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Ultimate Entrepreneurs Gift Guide (And What to Gift Yourself, Too!)

Jenna Kutcher 

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Looking for the ultimate girl boss gifts for the lady entrepreneurs in your life? OR… maybe you’ve been wanting the next thing to up level your own business. And I must say, the holidays are sorta the perfect time to show yourself some love, just as much as your loved ones.

ENTER: The ultimate entrepreneurs gift guide. We’re rounding up all the things you’ll want to give to the hustlin’ gals you love this season. Whether it’s a kick butt mama or a friend who’s ramping up to launch a biz, or some other inspirational lady in your life, these are the things that will lift them up, keep them going, and give them a little more happy to hang onto.

Plus, we’ve got a separate list of goodies that you may or may not (ahem, there’s one right answer here) want to treat yourself to. In the season of giving, it’s easy to let the focus go to taking care of others and loving on them. That’s so very important, but it’s just as — if not more — important to show YOU a little love, too.

So, my friend, treat yo’self. Give yourself a gift. And give a friend a little somethin’ somethin’, too. There’s plenty to go around in these parts!

Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Your Life

01. The Best Natural Skincare

I never thought it was possible to love skincare products THIS much. This brand has seriously changed my skin and helped my melasma and hormonal acne chill allll the way out. Everything is so soothing, smoothing, moisturizing, plus it’s all natural and non-toxic AND looks stunning on your counter. I can’t live without the Everything Spray and Clarifying Serum. SO GOOD.

Primally Pure, prices vary. Get 20% off with code JK20 on Black Friday (use code JK10 for 10% off all other times).

02. A Little Planner Action

Ambitious women need a place to scribble down their dreams and to-dos, so gift the ladies you love with a stunning place to hold all their big, juicy plans. These are functional and gorgeous — my fav combination ever. I mean, I can just imagine you smiling every time you open this and see your dreams jotted down for you to tackle. Heck to the yes! 

Tullofa 2020 Planner in Mint Floral, $13

03. A Truth-Telling Coffee Mug

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take my inspo any way I can get it. Steaming hot, with a little splash of almond milk sounds quite nice. This mug is the perfect thing to sit on a lady boss’s desk as she gets major stuff done. You, my friend, are strong and courageous (and your coffee should be, too!) Affirm yourself every time to reach for a kick of caffeine.

Strong and Courageous Coffee Mug, $15

04. The Most Perfect Carry-All

I’ve had my tote for years and it’s so beautiful, I could hang it up as decor in our home. The best part? It fits ALL THE THINGS. Laptop, diapers, your chapstick and water bottle? Check, check, and check. The leather is absolutely gorgeous and doesn’t scream “I’m a diaper bag / laptop carrier!!!” Big win, right?

Abera Crossbody Tote from ABLE 

05. Delicious, Easy-to-Prep Meals

Daily Harvest would make just about the best gift for busy, on-the-go women. (Speaking from experience here.) Someone gifted it to me right after having Coco, and let me tell you, having tasty, fast, nutritious meals on hand was a lifesaver.

Daily Harvest, prices vary. Save $25 with code RE-33GATA9.

06. A Soothing, Forget-Your-Stressful-Day Candle

This candle smells like pure HEAVEN, I’m telling you. Sometimes when I know I’ll have a lot on my plate in a day, I’ll just light this before I dig into work. It can be just a small thing to keep me energized and also relaxed (somehow at the same time) when things get hectic!

Benevolence La Scented Soy Candle in Fresh Persimmon, $20

Gift Ideas for Yourself — to Support Your Business

01. Your Graphic & Template Life Source

We use PicMonkey for a lot of our brand graphics, and one thing we absolutely love about it is that you can create templates specific to your brand so that your visual piece is cohesive and recognizable.

You can create your own brand look, like colors and fonts, and then apply them to all of your visuals to get a cohesive look instantly, no matter what you’re creating. Cohesion is super important, so we love that PicMonkey helps you elevate that piece without recreating the wheel every time you sit down to create.

PicMonkey. Get 30 days of free unlimited access using this link.

02. The System That Simplifies Email Marketing

I know that one of the biggest hang-ups for so many people wanting to start an email list is the tech side of things: picking an email provider, integrating a sign-up form onto your website, tracking the analytics.

But the magic of Flodesk is that they take the heavy lifting tech out of it and totally simplify the process of getting set up. With their platform, you’ll have everything you need to send out beautifully crafted emails on a regular basis.

Flodesk. Get 50% off when you sign up using this link.

03. The Simplest Way to Launch Your Course

If you’re a student in one of my courses, you likely love Kajabi as much as we do! It’s where we host all of my online courses. Kajabi makes it easy to customize your content in a branded way, while walking your students through the materials in an easy-to-follow and beautiful way.

We love that we can communicate with students directly within the course, track their progress, get them direct access and so much more.

Kajabi. Get 45 days free + 10% off for life.

04. Every Tool You Need to Run A Small Business

I am a huge, huge fan of Honeybook’s business model because it simplifies everything in the world of running a small business. They do it all, from a pleasant client experience and easy payment processes to handling meetings, inquiries, and proposals with organized (and, not to mention, pretty) layouts.

Honeybook handles all elements of internal and external communications in your biz. And the fact that you can sign up new clients from the convenience of your phone? Even. Better.

Honeybook. Save 50% on your annual subscription + get 5 free email templates of mine.

05. Resources Galore for Your Biz (From Yours Truly)

I love having our shop because I’ve created resources that have helped me that are now available for everyone to enjoy and use. Why hide all the templates and tools I had built for my business that had attributed to my success? It’s been awesome to say: Are you struggling with XYZ? I have a resource for this exact thing.

Also, it gives me the chance to reach my people with offers that are more accessible for those not ready to take a course. I love being able to sell well-priced products that can help change businesses and give people the tools that they might not be able to purchase elsewhere.

Shop Jenna Kutcher. Save 20% on tools, templates, and presets with code goaldigger.

I hope you found all kinds of inspiration and fun ideas for the movers and shakers in your life (yourself included!) inside this entrepreneurs gift guide. You deserve all the things that make your life more efficient and blissful, and I hope you discovered and snagged a thing or two here that does just that.

Looking for even more gifts and goodies?

Check out all my favorite tools, resources, beauty products, and more in one place!

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