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August 14, 2017


On this particular episode of Goal Digger, I was lucky enough to interview the powerhouse of a woman, Emily P. Freeman. Emily is an author, momma, wife, and a creative wonder woman. It was truly so insightful, invigorating, (and fun!) having her on the show.

She is someone that I could talk to for hours and hours and still be inspired every second of it, and I am confident you will leave this episode feeling the same way!

“…An artist is just what happens when someone chooses to move towards what makes them come alive. Art is just the end result”

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This episode is covers the unique, exciting process of a “hobby” turning into a career:

Six Ways to Keep Your Creativity Brewing:

  1. “There is no such thing as writer’s block”
    1. Writer’s block is just code for “we are afraid to write something bad”
  2. Creativity is a process- embrace it!
  3. Just keep working!
    1. Even if you are not loving you work during the creative process, eventually you’ll find “a word, or a phrase, and just go with it!”
  4. Roll with the seasons of creative business: don’t force it if you can help it
  5. Deadlines are intimidating, but you can do it!
    1. Try as hard as you can to keep your creative process “free” of rigid dates
  6. You have to have strategy to have impact
    1. Embrace the “business” side of your creative venture

Five Common Excuses Before Starting a New Project:

  1. Waiting to feel “qualified”
  2. Setting impossibly high standards for oneself
  3. “Imaginary conversations with critics” that become debilitating
  4. Craving attention to feel validated
  5. Refusing to take a risk

Do any of these sound familiar? Then read on!  

The Only Three Things You NEED Before Starting a Project:
1) Frustration:

-Identify a “problem” or a “gap” in the world

-Pay attention to what bothers you

-Do other people resonate/agree?

-Is there something you can do about it?

2) Passion

-What makes you come alive?

-Pay attention to the projects you “never get bored of”

3) Hope

-Catch the hopeful vision

-BELIEVE in your project

-Can it move you/the audience forward?

Truthfully, this entire episode could have been quoted! If you are struggling with the creative process, embracing your “hobby” as a job, or are fearful of a new project, please tune in! Emily shared SO many brilliant tokens of knowledge, and I cannot wait for you to tune in!


You can find Emily online at: Website // Instagram // Facebook

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  1. Sarah says:

    This has definitely been one of my favorite episodes so far. Thank you for blessing my life with your laughter, love, and wisdom.

  2. karah says:

    This podcast was a dream! Thank you Emily for sharing your heart and for lighting might up!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Oh my, what an inspirational public speaker.
    The analogy of tears was just amazing. A great listen guys!

  4. Lydia says:

    Oh my goodness! I have read her book Simply Tuesday twice now and I have gotten multiple other people to purchase it as well! It was so awesome to hear more from this amazing woman!

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