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February 15, 2017


Running a business is all fun and games until you realize that your bank account might not be reflecting the hard work and time you are investing into making your dreams a reality. As a girl who wants to raise up profitable businesses, this episode is a must. I want you to be going to the bank and cashing checks that make you proud. Grab my profitable pricing guide here and check out my recent contribution to Design Aglow’s Pricing Guide for Wedding Photographers.


“When you know your numbers with confidence it becomes a heck of a lot easier to say, these are my rates, this is what I charge, no I don’t offer discounts” (1:27)

“When somebody finally says I will pay you to do what you love to do it feels like you won the lottery” (3:14)

“I truly don’t think you should go into debt for your business because then you are working out of a place of fear or necessity, instead of a place of passion and serving” (4:20)

“The first step in knowing how to price yourself comes from the empowerment of knowing how much you need to make” (8:46)

“Stop trying to appeal to the masses, stop screaming to the masses and emailing every single person that I see get engaged on Facebook” (26:53)

“It’s so important when we look at our pricing to make sure that we are not just charging for the amount of time that we are preforming our main service” (32:06)

“What I want you to take away from this is that you are worth being profitable. Popular, my friends, doesn’t pay the bills, but profitability does!” (34:14)




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  1. Theresa Hotze says:

    I feel like a bird you set free! I don’t have to use IPS? That’s the best news. I was trying to justify using it as I reconfigure my pricing, and it just doesn’t fit me as a person. Everyone was saying you had to to be profitable, so this was a total game changer. Thank you, thank you!!

  2. Tara e says:

    Ok, I need to listen to this! Is there any way to listen other than iTunes? No iPhone here,I have android. Thanks!

  3. Christa k says:

    Love this podcast, hoping to provide some future feedback on how it has helped!

  4. Jaime says:

    Hey Jenna!
    You mentioned that you would include a 10 page profitable pricing guide we could download. I don’t see it in the show notes above, is there somewhere else I should be looking?

  5. Maddy says:

    I just listened to the podcast and a 10 page pricing guideline you’ve made was mentioned that it could be found in the show notes to download. Am I looking in the right place? I love your podcast and all the content you’ve talked about so far!

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Jenna! When I access the link for the pricing guide, it sends me to a create a compelling about me page. I checked my email also just to make sure. What am I doing wrong?

    Awesome podcast! So many things I hadn’t thought of.

  7. Alex says:

    Hi Jenna! I just listened to Episode 23 and was hoping to download the Pricing for Profit Guide. When I clicked the link in the first paragraph, it directed me to “Writing an About Me Guide.” Is there somewhere else I could find the pricing guide? Thank you so much!

  8. Emily says:

    I LOVE the goal digger podcast. I recently found out about it and have been marathoning my way through the episodes. I tried to download the profitable pricing guide but the link just brings me to to “about me” resources. Is the guide no longer available? THANK YOU!

  9. PositiveLeePeilin says:

    Hi hi Team JK,

    The profitable pricing guide links lead to the “Compelling About Me” freebie instead. Can you kindly share the link or file for the Profitable Pricing Guide please?

  10. Katie says:

    I’m listening to this right now and was hoping to get my hands on your profitable pricing guide. Do you still have that available? I realize I’m a little late in the game but late is better than never, right?

  11. Shelly Freeman says:

    I know I am a few years behind but I am working through your podcasts and I have just got to episode 23 and would really love a copy of the ‘Profitable pricing guide’ but the link in the shownotes isn’t working. Obviously I am happy to subscribe to the email list etc . The podcast has been an awesome source of inspiration so far, and I still have 420+ episodes to go 😀 .

  12. Anisha says:

    Hi, am I able to access the price guide now?


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