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September 8, 2016


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Every night before bed, even when she had fallen asleep hours before, we would kiss our hands and reach through the rails of the bunkbed to say goodnight. Yes, there were days (okay, weeks) where we dreamt of having our own room, fights when she stole my clothes, even a time where I tried to convince her that the closet below the stairs would make an excellent bedroom but all in all, this girl has been my world. When she was born, I was obsessed with her. I told everyone she was, “my baby” and everyday you could find me with her sleeping on my chest as I stroked her back and soothed her to sleep. Now, “my baby” is getting married.

Just typing those words takes my breath away. I can’t believe that my baby sister will be a bride. I remember coming home from college, the six year gap more present than ever, and asking her if she had a boyfriend (a question she strayed well every time until this point.) I remember her blushing and whispering, “yes.” She told me about Adam, told me how he ran Cross Country with her and sometimes they would sit on the bus together. Their relationship grew over the years as Adam became a part of our family. As they grew up together, they grew into each other. From high school to college to post grad life, these two have navigated life together since the 8th grade – and now, they get to become husband and wife.

We’ve always talked about what the heck I would do when Kate got married. Would I photograph the wedding? Being in the wedding party? How could I serve her the best. Well, I think on her big day I’ll be up in the front ugly crying, so best to leave the camera to someone with two (non-leaking) eyes. To be able to photograph each stage of their relationship has been something that I cling tight to but this session made everything real: the days of missing her, the days of talking on the phone for hours, the arguments, the make ups, the times she stole my clothes, (and the times I willingly lent them to her.) My baby is getting married and I couldn’t be more proud, excited, and honored to get to tell their story in images that will mean more to me than words will ever say.

Ps. Drone photography will now be offered for 2017 – and I hired the hottest drone flier in the world: Drew. 

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  1. These are stunning! Kate, you’re so photogenic. The air of these photos is just so natural and free. You can tell they are very in love! Xo PS the drone photography is very cutting edge–what an awesome feature.

  2. Emma Weiss says:

    These are SO sweet Jenna!! And not just the beautiful photos — the fact that you get to capture your sister in this incredible chapter of her life is so so special. Smiling like crazy over here!

  3. Louise Cruz says:

    I just love this story. I’ll be at our cabin June 17. I can hardly wait to see you guys. Kira and Gene and two boys will also come straight from Germany. They want to spend some time st the lake. Hope the boys don’t get bitten up with mosquitos! You are so creative! Love love the drone photograpny. Hope to see you in Minnesota. ????

  4. Nicole says:

    Jenna! I am over here tearing up as I think of my own little sister getting married one day. These are amazing and congrats to your beautiful sister 🙂


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