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January 27, 2016



It isn’t often that I am left home alone over night without Drew. In fact, it’s usually the other way around, when I am traveling for speaking engagements or photo shoots! On Thursday Drew had an overnight meeting in Milwaukee with his team of wine gurus and I was left home alone for one of the first nights in the new house. It was funny, really, because my whole day was off. I wasn’t eagerly anticipating him coming home or getting the dogs ready for our little family walk. I didn’t have dinner planned, I hadn’t even washed my lunch dishes, yet. As much as I give Drew crap for being clinically OCD, I realized that I need his stability, his routine, and of course his cleanliness in my life.

Without him I live like a college boy in a frat house, I wish I were kidding.) My life holds zero structure and I found myself working until 11PM, ordering sushi take out, drinking half a bottle of wine, visiting friends, then falling asleep on the couch. Like what? I swear I reverted back to my 17 year old self (and it wasn’t pretty!) As I finally crawled into bed at 1AM (after I woke up on the couch to HGTV blaring) I realized how much we need each other. Not just for the routine of everyday life but for the way we balance one another out. While we tease each other for our opposite ways of cleaning (let’s just say I’m messy and he is clinically clean) or the way that I fly by the seat of my pants and he needs structure, I realized that we are the perfect balance for one another.

I need him, he needs me. When he called me on his way to work in the morning, I told him how much I need him and he said, “That’s exactly how I feel when you’re gone!” It’s easy to forget how important it is to be together, it’s even easier to struggle to imagine what life would be like without on another, but just that one night in our big new house was enough for me to treasure the way Drew balances me out, needs me, and I need the heck out of him.




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  1. Amy Lynn says:

    That’s exactly how I am when my husband isn’t around! A couple summers ago he had to work out of town for most the week, and I was a train wreck! The house was a disaster, I couldn’t hold down normal sleeping hours, and I never cooked! I ate so unhealthy that I gained weight :/ I do so much better when he’s around and he helps keep me on a schedule that I can’t keep on by myself!

  2. Mimi says:

    Hahaha that is a great story! And I can TOTALLY relate. Now, I have kids…so even when my husband is out of town I have to be somewhat responsible for their sake. But let’s just say that order and routine are not my strong suit either. We are usually cramming food in our mouth past bedtime and I seem somehow shocked that their having a hard time focusing on homework. What?!? 😉

    Thanks for the laugh!

    • Hahaha! Totally my life! I am all over the place and unpredictable (but hey, it keeps life interesting!) Am I right? I can’t even imagine being responsible for multiple children, you’re super mom!


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