Should I Scale Bigger or Shut It Down? An Inside Look at My Daily Debate

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May 24, 2023


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If you listen to the Goal Digger Podcast, there’s a really good chance that you are a big dreamer. You are someone who is in pursuit of a very full, rich, and vibrant life, just like me.

But something that’s been on my mind recently has been the delicate balance between wanting more and being content with what I have. Have you ever wondered the same?

I’ve always been a high-achieving, ambitious person who wanted to go the extra mile and see what was possible for myself. And I’m *still* that person… Although recently, especially after having children, I’ve felt an immense peace in my life that I never, ever want to lose.

Now that I’ve experienced both, if I had to choose between ambition and contentment, I would choose contentment every single day of the week.

So, Goal Digger, this episode is a bit different than normal. I’m giving you a front row seat to my daily debate: should I scale bigger or shut it down?

I may not have all the answers, but I do feel like I am at a beautiful place a decade into my entrepreneurial journey where I am genuinely finding joy every day in the work that I’m doing, but also in the life that I’m living.

To me, that is the greatest gift that I could have ever been given, and I wish nothing but the same for you.

Find Contentment in the Mundane

Like I said before, I have always been an achiever and someone who wanted to go the extra mile and see what was possible. However, after having my first daughter, something in me changed.

I was reborn, but in my rebirth, there were parts of me that died.

I was scared that my work would become insignificant, but in the process of waiting for my family, I worked in the waiting to find more contentment. I took all the pressure off and allowed myself to just *be.*

In that process, I found a new pace of life and a new source of meaning. I found that it was the small moments that brought me contentment. In the mundane moments of life, I found joy in baking shortbread, listening to audio books, and cuddling with my dog.

I realized that I didn’t need to achieve my way to a full life, but instead find contentment in the mundane.

In fact, I recently found myself in a room of entrepreneurs and realized I was the most peace-filled person there. I’m content with my lifestyle–which doesen’t include fancy cars or nice shoes, but rather a life of comfort and convenience.

I’m content with the life I’m leading and don’t necessarily feel the need to strive for more.

Find Joy in Work

Although I cherish the mundane moments, I do still have goals and dreams I’m working toward. And that’s where the delicate balance of ambition and contentment comes in… because sometimes I can get caught up in my ‘old ways’ of being high-achieving and forgetting to relish the small moments, like ordering takeout and watching Top Chef with Drew.

We may have goals and dreams that we are working towards, but it is important to take the time to celebrate and enjoy the journey. We should never be so focused on reaching the end goal that we forget to appreciate our successes along the way. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that life is meant to be enjoyed, whether that be in our personal lives or our work.

We shouldn’t be afraid to take a step back and recognize when we need to focus on ambition or contentment… By taking the time to check in with ourselves and recognize the moments of ambition and contentment, we can find peace in the balance.

Today, Goal Digger, I encourage you to live your truth–whatever that is for you.

Living our truth is about recognizing and embracing the moments of ambition and contentment. It’s about understanding our needs and honoring them. It’s about being honest with ourselves and taking the time to ask the hard questions. 

It’s about being proud of who we are.

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