A Peek Into My Revenue Streams: Here’s How I REALLY Make Money

June 17, 2024


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Wanna see how I REALLY make money?

I know that there’s a lot of talk about ‘revenue streams’, but what does it really look like to get started and be successful at it? Press play on this conversation I had with Hala Taha on her podcast, Young and Profiting!

If you’re new around here, you might not know that some of my income comes from real estate and Airbnbs. I leveraged a few of my passions and skill sets into a different business about 8 years ago, and I’ve learned A LOT from it!

Learn more about listing your home on AirBnB here!

Making the jump from one source of income to multiple can feel intimidating, so I invite you to pull up a seat for this conversation and simplify the process for yourself.

I see more streams of income in your future… Let’s dive into my story, shall we?!

Starting with Wedding Photography

I began my entrepreneurial journey at 23, transitioning from a corporate job to starting a wedding photography business. Within three years, I was earning six figures, a significant milestone for me at the time.

However, the rapid growth led to burnout, prompting me to explore alternative revenue streams.

I’m no stranger to burnout… if you’re experiencing the same thing, check out Episode 764: Confession: I’m Burnt Out, Here’s Exactly What I’m Doing About It!

Diversifying Income Streams

After experiencing personal challenges, including miscarriages, I realized the importance of creating multiple revenue streams.

I knew I couldn’t rely on a career that required me to trade my time for money… I wanted to figure out a way to make money while I rested.

Inspired by the idea that the average millionaire has seven income sources, I ventured into various side hustles, including becoming a watercolor artist (yep–that happened!) and eventually transitioning into online courses.

Transition to Online Courses

Recognizing the need to scale beyond one-on-one coaching, I ventured into online courses. By reverse engineering the process and identifying common pain points among photographers, I developed courses on branding, social media, and more.

This shift allowed me to reach a broader audience and provide valuable education to aspiring photographers and, eventually, business owners in all different industries!

Explore all of the online courses I offer, including training on Pinterest, Instagram, Podcasting, and more!

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been a significant revenue stream for me, generating over seven figures annually.

By leveraging trust with my audience and promoting products and services I genuinely believe in, I’ve cultivated a successful affiliate marketing strategy. This approach not only generates income but also fosters meaningful connections with my followers.

Curious about affiliate marketing? Download my FREE Affiliate Marketing Guide to learn how to make your first sale!

Venturing into Real Estate

In the midst of building my business, my husband and I loved visiting Hawaii, eventually even spending an entire month in Maui to escape the harsh Minnesota winters!

This led us to invest in two properties, which we list on Airbnb when we are not using them. Check out the Kutcher Condos here!

This investment has truly enriched our lives because we always have a place to stay in our favorite vacation spot, and we LOVE creating a unique experience for our guests while giving back to the local community.

Your home might be worth more than you think. Learn more about diversifying YOUR income streams by listing your home on AirBnB here!

Setting Boundaries and Prioritizing Joy

One of the key lessons I’ve learned over the years of growing my income streams is the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing joy in my work.

By discerning opportunities that align with my values and bring me fulfillment, I’ve cultivated a sense of peace and authenticity in my business endeavors… and sometimes that means saying “no” to opportunities that don’t resonate with me. 

This has honestly allowed me to focus on what truly matters to me, including family time, self care, and time to pursue my hobbies!

Connect with Hala Taha

I loved sitting down with Hala Taha, a business owner, podcast host, and LinkedIn expert, for this conversation. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and listen to her top 100 podcast, Young and Profiting, which frequently ranks as a #1 Business and Entrepreneurship podcast across all apps!

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