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January 10, 2018



3 reasons you need a list EVEN if you’re a << Insert ANY Business Here >>

Here we go with round 2 of a mini list building series I’m doing on the podcast this week. It’s the first time I’ve taken two full episodes back to back to talk about one topic. Why? Because it’s just that important. We got so many questions from you guys on email marketing when we polled my audience about your questions, fears and where you’re getting stuck – so tune in to episode 116 if you haven’t already – it’s a good one!

A common question I want to tackle that we got was “why do I need a list if I’m a … photographer, florist, graphic designer, product shop …) and I want to get across to you today that whether you’re a service, product or education based business, list building and serving that list through email needs to be your number 1 priority in the new year. It’s definitely mine, in fact – one of my goals is to grow my email list larger than my social media accounts combined. So let’s jump in and talk about why:

It allows you to speak to the right audience instead of selling to the masses

The first step in email marketing is to really think about who your ideal client is, how you can solve their problem, or how can you provide them with something valuable that they will LOVE.

My first question is, how well do you know and I don’t mean “sort of, kind of” know, but how well do you really know your ideal, dream clients? Do you know them intimately? Do you know a lot about them? What their pain points are and how you can serve them better? What they want from you? What keeps them up at night?

Don’t be afraid to get specific and cater to your dream client because you will more strongly attract the right people – and repel the rest. Which is ok.

Also, never stop asking and polling your audience, they will help you with this step if you let them. Ask them what they’re struggling with, pay attention to their social media posts, focus on them and make it less about you so that you can serve them in a way that no one else can.

You’ve probably heard me say that social media can be a screaming match and you’re just trying to make the most noise and it beat past all the fluff that is out there. When you have an email list, you can stop this competition and communicate with people who have said “I choose to see more of what you have, I want to see what you have to offer. I’m interested” and I would way rather talk to those people any day of the week.

Bottom line? If you are trying to attract everyone, you are really attracting no one — focus on YOUR people for your email list. The ones that are excited to hear from you and will become fans and paying clients.


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You own your list, you don’t own social media

Wait, did that catch your attention? Good. It should. We have this odd notion that we “own” our Facebook fans, our Instagram followers, the people who read our tweets but here’s the thing: those platforms own the people. They decide and dictate how their user experience is, what they see, what they won’t see (and chances are, they aren’t seeing YOU or your posts.)

That’s why an email list is so important. When you acquire those names, you are in control of how often you contact the person, what they see, how personalized you will be, and when they will hear from you. Last time I checked, every one checks their email daily, right?

When I started prioritizing my email list over my social media, profits increased by 500%. 500%! So not only do you own the list, but that list is so much more powerful in terms of generating income for your business than social media ever will be.

Serve before selling

Email is intimate… okay, okay, you may be rolling your eyes at me but it is. It’s more personal than a post blasted on Facebook or a pretty Instagram photo because it’s landing in someone’s inbox. My theory? I serve for almost 50 weeks out of the year and sell for two of them. Seriously, we try to get really smart and careful with how we are selling to our audience (and making it an invitation more than a pitch!)

I know, it can get annoying when someone is filling your inbox with constant sales pitches BUT if you focus more on serving your audience with content they will love like free downloads, links to blog posts and inspiration – they will get excited about receiving your emails and when the time comes to offer them a product, they will be the ones who are ready to purchase. My email list is the #1 way I generate profits to my business because it’s more personal, it’s targeted to people who I know are interested, and I’ve served my audience for months upon months before I even offer them a product or service.

What the heck to I even say in an email?

There are so many ways you can reach out to your email list: you can repurpose content, share sales, share promotions, share things that you love, share your heart. It can be a further extension of the work that you’re already doing. It doesn’t need to be more work load. It can actually equal less work because you’re able to repurpose stuff you’re already creating for your business.

If you’re still stuck, look back at that survey we talked about when discussing your ideal client and then match their needs with the gifts you’ve been given to serve in your business. Because really, that’s what it’s all about.

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  1. Leigh says:

    Hey Jenna! Love this episode… I actually have your email class. Quick question… you mentioned that email is the only platform that doesn’t have an algorithm. What are your thoughts on deliverability due to engagement? My understanding is that the higher the engagement in your emails, the higher the deliverability… which looks to me a lot like an “algorithm”. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts!

  2. Leigh says:

    Hey Jenna! Love this episode… I actually have your email class. Quick question – you mentioned that email is the only platform that doesn’t have an algorithm. What are your thought on deliverability due to engagement? My understanding is that the higher the engagement within your emails, the higher the deliverability… which looks to me a lot like an “algorithm”. I’m interested to hear what you think!

  3. Mychelle Shook says:

    Hi Jenna, I loved your lpodcast of the top 5 things to do for my business in 2018, I hear you loud and clear on the email list, that’s priority #1. But, I’d love to learn more on how you batch work. I know multi tasking does not exist but I still find myself getting sucked into “trying” to work on a million things at once. Any tips would appreciated!!

  4. Jes says:

    I am wondering if/how an email list can be used for a direct sales business where my website is not controlled by me. As in, I cannot add code for email capture or tracking traffic for various follow-up campaigns..

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