5 Excuses Holding You Back From Taking Massive Action

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May 13, 2019


Hey, hey my friends. I want to reach out and give you a big ol’ virtual squeeze today because, if you’re reading this, more likely than not you are feeling a little stuck. Whether you’re on the verge of launching a company, quitting a job, leaving a relationship, stepping into a major investment, or making some other massive decision that feels too much and too big…. I want to tell you hey, I’ve been there. I get it.

When I quit my corporate job and jumped into entrepreneurship, I had all the voices you’ve probably heard, too, telling me everything that could go wrong. Why I wasn’t enough. How I could mess this up.

And the first time I launched a course? Those same familiar voices came a-callin’. These voices often don’t whisper politely telling us to take it easy or pump the brakes. Nooo, no, no. That would be a blessing because it would make it so much easier to tell them to hush and go away!

These naysayers in our heads show up kicking and screaming like a full-bore toddler tantrum — except they reason way more logically than any toddler I’ve ever met. They can trick you into believing they’re right, and they’ll convince you to stay in your box of comfort and safety for years or forever, if you’re not careful.

If your mental frenemies are getting you to buy into any of the five following excuses, I just want to be a different kind of voice for you today, telling you something that I am certain you already know: You have GOT this, girlfriend. You are capable, strong, and worthy. Let’s boot these voices back where they belong, sister, and march forward with our dreams in pure, unapologetic confidence.

“I don’t have time.”

Ohhh, the old “no time” shenanigans. We’ve all heard it, and we’ve all said it at one point or another. If having no spare time is holding you back, just think of all the luxury-adjacent activities we do make time for. My pal Russell Brunson said it like this: “We always find the time for the things we value.” Mic drop. Boom.

Listen, I’ve spoken a lot about this but I really want to reiterate — we are all busy. We all have packed schedules and long to-do lists and families that we’d like to hang out with (and you should!). Our priorities are what get our focus and time. If “Game of Thrones” theories or your Insta feed are taking up an hour of your day, think about how you could be using that time to be more resourceful or working on building that idea you’ve been mulling over for months.

No one has the time until they create the time. And think about this: If you don’t have time now, what makes you think you’ll have more when your life gets even more full and chaotic in 5, 10, or 15-plus years? I’m not saying give up the things that matter, like family time or self-care. But we all have habits that we could perhaps tighten up a bit… What are yours?

“I have nothing to offer.”

I think this is such a communal fear that is difficult for us to move past when we work to build something beautiful or impactful. We look at others doing something similar and think, I could never sell/teach/create/sing/empower like them. It becomes a matter of enough-ness and comparison.

Let me tell you a little something… We all feel this way. Even the greatest thought leaders and authors and community makers in the world have felt like they couldn’t do it. But what separates the doers from the dreamers is the ability to push past that fear and take action anyway — even if it’s messy. Even if you mess up!

All of the experiences and learning moments and tough times that make up your life have uniquely positioned you to impact others greatly. If you wait until you feel totally ready and like you have the “right” amount of experience to be successful, you’ll be waiting around forever.

“I don’t have enough money.”

A lot of times, following our dreams calls for making big-time investments into ourselves. I’ve invested more than six figures into my extended education over the last several years of entrepreneurship, but I didn’t always know that my investments would pay off…

What I did know was that I had gumption. I had heart. And even if I was putting down a couple grand for a course or a mentor, and I wasn’t quite sure if I’d make that money back right away, I knew I’d work my very hardest to try.

Friends, putting money into your business or your education or your mental health or even your physical health isn’t just another expenditure. It’s an investment. And if you show up every day with the energy, passion, and enthusiasm to make right on that investment, I can almost guarantee it will be well worth it a few months and years down the road.

“It’s too big or scary.”

Big dreams require big courage. But what’s funny about courage is that it doesn’t mean you have to be super tough and super assured that it’s ALL going to work out no matter what. Courage is about stepping into your calling with faith that, even if it’s messy, you’re going to put your all into figuring it out and doing your best every minute of the day. It’s about breaking the big and scary stuff into small, digestible pieces and moving forward day after day.

It’s about showing up consistently, being real, and sharing your losses just as much of your wins. See, no one wants to follow or buy from or be friends with the perfect person! No one wants to hang out with the gal who has everything figured out to a T. They want to hang around those who take imperfect action and share vulnerability, because that’s the person who is brave and relatable.

“I haven’t perfected it yet.”

A little nod to that paragraph above: You. Do. Not. Need. To. Be. Perfect. (And I can sure as heck promise that you don’t want to be, either!) Perfection is boring. And more than that… It’s simply unattainable. Your ideas and vision will never be flawlessly fleshed out with every possible negative outcome fixed ahead of time and every bump in the road avoided. That’s just NOT life.

We all fear not being good enough or smart enough or attractive enough or successful enough. But the thing is, no one wants you to be that picture-perfect version of you. And you can take that pressure off of your shoulders right now. I can promise, you’ll feel a whole lot more human and a whole lot more ready to take on your wild and messy and incredible dreams.


Alright, my friends there you have it. Did I cover all your excuses? What’s still holding you back? I want to know!

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  1. Alex says:

    Guilty of all of these!

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