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FREE TRAINING: How I Doubled My Photography Income in Less Than 2 Years

Jenna Kutcher 

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At the age of 23 I had found myself in what I thought was my “dream” job but there I was climbing a ladder I wasn’t sure I even wanted to reach the top on. Fast forward to: a Craigslist camera that was purchased for $300, a profession I had zero training in, and the desire to put in my two weeks notice and pursue the things inside my heart. Before I made the leap of faith into full time entrepreneurship, I hustled hard, made sure the net was ready for my jump, and I booked enough work to have matched my 50k corporate salary. Two years later I had my first six figure photography year and the best news? I wasn’t on a trajectory for “more, more, more,” I had been there, done that. I was working towards less. Less work, more life.

So where are you at in your photography journey? Maybe you’re too afraid to start. Maybe you’re feeling the crazy burn out and busy season is threatening to pull you under. Maybe you’re questioning if being profitable is a real thing in such a saturated industry. Maybe you’re literally buried in editing, your blog hasn’t been updated in a year, and your Facebook crowd is hearing crickets. Maybe you’re sick of sending out your price lists and hearing back, “Sorry, you’re too expensive,” or “We decided to go with someone else.” Or maybe you’re just dreaming of going back to that windowless office so you can punch the time clock and not have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Wherever you are at on your journey, I want to invite you to join me! 

I’ll be hosting four FREE, LIVE trainings next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! 

How I Doubled My Photography Income in Less Than 2 Years (while working less!) 

In this training I’ll talk about how I was able to cut back work, but not my paychecks, how I focused on growing the “right” audience and not just any audience, and how to serve your clients in a way that will leave them raving, obsessed fans. I’ll walk you through some of the hard lessons I learned (so you don’t have to make the same mistakes) and I’ll share a special announcement that I am SO excited to share! Join me for my live trainings! I’ll be doing Q+A after I am done teaching and I’d love to hear from you! It’s time to stop letting our businesses run us and to get back to the life we dreamed of – one that is spent behind the camera and not the computer. I’ll see you in the training! Dogs and wine are more than welcome!

READY to up your photo game but can’t come kick it?

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