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February 7, 2022


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So many entrepreneurs I meet and talk to on this podcast share a common trait — They’re multi-passionate! As creatives, and just as humans, we have many interests and passions, and that often shows through in the businesses we build. That said, multi-passionate entrepreneurs can run into some unique challenges when it comes to growing, marketing, and scaling their businesses. That’s what we’re digging into for this Goal Digger Podcast coaching session.

Stephanie Cintron is a photographer and website designer in Savannah, Georgia. After pursuing photography as a side hustle while working full time as an e-commerce product manager and falling in love with web design, she knew that entrepreneurship was a non-negotiable. In 2021, she jumped head-first into full-time entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back. Steph’s business now combines both photography and web design. Yup, she sounds multi-passionate to me!

In this session, we’ll explore ways to seamlessly combine multiple offerings under one umbrella, the marketing strategies that support a business with more than one focus, plus, ways to quiet the noise and get clear about what you really want to pursue when shiny objects pop up all around you.

Marketing Two Different Services

It’s easy to think that if you offer two or more services that are different from one another that you’re confusing potential clients. But the truth is, if you make the customer journey super simple, your message and offer will reach the right people who are interested in what you offer without repelling those who don’t need that particular service from you.

My advice for Stephanie (and for you, if you’re multi-passionate with multiple services) is to make it extremely clear when a potential client lands on your site where they need to click to get to the service they’re after. Minimize the number of clicks it takes for them to go from hearing your name to booking a consultation or whatever that first step looks like. 

You don’t need two or more separate brands, you don’t need separate websites and social accounts, you just need to make it easy for someone to find the offer they want from you, when they want it.

Too Early for a Team?

Stephanie said something I can relate to from my early days of entrepreneurship: You can’t spread your butter too thin. Have you been there? She asked about hiring a team to support her business and if it’s ever too early to invest in that type of help.

Here’s the thing – I personally waited way too long to start growing a team. The first time I outsourced an aspect of my business was the first time I truly felt freedom. I was able to offset the cost of outsourcing a few tasks by booking more weddings because I had more time. 

If you’re looking to add a virtual assistant or other support person to your business, try searching Facebook Groups, Instagram hashtags, and even LinkedIn (my favorite place to hire help). Don’t forget to ask for recommendations from peers in the industry as well. 

Making Time for Yourself

Going full-time into entrepreneurship can quickly take over every last minute of your waking hours (and likely some of your sleeping ones, too.) Stephanie wants to be careful to avoid burnout, and I appreciated this discussion since burnout was part of my story… Though I don’t think it’s a necessary part of starting and running a successful business.

First things first, establish strong boundaries. For me, that looks like a robust auto-responder that every single email receives in response when it lands in my inbox. The autoresponder sets expectations for when you’ll hear back from me, answers FAQs, and directs people to contact other individuals on my team for specific needs. An autoresponder can take care of some of the busyness that pulls our time and energy away from actually working on our business. 

If you are a service provider like Stephanie, it’s also important to black out certain dates in your schedule for no work. I know, it’s scary… Especially when you’re solely responsible for your own income now. But you cannot pour from an empty cup and building in time for rest and play will only make you more committed and focused when you return to your work. 

More from this Coaching Session

I love speaking with first year full-time entrepreneurs and digging back into that world I remember all too well. Stephanie and I chatted about preparing your business when it’s time to start a family, passive income ideas, why not everything needs to be (or should be monetized), and more.

Press play for the full coaching session with Stephanie Cintron, and follow her first year full-time entrepreneurial journey at stephaniecintronphotography.com and on Instagram @stephaniecintronphotography.

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