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January 27, 2016



Oh man, it’s been ONE month since we moved into the Kutcher Craftsman. It’s crazy to think of how much has changed in a month but it’s safe to say we are SO happy here. The other day I was washing the dishes and staring out the big window watching the river and I just felt this total peace take me over. I knew we were in the right place and goodness, I love it. There are a lot of aspects we had assumed we would love: the river, being in town, the new office space in the front sunroom, but there are also aspects we hadn’t even considered that we are obsessed with: a yoga studio a half mile away, the grocery store within walking distance, the attic space where we hang 90% of the time, all of the natural light, and the separation and definition of space.

We’ve done little projects here and there, like successfully hanging blinds in the bedroom, decorating room by room, assembling (a lot of) furniture, and slowly but surely working through the basement that we filled with the stuff we probably don’t need. It’s been fun to feel like we are actually making this house a home and every night we discover a new part of our routine in this space. We LOVE to camp out in the attic at night and watch TV, the dogs seem more independent because they aren’t constantly at our heels like they were with the ranch, and I swear my butt is getting in better shape thanks to all of the stairs! (Kidding, kind of!) I am also so excited for the world to thaw out and for us to actually the enjoy the river from more than just our window!

The next projects on deck are:

  • The downstairs living room: new furniture, reconfiguring the space, a little paint!
  • Decorating the guest bedrooms!
  • Putting things up on the walls – I’ve been waiting until I am absolutely sure for this one!
  • Cleaning out the garage! We have all of the original doors and hardwoods in here!
  • Getting the kitchen cabinets painted and add hardware!

Stay tuned for more updates as our space gets finished and we settle in… maybe we will even have a house warming party (gasp, it only took us two years at our last place to realize we never had one there, oops!) We are always looking for new art, new furniture, and accessories, so if you have any favorite places to shop, please comment below! I’ll be doing a round up of our recent purchases soon, so stay tuned! It’s been fun browsing and picking our new stuff to live with every day!




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  1. Amy Lynn says:

    Such a gorgeous home! We love craftsman style homes, and our dream is to either buy one or build one ourselves someday 🙂 also, I couldn’t help but notice your fiddle leaf figs! Because mine looks IDENTICAL to yours right now haha. Same size of plant, in the original black plastic planter, sitting on a white plate! I didn’t want to share a picture of it until it was in a nice pretty pot, but honestly I wouldn’t have even noticed that about yours if mine wasn’t in the same boat! So thanks for sharing 🙂 I guess I’ll go take a picture of mine now!

  2. Mande Gaffney says:

    Gorg but I have to say my favorite pic is the pup looking thru that gorg door!

  3. Mimi says:

    Ooooooo!!! This Is what I was waiting for! Your little glimpses here and there were such a tease! What a beautiful home. We have also been in our place a month now. Even though it’s a simple apartment…this has inspired me. It’s time to settle in. I’m having a challenging time developing a routine. But, of course, if I haven’t found a home for everything that will be hard to do.

    • Thank you so much Mimi! You are so sweet. It just feels good to settle in! We are, by no means, done (will we ever be?) but the more we can make it feel like home, the more we can enjoy it in every day life! Cheers to a new place for you!

  4. Hi!
    I love everything about your home! It is gorgeous. Could you tell me a little about the blinds in the picture with the dog? They would be perfect in our bedroom!

    Thank you,



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