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October 23, 2019


Jenna Kutcher and Ed Mylett conversation


When Ed Mylett invited me on his show, I did a ton of research on him. I wanted to know who I’d be sitting up to the mic with, what his audience loved about him, why his show had reached such epic success and if it aligned with what I think, feel, and believe.

What I encountered was warmth. I don’t know if there’s any other way to describe Ed but warm. His wife and Drew hung out with Conley upstairs while Ed and I sat down to talk. I can honestly say this is my favorite interview that I’ve ever done, so much so, that I asked him if we could share it on our show.

This is a little different for the Goal Digger Podcast. I’m sharing the interview from HIS show. This was the conversation we had as the waves crashed against the cliffs in Laguna Beach. The setting was picturesque, and the topics got deep. I hope you’ll listen with your heart wide open, because that’s how I shared my world with him, talking about the darkness I faced through multiple miscarriages, and about how trusting the in plan doesn’t mean the path will be easy.

It’s not often I share myself in this way on Goal Digger. I hope this interview gives you an even wider and deeper view of the educator, the podcast host, the entrepreneur, and the mother who speaks to you each week. Press play above for my interview on Ed Mylett’s show.

Showing Heart in Your Brand

One of the very first things Ed asked me about in our conversation was my Instagram feed. Of course, it’s usually where people find me and learn more about what I do. He told me it looked beautiful and wondered if that was totally intentional. Short answer (and this might not surprise you if you’ve been here for a while!) is YES.

I want people to find my photos and find them visually interesting or beautiful or striking, but then I want those same people to read my captions and hit the follow button because I’ve got something to say.

Ed asked me for feedback on his brand and his presence on social media. I took the chance to be direct and honest with him. He is the lifestyle he portrays on social. The cars, the jet, the money — The lifestyle is a big part of why people follow him, but I think he could be sharing more of his heart that tends to get lost in the lifestyle.

Sometimes our audience is just looking to gain back 10 more minutes with their family each day. Sometimes our audience just wants to make their next $1000. “We need to paint the possibility that our people can understand,” I explained. Press play on the interview above to hear more of this branding conversation with Ed.

How to Start a Business

When asked me about starting and growing a business, I started with a favorite piece of advice. “Start with your genius spots.” If you’re feeling like you don’t have any genius spots or you can’t identify what they are, keep reading… Or press play.

Most of us are too close to our genius spots to recognize what they are. Ask those around you to help you narrow it on the things you do best, the areas where you thrive, and where you can help others learn what you already know how to do.

For example, when I first started my business I was also training for a marathon and planning a wedding. I knew how to do those two things. Those were in my genius spots at the time. I eat gluten free and that’s a genius spot of mine. I’m also a photographer, an educator, an Instagram aficionado. Those are all areas I consider to be my “genius”.

These are things that I either learned out of necessity or passion but I never realized that they’re a gift. That I could help somebody.

“I think the problem with the business world these days is that everyone feels like they have to come to the table with something that will make someone else money, but they’re not realizing that the gift of time should be the selling point of everything.”

Press play for the full conversation about building a business and finding your genius spots.

My Fertility Journal

I shared openly with Ed about our three year journey to start our family. We are blessed with baby Conley Kate, and we experience so much joy with her. But part of me has struggled to “cross over”. I struggle to share the light moments as a mom because I know so much of my audience are in that season of waiting and praying.

“Miscarriage is a loss unlike any other loss… You can’t even go through pregnancy again with confidence,” I told him, “It robs you from future joy.”

When asked me about “bizarre blessings” through our miscarriages, I opened up about what that season was like and how we grew from one pregnancy to the next.

I was a solopreneur and had been pushing off the idea of hiring a virtual assistant to help me grow. Drew was still working a 9 to 5 job. I realized amidst it all that if we welcomed a baby into our lives, I would have to stop. The business would stop. We’d have to change how we did life and work.

This moment in the interview got very emotional for me. I shared my calling out to God and how I asked for answers. I told Ed about how Drew and I moved through the miscarriages together. We discussed faith and God and how I grew in that place when I finally met my baby girl. Press play and listen with an open heart, because mine is out there open wide for you to see.

Relationship Boundaries

Ed described me as the “driver” of the relationship I have with my husband, Drew Kutcher and I agreed with that assessment. What he meant was I am the driving force of ambition and goal setting and growth and Drew is more easily content and happy.

But here’s the thing, all of this — my business, our life, these dreams — they’re all powered by what Drew brings to our relationship and how he supports me.

One thing that might surprise you though, is that Drew doesn’t know a lot about what I do and that’s by design. When I sit up to the dinner table with him at the end of the day, I don’t want to talk about work. I want to talk about life with him.

In all of this, especially as my business has grown to enable Drew to be a full-time stay at home dad, he has really had to humble himself. And I have had to take a step back and know that he is content there, too. He doesn’t need to extend himself in the ways that I do, because that would not bring him joy.

I told Ed, “He doesn’t need to care about what I’m doing. He needs to care about me. I think a lot of times we find our value in doing, and so when we can remove that from our relationship that’s when we actually feel valued.”

More from This Episode

What do I mean when I say, “It’s not about the platform, it’s about the promise?” How to I react to the notion that women can’t be both a good mom and have a good career? Plus so much more with Ed Mylett. Press play or click above to listen on your favorite podcast app. If you want to hear me put Ed Mylett in the Goal Digger hot seat, I flipped the tables in episode 303.

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  1. Kim says:

    Two great podcasts! Thanks for the real ness and the heart. Some of the best podcasts that I have listened to. Thanks again x


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