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June 13, 2024


Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? I used to think this kind of question would quiet itself once I entered my thirties, but I found the opposite to be true. As I entered a different phase of adulthood, became a parent, and was inspired to shift my business goals, I was only hungrier for answers. That’s when I found Human Design and learned more about myself and everything else in my life than I even thought possible.

What Is Human Design?

The ways you approach your work, relationships, personal growth, and even your health are unique— for a reason. Human Design combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system, and the Kabbalah to chart a ‘map’ of how you naturally operate internally and externally which provides unique vantage points into your personality, behaviors, motivations, and a deeper understanding of your strengths and challenges resulting in better guidance for navigating life.

Beyond a simple personality quiz, and without needing a 200+ question assessment, Human Design blends layers of ancient wisdom with modern science to unveil so many aspects of who you really are. With just a few pieces of information (very little in my opinion), your Human Design Blueprint can give you deep, meaningful insights about your motivations, behaviors, and thinking patterns. It’s so fun to read through your results and feel light bulb after light bulb light up in your brain, saying, “Oh, that’s ME!

Want to dig into and learn from your own Human Design (even as a beginner!)? Get your own, hyper-personalized 55+ page JK x Human Design Blueprint, crafted especially for you by a team of experts and I’ll send you my Design Your Future workshop for FREE to support this incredibly personal deep dive process!

5 Ways Human Design Has Impacted My Life

I audibly gasped when I not only learned more about how I can better function as a leader to my team but also why I am driven to parent the way I do. The realizations about myself alone were so relieving! Human Design helped me reframe what I used to see as quirks at best and incompetencies at worst… into what empowers me. The way I work and create leveled up in so many ways. How I communicate with my husband and my kids felt more grounded and clear than ever before!

As I’ve continued digging into my Human Design, and truly owning it, I’ve noticed a handful of takeaways that I’m continually drawing insight from and sharing with people in my life over and over again. There are specific lessons I find myself wanting to share with people over coffee, on stages, and on my podcast, Goal Digger. So, let’s dive into the top 5 takeaways I’ve gathered from living and leaning into my unique design!

1. How I Uniquely Make Decisions

While I do have the responsibility of making crucial decisions in my business, I also realize that life is just chock-full of decisions anyway. According to various sources, adults make an average of 30,000 to 35,000 decisions every single day. And I feel that. After a work day, or a long parenting day, the last thing I want to do is sort out what I want to eat for dinner, let alone deliver a yes or no to a future commitment.

Through my Human Design analysis, I learned to take a beat before making decisions. Rather than rush myself or get anxious, I actually need a pause. I need to be in my OWN energy before making a decision because I can easily take on the excitement from someone else and over-commit.

Instead, I’ve made it a behavioral habit to take a moment before blurting out my first response. I’ve learned to not feel awkward for asking for time or saying “Let me circle back”. I deserve to give myself time to truly assess an opportunity, which actually benefits everyone involved.

2. How I Communicate Clearly (with ADHD!)

Open-ended questions used to make my brain stop right in its tracks. The moment I’d hear, “What do you want to do?”, I’d immediately dive into all the possible options. Finding myself stuck in the analysis process, leaving me feeling frustrated and unable to see a clear answer.

Through my Human Design insights, I learned that I am best able to find a solution when presented with options, rather than crafting those options myself. With my ADHD and manifesting tendencies, the world is my oyster. I see possibilities everywhere! I can get easily overwhelmed because I truly think the sky’s the limit.

So, now, when asked a very open-ended question, I can reply by asking for a few options instead. Options help me make quick, un-clouded decisions, which is my ultimate goal! I’ve seen Drew shifting how he asks me questions, like “Do you want pasta or chicken for dinner?” vs. “What do you want for dinner?” which as you can likely guess as helped lesson tension between us around this topic too.

3. How I Set Goals I Actually Want to Reach

‘Goals’ might feel like my other middle name, but that doesn’t mean that every goal I’ve ever set for myself was the right one. Some I was eager to pursue, and others, I found myself running out of steam and creativity once I got going. In the early days of my career, I consistently asked myself how I could not merely set more goals for myself, but what could better goals look like?

So, I dug into my Human Design type and found answers about what authentic goal-setting looks like for me. As a Manifestor, I have to be fully on fire and aligned to have the stamina and inspiration to want to continue or complete a project. For some, chasing inspiration might look like pivoting on a dime! For others, the thought, intention, and action might be a slow burn.

My process can sometimes look chaotic from the outside because when I’m on fire, you can see the difference. I am truly multi-passionate and will always be hungry for trying new things and carving new paths. I’m an experimenter at heart. Want to set goals you’ll actually reach, too?? Snag your JK x Human Design Blueprint here… and I’ll send you my exclusive Design Your Future workshop for FREE. 

4. How I Balance Productivity and Rest

As I chase that inspiration, I’ve learned that I also have to know when to turn that switch to ‘off’, power down, and rest. Carving out space for meaningful rest hasn’t always been easy or intuitive for me, especially as my roles and responsibilities have expanded.

Growing my business, having kids, and hiring a team has propelled me through dozens of changes in what I do in a day. Finding rest, peace, and refueling my energy has only ever become more and more important. Human Design has allowed me to truly see what my creative process looks like.

When I get an idea or understand where I want to go, I MOVE FAST. (Our whole team knows this!) Once the concept clicks, I want to sprint forward and I can get frustrated when others don’t move at the same pace. I’m actively learning how to honor the paces of others and allow myself to slow down to also get more clarity before moving ahead.

5. How to Protect My Energy and Trust Myself

I’ve always been that person who has a strong connection to her gut. It’s led me through my whole life. There have been countless times where I tried to silence it, or felt ashamed that I didn’t have a more “intelligent” or “researched” approach to making decisions in my life. But Human Design has helped me to not only fully embrace listening to my gut, but also learn how to see it as a superpower.

My gut is my center. My intuition about what’s right for me is strong, and the results of trusting that have proven themselves to be worthwhile. Tapping in to listen is not solely a practice of trusting myself and my ideas, but it’s also a practice in boundary setting.

Trying to make choices while taking on other people’s ideas and opinions is basically an impossible task. While learning from others is an important part of growth, it needs parameters, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, trusting my gut helps me stay aligned with my own vision and values, and it protects my energy so I can use it for the right things!

Human Design Helps You Live an Authentic Life

The insights I’ve unlocked within my Human Design didn’t change me or force me into new habits. It’s not a checklist of impossible changes to shape into the cookie-cutter mold of what some kind of superhuman looks like. Human Design is a roadmap, leading and empowering you toward realignment with who you naturally are.

Digging into your Human Design Blueprint feels like reading journal entries and love letters from your most clear-minded self. Giving you a core understanding of how you operate, why your behaviors look and feel the way they do, and what drives you forward (and holds you back.) It’s the truth behind the actions of your life!

The takeaways I’ve had are honestly endless, but I hope that these 5 insights I’ve shared encourage you to seek out what your Human Design is! If you’ve ever wondered why you behave, create, or live the way you do, you’ll enjoy the kind of clarity it can help you unfold.

Want to unlock WHO you truly are?

Grab Your Hyper-Personalized 55+ Page JK x Human Design Blueprint & Get My Exclusive Design Your Life Workshop for FREE when you do!

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