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November 19, 2019


My audience is always looking for and asking me about the BEST digital courses to support their businesses. I’m an enormous fan of online education, and the entire “why” behind what I do is that I want to make small businesses better. Inside my signature courses, I share different strategies I’ve learned through trial, error, and immense growth to help make your business more sustainable, profitable, impactful, and fun, too!

But so often, people ask me to share the ONE course of mine they should start with. And they want to know whether they should take more than one to better accelerate and scale their businesses. So today, I’m breaking down which courses of mine go BEST with whatever type of business you run. Whether you sell t-shirts or coaching services, run a bakery or run an online boutique… I’m sharing how you can invest wisely in online education that best supports your business.

And in case you’re new around here, let me give you a super-quick rundown of my four signature courses first! (We’ll get more in-depth below.) We have The Instagram Lab (TIL), where you’ll learn to attract the right followers and convert them into loyal clients or customers. Then there’s The Pinterest Lab, where I teach you how to use the search engine to automatically drive major traffic to your site.

Next up is The Podcast Lab™, the five-step process to plan, create, launch, promote, and scale your very own pod and generate a strong community of peeps. And finally, there’s the List to Launch Lab® (LLL), a complete blueprint to take your email list from nada to hundreds (or more) eager subscribers. I don’t have favorites, but if I did this one might be it. It’s all about growing your business on your own turf, on your own terms.

Wondering which ones could help you the most? Let’s get into the best digital courses that can serve your specific biz!

For Product Purveyors (Product-Based Business Owners)

You’ve got the goods, and you’re ready to share them with the world. Whether you sell your stuff in a storefront, on your website, or through Etsy, you have something sweet to offer up. And that’s pretty awesome.

For you, I’d recommend The Instagram Lab first and foremost, and also the List to Launch Lab®. Instagram is your very own display case for your products. It’s where you can share the story behind them, the heart of your business, and get people all over the world interested in what you’re selling. With TIL, I show you the exact steps you need to grow your following and attract your perfect customers again and again.

And LLL just takes that impact and multiplies it, big time. Anytime you have a sale, anytime you have new products, anytime you have something exciting to share… You can share it with your email list. And I’ll show you everything you need to know to start, grow, speak to, and sustain an email list. (And remove ALL your fears about tech, time, and another platform to maintain.)

For Action Takers (Service-Based Business Owners)

You are a mover, shaker, and all-around hustler! I can feel it in my bones. You might offer your clients your editing skills, coaching or consulting, virtual assisting, photography, or some other amazing service. And now you’re wondering how to grow, reach the next level, and get more clients.

For you? I’d definitely say to go for the List to Launch Lab®, The Pinterest Lab, and even The Podcast Lab™ if you have that inkling in you! You are all about serving your people, and serving them well. It means communicating well, and showing up in front of them when they need to hear from you.

By curating a well-honed email list using my straightforward strategies, you can show up for your peeps easily and regularly. Drop nuggets of encouragement, some education, or just plain updates on business as usual. I’ll help you figure out how to start it and run it seamlessly alongside the rest of your biz.

As for Pinterest, it’s the number one way I get people to my website thanks to some easy-to-follow, cohesive strategies. And, I’m guessing you WANT people on your site. This course breaks down what you need to plan Pinterest content, strategize, and automate the platform.

And then we have The Pod Lab — this is where I show how you can create an exceptional community by launching your own podcast, AND running it with ease and long-term vision. You can teach and serve and inspire your people, endearing them to you for the long run. I’ll walk you through everything you need to know, from coming up with an idea to launching to monetizing.

For Digital Mavens (E-Based Business Owners)

Oooh, girl, you’re a digital queen and show up for your audience online in a big way! Maybe you’re an MLM, a tech wiz, or a blogger. If you’re running your business online, hi, hello, we’re kindred spirits. 

You can honestly get SO much out of each and every one of my courses, because they’re all so applicable to online businesses. But if I had to recommend one, I’d say start with The Instagram Lab, and also to consider the List to Launch Lab® and The Pinterest Lab, too.

For all the reasons above, these guys are amazing for growing your audience. You can communicate with them authentically, convert them into buyers, and create a mega-loyal community. Remove the stress of attracting your ideal IG followers. Show up for them with news and inspo in their inboxes. And utilize the magic of Pinterest to keep them coming to your website… All with a guide to show you the steps to do it well (moi!). It’s a triple threat for success that is destined for you.

For Multi-Passionate Movers (Product & Service-Based Entrepreneurs)

Okay, I see you! You’re showing up and offering up both products AND services to your customers. I mean, that’s a little overachiever of you, but I’m into it. In fact, I think you’re schooling the rest of us by offering things that fit the needs of so many people in your niche. Bravo, bravo!

If you’re looking to take it to the next level, I can see The Pinterest Lab and the List to Launch Lab® working WONDERS for you. Get the hundreds of thousands of Pinterest users who are searching for stuff YOU can offer to land on your website. Pinterest’s marketing prowess is just barely tapped, and you can use it majorly to your advantage (with minimal work, mind you — I’ll show you how).

And of course, starting and growing your email list is just another piece of the marketing magic. You get to choose how and when your customers hear from you when you have an email list. You get to serve them well and routinely in their inboxes. And I can teach ya exactly how to do it inside LLL.

For Dream Chasers (Future Biz Owners Just Getting Started)

I see you out there. Maybe you’re working a 9-5 and dreaming of doing your own thing someday soon. Or your an at-home mama wanting to find a way to share your passions. Maybe you want to switch careers or industries and launch your own idea. You may not have a website or a social presence… yet.

And for that reason, I think the best place to start is with The Instagram Lab. And a nice pairing to grow your reach and get your ideas out into the world is the List to Launch Lab®. (And did you know? You don’t even need a website to start your email list!)

Let’s set you up for success on Instagram with TIL by getting to know exactly who your ideal audience is, how to speak to them, and what to share in order to attract them in droves. I’ll teach you the A-to-Z of Instagram strategy, and why it’s a great launching point for new (or soon to be) businesses. Your people won’t know you’re out there unless you start speaking to them…

And on top of that, your email list is going to be the thing that withstands changes to your future business, social media, and life! By starting it now, you’ve got a leg up on even some of the most seasoned businesses. I can show ya how to start by creating valuable opt-ins for your ideal client or customer. And then how to sustain and grow it with solid content, approachable tech, and the exact strategy I use.

Now, it’s time to go for it! Ready?

Okay, you go-getters. Are you feeling like you have a solid direction for where to start with the best digital courses for your business? I also need to mention: I designed these courses to complement and integrate with one another. You can truly grow your business with the use of one, two, three, or all four of them, or any combination you see fit. It’s up to you to pick and choose the ones that you think will boost your brand best!

They’re buildable and applicable for truly ALL types of businesses; it just depends on who you’re trying to reach and where. I hope this helps you muster through any decision fatigue you’re facing and determine the best programs to empower you and your business to reach the next level!

I said I’d NEVER discount my courses…

But for 4 days only I’m offering each of them for 30% off!

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