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Ask Jenna anything about starting a photography business on the Goal Digger Podcast


Ahhhh, sweet, sweet photography. There is simply nothing better than getting behind the lens each and every day.

…But it’s not always straight-forward. There are many tips and tricks that get engagement, turn followers into clients, and using photography to not only get likes but to drive your bottom line. 

Which is why I am SO excited about today’s episode where I am digging into the real life, behind the scenes those Instagram photos. This is another session of Ask Jenna Anything dedicated SOLELY to one topic: photography! Today I am answering YOUR most raw, real-life questions about starting a photography business. Ready to attract your dream clients, fill your calendar, and get your best photos yet?! Let’s do it!

Tune in to hear me answer these questions below!

  • Christine D: Can I photographer make 6 figures by NOT selling educational classes and such?
  • Shannon R: How do you convince clients to hire your associate photogs instead of you?
  • Kari G: I would love to hear more about your Photography…what resources did you use when you were first learning, what tips or recommendations do you have for new photographers?

  • Elizabeth M: I would love to hear more background on the educational/courses side of your business… What was your first ever course? How did the launch go? Did you build up an audience via your photography business to launch to initially? 🙂 Really just ANY advice about transitioning a business from client work to also offering education on your industry!

  • Starr M: I want to know more about coping with competition and copycatting. I live in a small town and notice that everyone in the creative industry copies. I live in a community of 1200 and find a lot of copycatting going on with other photographers in the industry. If I put out a wood box for my clients, then so does everyone else. If I add an item to my price list, so do they. If I change all my wedding packages to 8 hours so do they. I have been just looking the other way, supporting them and being nice and focusing on the next thing for myself…should I keep doing this, or what?

  • Meredith G: know we talk a bunch about your business but i would love to get back to the genesis of it all, how photography makes you feel how you’ve changed as a photographer.

  • Ashley R: -Information about second photographers(how much to pay them, what to expect of them)?

  • Ashely R: -When should photographers raise their prices?

  • Brooke J: How did you book 25 weddings in one year? What does serving your bride and groom look like?

  • I’m so interested in hearing more about your photography business growth. I’m currently at a place where I built up my photography business doing all kinds of shoots since 2014 but I have been working full time as a teacher. I’m feeling led to leave my job so I resigned and am now returning to photography full time but focusing on families and weddings. I would love to grow my clients and get my name out there for more weddings.

  • Shannon K: What freebies can different groups offer? By different groups I mean wedding planners, cake artists, florists, non wedding photography – just an idea or suggestion I get so hung up on what to give as a freebie.

  • Sandy S: How to book destination weddings/elopements

  • Mancy C: Do you suggest Styled shoots for photographers to build portfolios?! Any and all details on styled shoots appreciated!

  • Kari G: I would love to hear more about your Photography…what resources did you use when you were first learning, what tips or recommendations do you have for new photographers? THANK YOU for being you and sharing so much with us!!! You inspire me to keep pushing forward every day!!

  • Cassie Pannier I’m a wedding calligrapher/stationer, second shooter in training, and starting a wedding creative VA business… I just love the wedding industry in general, I guess. My question is geared more towards the VA side of things, but have you ever “cold-emailed” dream clients in hopes that they would book you? And as I’m sure you receive cold emails all the time… What are some examples of what has worked for you as the recipient of these emails?

  • goodvibesricci :Will you ever have a course on how to be an amazing photographer like you! Like for beginners, your tips on how to be a productive photographer following the bride and groom around without getting in the way but also being there enough to get those intimate shots.. I know you have a course with brit + co, which I am buying Asap but something like photography on location 101 from your prospective would be amazing.

  • anjie_rose : I would love to know what camera you started taking pictures with at first and what lens? Also how did you learn about different lenses and how to take good pictures? Cause girl yo pictures are good!

  • jneb225: How’d you get your first paying photography gig

  • : I’d love some photo tips for a camera shy person. Like how you use the props, what else could work?

And, as always, if you have questions for me about starting a photography business, I am CONSTANTLY checking our Goal Digger Podcast Insiders FB group and Goal Digger Instagram account to make sure I am answering YOUR questions. You guys are the fire behind this podcast, and I want to hear from y-o-u!


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