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September 6, 2022


Overall house update:

August was a month of progress at the new house! From finishing the roof to getting all of the electrical and plumbing installed, we felt things were really moving fast! We did a two-hour walk through with our builder Alma Homes and made sure we felt solid about all of our decisions. After a few delays (a few of the crews got Covid) things are ramping back up with installation being installed and drywall getting prepared. Once those walls go up, it’ll really start feeling real! We’re also prepping the exterior to begin the stucco process which is a pretty long process (but one we’re excited about!)

We try to only head to the property once a week to check on progress, to walk the land and space, and dream about what it’ll be like! It’s been a highlight of our weeks to see what’s been accomplished. We brought my mom over to the house and she got to walk through it for the first time which was really fun and special! Since we’ve been up north for the end of summer, we haven’t checked in on the job site in a bit but we’re excited to get home and see what’s new!

We are finally done (I think) with all selections for the home build and now we’re starting to move to furniture selections and finalizing each space. I actually love this part and have a full spreadsheet of all of the things we’ll bring from our current home, what we want to sell, and then what we will need to complete the space. One thing about us is that we hate living in transition (Drew especially) and so we move quickly when it comes to things like this. There’s something about feeling settled and so we’re looking ahead at how we can try and have as much ready for when the move happens.

The girl’s bathroom inspiration:

So something wild is that when we started all of our planning and selections for this home, I was pregnant with Quinn but we didn’t know if she would be a girl or a boy! I remember trying to decide on their bathroom design but wondering who this little human would become. When we knew we were having two girls, we leaned into the more feminine design of this space that will be shared between the girls!

I’m not going to lie, I think I am most excited for this room! There is something about this design that just makes me so happy! Whether it’s the fun wallpaper or the quirky Fireclay tile or the warm green tones, I am obsessed. In terms of where this will be, the upper floor on the home will be all of our bedrooms and bathrooms! The girls have rooms on one wing of the upstairs with this connected bathroom and the laundry room nearby and then on the other wing of the upstairs will be our primary suite (bedroom, bathroom, and closet!)

One of my favorite design features for the girl’s bathroom is that they each will have their own room with a vanity and mirror in it and then a shared bathtub/toilet. I feel like this will definitely come in handy when they are a bit older, but I also love that they have their own separate spaces that connect with a pocket door. I love that they are attached and sharing but still have their own space! Coming from a childhood where my entire fam all shared one bathroom with a shower, this will be great for them as they grow.

Inspiration: Sarah Montgomery Design 

I have to give a massive shout out to our amazing team at Alma Homes for helping us land on this design! They took all of my Pinterest boards and pulled out facets of what we loved and created something unique, playful, and fun! When they sent this design over, I’m pretty sure I gasped (in the best way!) It felt entirely perfect for the girls. They have been incredible in helping us make the perfect selections and narrowing down options for us throughout the entire process which has made it so easy and collaborative!

Our interior finish selections:

  • The wallpaper: Ohhh, this wallpaper is my favorite. I love the tones, love the floral feel without it feeling to girly, and love the texture it will bring to the space.
  • The wall tile: This green hue is my favorite. I love the warmth it brings and can’t wait to see it in their shower. One thing I LOVE about Fireclay Tile is that they are handmade so the variations just add interest and depth to the tile.
  • The floor tile: This star and cross pattern was a bit of a splurge, but once I saw the vision with it included, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Another Fireclay selection that I am just so pumped about. Playful yet interesting and timeless!
  • The mirrors:  Again, another fun part of this room was choosing things that would work for little girls but transition well into their older years. I love these gold mirrors with a playful shape!
  • The brass fixtures: We chose the Cassidy collection from Delta and love, love the feminine vibe and the warmth the brass brings into the space! It warms everything up and is so beautiful!

Honestly, I can’t wait to see these spaces come to life and I just love, love this design! It packs a punch in all the right ways. I hope the girls love it (and I can’t wait to show your their bedroom inspiration, it is way too cute!)

Inspiration: McGee and Co. 

The other day I ran into a friend from high school and she asked how the home build was going and I said, “It’s going so great, it’s been easy and amazing!” and she laughed and said she had never heard anyone describe the process like that. It’s honestly been a dream come true in so many ways and thanks to an incredible team who’s making it all happen, it’s been all of the fun parts of building and designing a home without the headaches. I honestly feel so, so lucky that we get to do this and experience this and I can’t wait to share another update soon! Which room do you want to see next? Comment below!

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  1. Mads M says:

    Love that green tile! I’m using your photo as inspiration for our own bathroom reno right now! Can you share what size grout line you have? it looks just right.


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