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How to Intentionally Create Content Your People WANT to Read

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So, I totally get it when it comes to good old content creation fatigue, okay?! You’re likely creating content for a lot of places and it can just feel like you’re a hamster on a spinning creation wheel, never able to hop off and catch your breath. As someone who has made content a HUGE part of her business for years and years, I can promise you something: content is ridiculously important to your business. The key? Making sure that your people actually WANT to read it.

The web is packed full of content across blogs and YouTube channels and podcast streams, and there are millions of pieces of content that never get read or watched or listened to. Why? Because it’s not created intentionally, my friend.

The thing is, there are a couple of ways you can create content. You can batch it, you can hire a writer, you can repurpose already create content, you can try different mediums… but none of it matters without putting intention behind it. I know you might be thinking that content creation is just a whole other beast to tackle in your business, but I can promise you that it’s so, so valuable if you’re doing it right.

I’ve seen the benefits of content in my own business big-time, and I really attribute it all to the heart behind it. It might sound cheesy, but it’s so true.

How to Create Content Your People WANT to Read

You’ve likely jumped to someone’s blog, only to get overwhelmed (or bored) and you’ve just clicked on it and got back to your other scrolling, right? Maybe you’re busy creating content but that same thing is happening when someone else lands on your site? They read a few lines and then click that little “x” button to get back to social media or watching Tiktok videos.

That’s the last thing we want to happen. We want to create enticing, engaging content that serves, content that invites people to go a step further with us and content that inspires. It can feel a little overwhelming when we think about creation in that way! As a creative person, it’s daunting to create from a place where we focus not on the creation itself but on the way it is received. Worry not, I’ve got some steps to help simplify and ease the burden of this idea!

I’m all about content (and love consuming it JUST as much as I love creating it). Here’s my go-to method for intentionally creating content that my people WANT to read… because you deserve to feel proud of your content, too.

Know Your Stuff

I know that not every person is going to find value in everything that I create. That’s just life! But, I’d like to think that people WANT to read the things I post… and I know it, because I know my audience. I know what they like (and don’t like), I know their interests, I know where I can serve them or offer solutions and I know the things they tend to click on. That, my friend, has made the biggest difference.

Technology these days makes it super easy to dig into what your audience likes, so use it! Which content gets the most engagement for you? How about the least? Which content is actively delivering results for you? What does your audience tell you they want? Poll them on Instagram stories, ask them to DM you, share a question in your weekly email, get on the phone with someone who might be a prospective client or drop a question in your feed. Your audience will tell you if you ask them.

At Team JK, we’re big on our analytics. The data we pull weekly from podcast downloads, the blog, and Google Analytics is HUGE when it comes to informing our content calendar. The information lies in those numbers and it informs us of where to go next and what to create. Plus, it helps everyone on the team love the whole process so much more… because when you’re creating something people love, it’s just that much more special.

At the same time, trust that YOU are the one who knows your stuff on a completely different level. You’re the expert in your field, so why not treat yourself like it — and create content that highlights it? When you’re confident in your expertise, you can use things like Pinterest, Google, and the Instagram Explore page to discover new ways to direct and share your content. It’s like magic.

Put Thought Into Your Formatting

One of the most easily forgotten (and important!) parts of content creation is paying attention to the way it’s presented to your audience.

Think about it: most people read things from their phone, right? Put extra thought into the way you block off your text (don’t make it overwhelming!), the headings and subheads you use, and the keywords they’re looking for. Connect them to their answers or the information they are seeking as quickly as possible. While formatting like that is great for SEO, it’s also really great for the reader themselves. When you make it easy to understand and desirable to consume, your content is much more likely to actually be read.

You want to make it super clear what they will get if they click the link or read the article. I’ve created formatting standards for each blog post I publish, and I always like to give an end result that shares what everyone will learn at the very beginning of the blog. That way, people know what to expect from the content. When you do that and focus on breaking it up into digestible, easy-to-consume chunks, you’ve hit the content jackpot.

People want to read your content to get some value from it. Keep it fun, of course, but make sure that the educational piece is at the center. At the same time, don’t be afraid to use visuals, images, or stories to teach or illustrate a point. A lot of people learn visually, so mingling those things into your content is a great way to spur a memory or a connection.

Follow Through

Creating the piece of content is only one piece of the puzzle. So many times people spend so much time on the creation process that they forget to follow through with the promotion side of things. A huge issue I’ve seen is a lack of follow-through when it comes to content. My friends, don’t sell yourself short at the end! If you’re taking the time to intentionally create content that’s valuable and educational and special, you need to share it the same way.

Create a promotional plan for all of your content, and stick to it. By making sure that you’re paying attention to that piece of the puzzle, you can ensure that that intentionally created content wasn’t all for nothing. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you’re giving that content the love you want it to get, right? Don’t just share it once and be done, establish a system to share the content multiple ways in the upcoming weeks and months.

There are tons more things to do than just sharing a blog on Facebook and calling it a day. Challenge yourself to break up that content of yours into other sharing opportunities. Over here, we’re all about creating everything from graphics and videos to share our content, which hugely improves the reach and the value. If you focus on promoting as much as you focus on creating, your content will drive bigger results for you!

There you have it, my content creator! All you need to create content the right way is some intention around your stats, your sharing, and your end goal. With a little extra focus and love, you’ll be creating content that your people not only WANT to read, but that they can’t wait to.

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