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I’m an AerieREAL Role Model!

Jenna Kutcher 

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Did you see the BIG news? I still can’t even believe it. For the last few years, I’ve been working alongside Aerie and now it’s officially official and I want to pinch myself. When I discovered that Aerie doesn’t retouch any of their models, I knew they were on to something. Their mission to promote not just body-positivity and self-love but to be a truly inclusive company has had me cheering them on from the sidelines over the past few years.

Being named their newest role model has me feeling like I should stand at the podium and give an acceptance speech to all of you who have followed my journey, encouraged me, and watch me navigate the muddy waters of learning how to love and embrace myself. In this role, I get to continue my work sharing about the process of feeling confident in my skin (especially as we navigate this season of pregnancy and motherhood!)

If a girl living in small-town Minnesota can “make it” as an entrepreneur, a dreamer, and now an AerieREAL Role Model, so can you. At the end of the day, I’m just a normal girl with a mission to change the world and I sincerely pray to provide a relatable example for women while always promising to keep it real. Life isn’t always perfect, self-love isn’t always easy, but there is so much power in simply showing up and I promise to do that!

The internet has walked through some of life’s greatest triumphs with us but they’ve always witnessed some of our greatest heartbreaks. I want to be a voice for women and someone that allows others to say, “me too!” Being #AerieREAL isn’t reserved for a certain body type or age or season of life, it’s for all of us. For me, it will always be real, not retouched.

Want the full story?

Read more about my journey to becoming an AerieREAL Role Model here!

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  1. Katie says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! Congratulations, Jenna! You are beautiful and fierce and helping others learn to love themselves too.


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