5 Tricks to Fix Your Website in 15 Minutes (or Less!)

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July 28, 2022


Have you thought about your website lately? It’s funny, our websites are the things we spend SO much time (and money, and resources) on to polish one time, and then… we often just forget about them, even though they’re the main place potential clients land to check out our stuff! Whether it’s been a hot minute since you’ve checked in on your website or you already KNOW it could use a tune-up, I want to break down a few easy ways to fix your website in less than 15 minutes each.

The truth is, almost half (42%) of users will leave a website if it has poor functionality (according to Hubspot). That means, half of your potential clients, customers, and audience might be clicking “exit” before having a chance to get to know you and your services if they can’t find what they’re looking for easily.

5 ways to fix up your website in no time

So, what can we do about it? I, for one, think that investing in smart, cohesive, aesthetically pleasing website design and copy is WELL worth the money in the way it attracts and retains traffic.

But — we’re not talking about website overhauls today. We’re talking about quick, simple, small fixes you can make to your website to make it more user friendly and clear. Here are my top tips to clean up your website lickety split!

#1. Check your headlines and subheadlines.

Specifically on your home page. What is the main message you’re portraying in these front-and-center copy opportunities of your website? My biggest recommendation is to somehow share the problem you solve or the solution you provide as concisely as possible in these spaces. And ask yourself: is it clear, keyword rich, and enticing? Does it get someone’s attention and make them pause and feel something? Does it answer exactly what you or your business does? 

#2. Add a photo of your face.

Sure, we all love an artistic side-profile shot of someone gazing off into the distance, or a pretty full body shot of you walking away down a field of flowers… but that’s not what connects a user to YOU immediately upon landing on your website. Humans connect with other humans — specifically their faces! So if your website has photos of you, make sure the very first one shows your face in a friendly manner. According to Kajabi, using face-forward images in your marketing can generate better ROI, establish relationships and credibility, make you more visible, and set up better communication between you and your audience. You don’t need a perfect glamour shot, but you do want it to be a high-res, high-quality image of you looking like, well… you!

#3. Make sure it’s easy to contact you.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see on websites is when people don’t make it abundantly clear how to get in touch. If I have to click around a website searching how to contact the person for even longer than one minute, I’m out of there. You should have a clear way to get in touch whether it’s a simple contact page or form, or there’s a phone number or email address for users to easily reach out and connect with a person behind the brand.

#4. Create an opt-in offer.

A generic “join my newsletter” form isn’t really all that enticing unless someone is already SUPER interested in you and your content. But if you can give them something in exchange for signing up for your email list, you’ll snag a whole lot more. Whether it’s a freebie in the form of a PDF guide, checklist, planner, or some other download, or a discount code or free shipping for a product, give subscribers something they’ll want to get their hands on, something that’s an obvious and aligned value add for THEM.

#5. Tweak your copy to be client serving.

I’d encourage anyone with a website to take an honest look at your website copy and ask yourself: Is this copy that isn’t just features only and all about ME, but instead serves and explains to help someone pre-qualify themselves and understand if my offer is for them? The best way to do this is to take any “I” statements and turn them into “you” statements, speaking directly to your ideal client/customer. For example, instead of saying, “I help realtors make more sales and connect with dream clients,” you could say, “You want to make more sales and connect with dream clients.” Your copy should make your ideal client feel seen and understood and like you have the answers or solutions to their problems.

Whew, see? Not too bad! Just a few lil’ tweaks here and there can give your website a powerful tune-up, each in 15 minutes or less! Which one are you planning to do first? Tell me in a comment below!

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