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Chris + Desiree – Seattle Maternity Session

Jenna Kutcher 

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We think it started from an Instagram message? We aren’t really all that sure. We share the same birthday and somehow became friends messaging each other “Happy Birthday!” A few months later I got a message about going on a last minute mission trip and I said, “YES!” without hesitation. We roomed together, pillow talked, Facetimed our husbands together, and the rest is history. A few months later we were off to Guatemala on another mission and our room-ance continued.

You might know her from a popular TV show, “The Bachelorette” but I know her as one of the kindest, most genuine, down-to-earth girls I know. Des has a heart of pure gold, she has a servants heart, and she is just the kind of girl you want in your life forever. Most of the time I look at her and wonder, “How the heck did you meet your husband on a TV show?” but then I see her with Chris and it all makes sense. The path might look different than your average love story but it was exactly what needed to happen to connect these two quirky, hilarious, relaxed souls.

I was so bummed I had to miss her baby shower but since we were going to be in town the week before we had an impromptu double date night with tacos and margaritas (water for Des!) and took a few photos as the sun set behind Golden Gardens. Of course we weren’t ready to part ways, so Drew and Chris decided we would have some wine on the patio with Frankie the pup and we ended our night with Drew and Chris talking about doing a triathlon in Hawaii together – Des and I will beach it with the baby!

These photos were featured in US Weekly and People Mag!

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  1. LOVE these!!! Des has the best smile!! So sweet!


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