Transitioning Your Biz, Showing Up Scared, and Growing Your Audience

June 24, 2024


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Struggling to grow your social media accounts? We all wish we had a bigger audience to promote our businesses, and although I don’t believe in quick fixes, there are some things you can do to grow your following and, as a result, your business too.

This episode is a recording from a coaching session I had with Goal Digger Podcast listener, Savanna Timofei. Savanna is a wedding cake designer who also coaches other cake makers in her industry, and she’s struggling with sharing on social media in order to reach her goals. 

I’m excited for you to learn from my conversation with Savanna, we’re talking about mindset tips, conversion strategies, and actionable strategies on how to grow her business and her social media following!

Even if you’re not in the same business stage or industry as Savanna, I KNOW that you will be able to take the insights and ideas that I share with her and implement them into your own business, so let’s dive in!

Transitioning Savanna’s Business

One of the key challenges Savanna faced was the fear of transitioning from making cakes to solely teaching. She worried about how her audience would perceive her shift and questioned her credibility as a teacher if she stopped making cakes.

Through our conversation, we explored the idea of a phased transition, where she could gradually reduce cake-making commitments while maintaining credibility and connection with her audience.

I really think this phased approach allow her to continue showcasing her expertise while easing her followers into her new role as a mentor!

Building a Personal Connection on Social Media

Savanna expressed her struggle with showcasing personal content on social media, fearing judgment and inadequacy. Can you relate?!

We delved into the importance of sharing personal aspects of her life to connect with her audience beyond cake-related content. I told Savanna that by highlighting her journey to balance work and family life, she could inspire and resonate with her followers on a deeper level. 

If you struggle with this too, I want you to know that sharing behind-the-scenes moments, personal challenges, and triumphs helps humanize your brand and will help you foster a stronger connection with your audience! You just have to start.

Check out Episode 778: Scared to Put Yourself Out There? 5 Easy Ways to Start for tactical ways to do this!

Leveraging Data for Growth

To enhance her business’s growth, we discussed the significance of data analytics and measurement for Savanna’s business.

Measurement and optimization have by far been one of the best things my team and I have been prioritizing over the past year. In fact, I recorded an entire Goal Digger episode about it!

Listen to Episode 726: If You Want Bigger Results, You HAVE To Do This to learn more about what, why, and how we track the numbers in our business.

I explained that by understanding the effectiveness of her marketing strategies, Savanna could optimize her efforts and focus on what truly drives results. Implementing a data-driven approach provides clarity and confidence in decision-making, helping her to more impactful outcomes!

Embracing Passive Income Strategies

In exploring ways to expand passive income streams, I emphasized the importance of refining existing funnels and optimizing traffic before “turning the firehose on” and sending a lot of traffic through them.

I truly believe that by gamifying the analytics process and focusing on conversion rates, Savanna could elevate her business to new heights!

We then discussed various passive income opportunities such as creating online courses, e-books, and membership sites, all designed to leverage her expertise without requiring constant hands-on involvement.

Connect With Savanna

My coaching session with Savanna was packed with valuable insights and strategies that can benefit anyone looking to grow their social media presence and business. 

Whether you’re in the cake-making industry or any other field, the principles we discussed – from overcoming identity shifts to leveraging data for growth – can be applied to any business! 

Be sure to follow Savanna on Instagram and visit her website to support her small business!

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