From Storytelling to Sales: How to Craft a Compelling Narrative That Converts

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May 1, 2023


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Not making sales? It could be that you’re not telling a captivating story… 

Stories have the power to captivate, inspire, and influence people’s emotions and actions, making them an invaluable tool for small business owners looking to build brand loyalty and drive sales. And my guest on Goal Digger today?  He’s your go-to guy when you want your virtual and live presentations to get clients, not just claps. 

Colin Boyd has been on the professional speaking circuit for over a decade, and he’s advised the biggest names in the industry to speak and sell from both virtual and live stages. Most recently, he helped ME and my team revamp our keynote presentation for our Pinterest Lab launch and under his guidance, we more than DOUBLED our revenue goals. 

I couldn’t think of a better person to help us craft compelling stories that resonate with our target market. 14 years ago, Colin was newly married and living in a two-bedroom apartment near the railway tracks. He had no clients and was struggling to make ends meet. 

When his friend offered him the chance to speak at an event, Colin was hesitant but accepted the offer. Little did he know that this single speech would be the start of a whirlwind journey. On the night of the event, there were 137 people in attendance, far more than Colin anticipated. Despite his nerves, he made an offer that was so irresistible that 127 people gave him their personal details. From there, he was able to sign 12-15 full-time coaching clients and was even offered the chance to speak at Hewlett-Packard’s global training day, which had 5,500 people in attendance. 

Colin attributes his success to this single speaking event (which, self-admittedly, wasn’t even “good”)!

For small business owners, the power of telling a compelling story can help you reach your biggest goals, make a lasting impact, and sell your product or service… just like it helped Colin and me.

Selling is Creating Transformation

Colin believes that selling is about creating a space of transformation for your audience. He believes that when you tell a story, it attracts the right type of people to your offer. It is not about pushing people to do something, but rather, creating a space where people can come and find what they need. By creating this space, you are providing a service that can change someone’s life.

For example, when Colin purchased two Apple computers recently, no one had to “sell” them to him. He knew what he wanted (2 Macbook Pros) and he made the purchase without anyone from the Genius Bar ‘hounding’ him or being ‘overly salesy’.

This is the most beautiful experience of selling from a company’s perspective. It’s not about pushing someone to do something, but rather, providing them with a product that can help them reach their goals.

When you tell a story, it can help people connect with your offer in a way that they might not have been able to before. It can help them see the potential that your offer holds and how it can help them reach their goals. When you create a space of transformation, you are not just selling something, but rather, you are providing a product or service that can help people reach their goals and improve their lives.

Tell Stories with Purpose

Storytelling and selling go hand-in-hand. It is not just about being a good storyteller, but also about how you can use it to help connect your story to the sale. When you tell a story, it helps people understand the potential of your offer and how it can help them reach their goals. By creating a space of transformation, you can help people see the potential of your offer and how it can help them reach their goals. 

Stories are also an effective way to create a connection between you and your audience. Stories help to explain the “why” behind your offer, they show your audience that you understand them, and they help to establish trust.

When telling stories with purpose, it’s important to answer three key questions for your audience:

  1. Are you like me?
  2. Can you lead me?
  3. What is the path to transformation?

By answering these three questions, you can create stories that will help your audience connect with your offer. You will be able to establish trust and credibility and show them that you understand them and that you can lead them to the transformation they want. (AKA: make sales!)

Tell Your Conversion Story

Stories create a powerful impact on our lives and can be used to motivate and inspire our ideal customer to connect with our offer. That’s why storytelling is a powerful tool for small business owners to convert followers into customers both on and offline!

You and I both know that you have your own unique stories and experiences that have shaped you and led you to where you are today. Colin can help you identify those stories and create a compelling narrative that converts! 

In his best-selling program, The Conversion Story Formula, you’ll learn:

  • How to discover your core story and tell it using the core premise formula
  • The 5 proven principles for telling great stories so that you connect with your perfect audience faster than ever before
  • Colin’s 6 step process for crafting a story that connects and converts your perfect audience into your programs
  • Simple ways to make your conversion story compatible for emails, social media posts, webinars, etc.

If you’re ready to discover the secrets to successful storytelling with Colin Boyd, enroll in The Conversion Story Formula today!

You can also follow Colin on Instagram or listen to his podcast, Expert Edge

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