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September 19, 2016



Oh boy, it’s webinar week! I am SO freaking excited – I wish you could feel how much it feels like Christmas over here (minus the Charlie Brown tree and lights!) So much goes on behind the scenes, beyond the Instagram photos, the travel pictures, and the wedding season (because all of those are happening too, but webinar week is the real deal!) So what the heck am I talking about? This week I dive into my last series of live webinars for 2016 and I am SO excited to be teaching four webinars on “How I Doubled My Photography Income in 2 Years (while working less!)”  So if you’re a photographer and you haven’t signed up yet, well, what the heck are you waiting for? Join me now (read on later!) 

So I thought I would share five (funny) behind the scenes things that happen during webinar week:

1.) The dogs have to be quiet – which if you know my dogs, that’s nearly impossible. Since I am live on the trainings, I always pray that the UPS man doesn’t come, HelloFresh isn’t delivered, or the dogs bark. Tuckers gets to hang out in his crate in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on and white noise, while Chloe has to chill up in the attic with frozen kongs with peanut butter to keep her occupied. The one awesome thing about my brand is people know my love for dogs, so if anything doesn’t go as planned, at least they know I’m live!

2.) My voice gets a workout – It’s hilarious, really. Because all I am doing is teaching four live trainings, but goodness gracious, girlfriend needs a cough drop and some lemon water. Before webinars I have to sound like a DJ and test my mics, sign off of all wifi (except my computer) and I literally do vocal warm ups to try and get my voice ready! If you walked in on me, I’d be singing like an opera singer and saying, “testing, testing 1,2.”

3.) I talk to my computer screen – Oh, how I wish I could teach these trainings face to face (with coffee and wine, duh!) but the truth is, in order to reach thousands of photographers, I have to hop online… which means speaking to my screen. Not going to lie, at first it was SUPER awkward but now I’m totally used to it. I just imagine y’all laughing at my dumb jokes and crying when I cry (because seriously, I always cry.) I have to laugh because my office is in the front sun room, so our neighbors will often wave at me when they walk by… if they walk by this week I’ll be enthusiastically waving my hands and talking to my screen.

4.) Drew runs the house – I mean, for real, this man. Guys, I can’t even… (I mean, I don’t even know what that statement means, but it feels fitting!) On webinar week Drew is in charge. I need extra help walking the dogs, making dinner, cleaning the house, getting to bed on time. It’s an easy week to work around the clock (which is okay, since it’s just one week!) but I always prepare Drew for me to be a little more absent, a little more connected, and a lot more on fire about things he doesn’t fully understand.

5.) My team rocks it – It’s surreal to even say the words “my team” but guys, I wish you could see all of the hard work and prep that came in to make this happen! I had Ari, my main tech girl connecting all the things, Dani, my support gal, running the inbox and helping me prepare, Caitlyn, my right hand girl helping me re-record my trainings and doing pretty much anything to ease my workload, Michelle and her team rocking the Facebook Ads, Ashlyn, my southern belle helping with all of the copy (literally page after page of copy), Ina rocking the graphic design on all of the trainings (so beautiful!), and Jennifer helping make sure my website is rocking. This group of women, y’all, they are insane and in this week we all get to do what we do best and what we love best together.

So join me this week! I’ll lead you through a few of my biggest peaks and pitfalls in running a six figure photography business and I’ll be teaching all about: social media, the one post you need to have in your feed this week, how to price your services, and what to do the second you get a new inquiry (to make sure they book you!) And if you’re on live, we will be getting you a special bonus, so I want you with me, on and LIVE! Cool? Chill the wine, brew the coffee, snuggle the dogs, but all you need to do is sign up and show up! I’ll see you live!

Click the link to sign up now: How I Doubled My Photography Income in 2 Years (while working less!)

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