meet Stephanie Ann, Hans, Hilary and Ty. They all took the leap into KBB last year and the impact they’re creating in their communities with their businesses is massive. And to top it off, they’re building lives they’ve always dreamed about, with the freedom to do the things they love. These are their before, during, and after stories of KBB. They share the reservations they had and how those went out the window as they started the course.

Hilary & Ty

Husband and wife duo Hilary and Ty own a cross fit gym together and they have created a system that uses the science of behavior change to reduce the chaos and increase the joy in your home with your kids. To put it simply, Hilary says, “We help get your kids to fricking listen!”

Ty once defined success by having the fanciest car in the pharmacy parking lot, but now, success means driving his Prius to his gym and building his business on his own terms.

They decided to take KBB together and in the process they discovered their individual superpowers complimented each other. Hilary is an implementer. She can take action immediately and get results. In Ty’s background in behavioral studies, he recognized that the info he shared with parents and kids could be overwhelming. Hilary can communicate and help families implement it in a more relatable way.

Hilary and Ty’s business and KBB journey almost didn’t start… In fact, when Ty’s employer told him he’d have to take his business Facebook page down or face termination, they stalled. Should he leave a 6-figure job to go all in on this new venture? You’ll have to press play to hear how that turned out. (Spoiler alert: He left and he hasn’t looked back since.)

“If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to take your shot, this is it. You have a superpower inside of you and yes, it’s going to take work to bring that out and you’re going to need some guidance along the way. This is what provided that guidance for us,” Ty shared. “If you want to be in control of your time and energy, KBB is the one thing that helped us take control and change our lives.”

Hans Boateng

Hans Boateng was born and raised in Ghana to a family who always taught him that the path to success and wealth was through a high paying job, like becoming a doctor. But after reading the well-known book by Robert T. Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he knew his path was in entrepreneurial endeavors and investing. Today, Hans helps professionals build wealth by teaching them how to invest.

One of the things I admire the most about Hans came from his first post in the Implementation Lab. Hans said no one was speaking to the people like him. The books on investing weren’t written for him. So he decided to do something about it with his KBB journey.

Clicking that buy button wasn’t easy. He hesitated for a moment wondering if he was really ready for this. Was he sure he’d be comfortable doing this? But another voice told him that he needed to step into being uncomfortable because it was an opportunity for growth.

Hans saw the other people offering KBB, he saw big names attached to the course and offering bonuses to go along with the already packed course, but he decided to sign up through me because of the Implementation Lab. “There’s a level of support within the group that, in my opinion, is non-existent anywhere else on the internet.”

For Hans, the biggest change he’s seen since taking the course is realizing that he didn’t need to only run a one-on-one business. “I always had this perception that the only way you can serve is by working on a one-on-one basis with people, and KBB allowed me the program… to serve a larger group,” he said. Through KBB, Hans created a program to help individuals who have never invested before learn how to do it.

Press play to hear more about his story because I think you will see yourself in it.

Stephanie Ann Bagley

Stephanie started her business with a 17-month old and an infant who just got out of the NICU. She battled severe postpartum depression and realized that she needed something that was entirely her own.

After getting her own photos taken by a photographer who made her feel self conscious and uncomfortable in front of the lense, she knew she had to become a photographer that would make every woman feel great about getting their picture taken.

Stephanie has had great success as a photographer, but she knew the only way to make more money and have more impact is to work more… Something she didn’t want to do forever while raising her kids. But what was that next step? She started searching and that’s when she discovered the idea of creating something once and selling it over and over again.

She watched the livecast last year and held nothing back in her review of it. She even said, “This seems so scammy!” Believe me, my entire team was feeling like the message on the webcast last year totally missed the mark and didn’t fully communicate how amazing the course truly is (ahem, that’s why they had me on this year — to call them out and clear it up!)

“Even when the webinar was over and I walked away, there was still a part of me that was curious,” Stephanie explained. So she started Googling and researching KBB for herself. That’s when she found one of my posts calling the guys out and explaining how incredible the program is from first-hand experience. That’s what she needed to hear to commit to the course that changed the trajectory of her business and life.

But now with three kids and scarce time, how would she pull off making the most of her investment? Her strategy blew me away. The kids went to a sitter for two full days and she did the entire course. In two days. “I had to remind myself to pee!”

Press play to hear about Stephanie’s experience with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint and what happened the very next week when she applied what she learned in KBB to her existing photography business. It gave me straight up goosebumps.

The Implementation Lab

“I didn’t know that it was the missing link that I needed in my life. KBB is the course and the outline and the game plan. Jenna, you were the coach and the teacher. Everyone else that signed up for KBB, they are your classmates and teammates. [The Implementation Lab] helped us tremendously to fill in the cracks,” Hilary said.

Listen, I know that implementation is half the battle. You’ll get the systems and the tools and the knowledge, but I saw just how powerful a community can be when you’re taking on something new. I love showing up in the JK KBB Implementation Lab group every day because I’m surrounded by people who are working toward their dreams and who lift others up around who are doing the same.

I hope to see you inside of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, but even better if I get to work alongside you in the Implementation Lab. You can get the course here and you’ll get access to the group, too.

More from KBB Students

If you want to hear more stories of hesitation that turned into success, take a peek at these other Knowledge Business Blueprint students. Follow along with Hilary & Ty, Hans, and Stephanie, even shoot them a DM to ask what their experience has been taking the course. Tell them Jenna sent ya!


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    So inspiring!! Loved listening to this episode about your students. Thanks for continually highlighting other great businesses on your podcast.

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