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April 22, 2019



I’m on a total high right now. It’s how I always feel after a call with my business coach. I’ve taken courses and joined masterminds and chosen my mentors carefully. Did you know every coach I’ve ever hired has been led by a male?

Enter: Dean Graziosi. I saw Dean speak about a year ago, and even though he’s been in this game for a few decades, he still lights up when he talks about what he does. I never stop learning or investing in my development and these calls keep me moving forward.

I always record our calls (because I seriously cannot scribble notes fast enough!) so I’m peeling back the curtain big time and letting you listen into a session so you can hear what it’s like to be coached and what I am asking.

It’s kind of like the old-school landline days when you could pick up the phone and listen to your parents talk from the other room… Except it’s an unscripted, raw, and unedited call with the business coach that always leaves me fired up and focused.

I get really open and honest about where I’m at, the feeling of contentedness, my fear of selling, and MORE.

Selling Mindset Shift

Dean kicked off our call with some realness. Listen, I’ve been facing a mindset block about selling lately. I know people have been burned in the past, they’ve signed up for webinars and trainings and courses only to be victims of someone trying to make a quick buck and not someone wanting to actually help and serve them. I don’t like selling, but Dean gave me the pep talk I needed. He said, “The biggest secret to selling and doing it through an authentic way that doesn’t feel like you’re hurting someone, is first: you have to love what you’re doing so much that you feel like you’re doing a disservice to every single listener if you don’t get their credit card.” Dean told me about his nephew who, unbeknownst to me, paid for every single one of my courses. Dean said because of my courses, because his nephew handed over his credit card info and paid for what I offered, his life changed forever. That’s the mindset I need to maintain — That what I offer, what I’m selling so beneficial that I need to persuade my audience to purchase so their lives can change, too. Dean referenced one of my favorite quotes (as did Tony Robbins in our conversation… seems to be a theme around here), “People who pay, pay attention.” Putting a price on something, creating value, is the difference between just inspiring someone and actually pushing them to action.

The Next Step to Scaling

My courses and programs were the key element in scaling my business and giving me all the time I want with my daughter and family. I’ve reached a point where nothing is urgent and I have the time and headspace to dream even bigger dreams. I asked Dean which way was the next step up? How do I scale now, at the huge level I’ve already reached, to continue this growth and impact more people? His advice was not something I expected… He recommended bringing in people to work as coaches with me. Now, you’ll have to listen to the full episode to get his perfect description of what this would look like, but basically Dean recommended find the star students in my class and developing a coaching program for those people to go on and teach the content one-on-one to others. It’s an interesting concept to me, and chatting through the idea with him got my brain moving. But he also gave me a piece of advice that had this totally freeing effect on me: I can take my time. I don’t have to launch my next level in three months or six months or even this year. If my balance is right where I need it to be, if my heart is fulfilled, I can take my time building and launching my next level.

Owning Where I Am

I have to be honest about something for a second, because it’s been on my heart and it’s something I discussed with Dean in this call. I’ve grown from a $300 Craiglist camera to a multi-million dollar company. I want to share through my platform what is possible for ANYONE. But a side effect of this growth and some feedback I’ve seen online is that my story isn’t relatable anymore. That when I talk about the millions I’ve made it makes it all seem hard to grasp. I want to still relate to you like I could at the beginning, but I also truly want to share what could be for you, too. I asked Dean’s advice on this topic. He said, “People will always buy from you, learn from you, and respect you if they feel understood. Not when they understand you.” Can we just take a minute to soak that in? I’m so excited to grow this thing BIGGER and share content about it, but I can’t forget to meet my audience where they are at. I can’t forget my two bedroom apartment before this all started. I can’t forget by first 1,000 followers and how it felt at that moment to reach that milestone. I can continue my growth and impacting more people, but I can’t forget who is at the core of it all, and who is following along from a different point in their journey. Dean helped me find clarity on this topic and I hope you’ll tune into the full chat to hear the rest of his advice.

More from This Episode

Dean’s approach to sales and selling and his passion for pushing people past their fear is almost instantly transformational. I’m still buzzing from his stories that flip the sales mindset. He pushed me past my fear and made me rethink the entire sales system and what it’s REALLY about. Selling isn’t about using slimy, forceful tactics to get someone to give you their hard-earned money, it’s about believing in what you do so fiercely that NOT sharing that with someone else through selling is actually a disservice to their life.

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  1. JP says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been learning from Dean since 2017 and one day I hope I have to have a call like this with him, and to go shoot with you. Love your work. @jpcaruso

  2. KTtia says:

    The podcast was fantastic! I love that Dean kept telling you to keep being yourself and to be humble. That is essential I believe as well.
    I bought the instagram lab program and it helped me reached to 2,000 followers. I made changes and I saw results, now I feel like I am stuck and need to revise the program and
    see if you have done updates. Keep doing what you are doing and most importantly keep being there for your audience and customers.

  3. Maureen says:

    Hi Jenna! I just listened to your talk with Dean and – like the one with Tony, it was super informative. I related to the part where he talked about envy – the people who are cheering you on to grow further, make more money etc – these are the people who want you to grow because they see themselves in you’. It’s true because I learn fron you and love the oppennes of how you teach and share. So Thank You for letting us in!

  4. Amy Davis says:

    Just when I thought I the podcast couldn’t get better you blow it out of the park every week. This was so real. I would love to hear more unscripted gems from you!
    Thank You!
    Amy Davis

  5. Kimberley says:

    Hi, Jenna!
    I tried to sign up for the training, but the link isn’t working. Could you please assist in “saving my seat?”

    Thank you so much!

  6. Christy McCann says:

    Love the info about feeling guilty with selling!! Definitely one of my struggles.

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  9. OnNae Barlow says:

    WOW! This was so amazing!!!! I want a mentor just like Dean! I love you Jenna how you balance life and work so well, that’s the type of life I want as well. You’re always so inspiring and I love listening to you! Thank you for sharing this with us! 🙂


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