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Do You Have 250+ People on Your Email List? You Should Do THIS Next

Jenna Kutcher 

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You. Guys. I am about to BURST. I’ve been hinting about it and prepping y’all for it — and it’s finally here. My mentor-turned-good-pal Amy Porterfield is hosting a truly game-changing LIVE webinar September 12 through 15 ALL about how to build, launch, and grow a knockout digital course called “3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Digital Course Success”.

You don’t need to hire a team of people to do it. You don’t need to stress about figuring out what kind of knowledge you could possibly turn into an educational course and share with the world. You don’t need to spend the next year of your life developing a curriculum and hiring a production team. You don’t even have to know where to start. 

And listen. I know you’ve put in the work for your business. I have been legitimately rooting you on as you’ve built your email list, expanded your reach, and impacted more and more people on your entrepreneurial journey.

Even if your email list is considerably small — even if you only have a couple hundred people on it — you have an opportunity to tap into that small but mighty tribe and share something that your heart and soul has been aching for you to get out into the world.

And I have a feeling you already have that something in mind…

See, online education is sort of the way of the future. People aren’t just sitting back and waiting four years for a degree. They’re taking their education into their own hands, signing up for online courses, and prioritizing their growth in an entirely new way.

It’s pretty astounding. And odds are, if you own a business or work within a certain niche, you’re already a well-versed expert on SOMETHING: [insert your industry or business here]. You just are, because you’re in it everyday problem solving, troubleshooting, multitasking, and making sh*t happen for your clients, for your customers, for your team, and for yourself.

But there’s also a chance that you’re currently trading in hours of your time for money, right? If you sell a product or a service, someone is handing you cash in exchange for your delivery of that product or service.

That’s sort of the concept of business, so you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, Jenna, of course I’m making money by providing this thing I offer!”

The amazing thing about creating a course about the topic you’re already an expert in, though, is you’ll no longer be trading in your precious, precious time for income. With the right tools, you can create a one-of-a-kind education experience based on your trials, errors, wins, experiences, and growth, and package it up to actually SELL to other people who want to know what you know.

And you can learn the exact strategies, systems, and simplified processes it takes to get your concept built into a course that’s ready to sell (and sell well) from my first-ever mentor, Amy Porterfield, in this unbelievable webinar she’s offering up. I mean, this gal is kind of the COURSE QUEEN (and that’s coming from someone who’s not exactly a course newb, myself). 

For real, y’all. She’s created eight highly successful digital courses with nearly 50K students over the years, and — the kicker — more than $12 million dollars in revenue from teaching others the things that she’s become the expert on. LIKE, WHAT? Even my jaw was on the floor after hearing those numbers (also, Amy, you go girl!).

In the webinar, Amy will:

  • Walk students through a mindset shift, taking you from “I don’t know what I can teach others” to “I have valuable, teachable, incredible knowledge that others deserve to learn about and from.”
  • Give you real-life examples of successful, profitable digital courses (which *hint, hint* might just give you an idea or two for where to start with your own).
  • Share her beyond simple and efficient recording process that, yes, even the tech-challenged folks out there can waltz through with ease. It saves her time AND money while still producing an amazingly high-quality course that students are eager to sign up for.
  • Give insight into the number one most effective way to sell your course and get it out to the hands of the RIGHT people. (If we’re being real here, which you know I always am, I have a feeling it has to do with a certain list — no matter how small or large yours is.)

Back in 2015 I sat in on a webinar just like the one Amy is hosting and I can honestly say that decision changed the trajectory of my business forever. I took notes feverishly and learned from the OG guru herself and so I can’t recommend her training more and she doesn’t do them often, so this really is an opportunity for you to take advantage of!

Now, let’s be honest. You guys know I won’t sign off on, support, or put my name on anything I don’t 110% believe in and adore and think is life-changing. So, as someone who has personally been a student in Amy’s courses and experienced the transformation in my life and business from applying her knowledge… I can promise you that you do not want to miss this webinar.

It’s going to totally overhaul the way you do business, how you impact others, and even reshape the legacy you leave. And that’s kind of worth an hour of your time for a little bit of free (oh, did I mention it’s free?) education served up by the course pro herself. I’m grabbing my seat — STAT. See you there?


Don’t miss your chance to attend Amy Porterfield’s LIVE FREE webinar:

3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Digital Course Success


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