The Best Black Friday Sales for Your Life

November 25, 2022


She’s baaaaack! Yep, the time is here again – it’s Black Friday weekend which rolls us straight into Cyber Monday! Deals galore and as someone who used to work in retail (the red and khaki variety) I know how big this weekend is for shopping! We would prep for months upon months for this time of year, it was pretty crazy. 

And while I see this day as a good opportunity to invest wisely in things my family needs or that wishlist I’ve been saving, I also think it’s okay to assess what isn’t needed and focus on less unnecessary consumerism…  I mean, save money where you can and on what you can, but also be a mindful consumer! Then this weekend feels like a win, win! 

So while there are deals and sales aplenty today (and all weekend long), I would encourage you to consider the same in asking yourself…

  • Is this item truly needed?
  • Will this purchase add to my life or business in a significant way?
  • Will my business/family/home benefit in the long run from this buy?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then I say go for it!

I took some time to outline my faves, the things I’ve been waiting on restocking, and the sales I’ve been bookmarking as we enter into the holidays! I always use this weekend as an opportunity to order gifts, get some final tax write-offs for my biz, and replenish my stock of my faves. 

So today, I’m sharing my top picks for Black Friday sales that will (actually) add something to your life. Not to add more junk to your shelves or noise to your world… but to genuinely uplift, improve, or streamline certain areas of your life for the better. Because we can all use a little more of that!

Without further adieu, here are my picks:

(Pssst, tiny disclaimer: We all know deals are crazy during this season and are subject to change! We did our best to pull the best of the best sales, but can’t guarantee the lower prices will stick around by the time you see this post… So be sure you jump on the deals you want while they’re still here!)

Motherhood Black Friday Deals

This is the fun stuff! Shopping for the kids that you love. We all know it takes a village to raise littles, but with these items, life with kiddos is a lot easier (and way more fun).

Save 20% sitewide & get a free holiday lip balm kit at Primally Pure through 11/28 with code JK20.

  • Snuggle Me baby lounger: A tried-and-true favorite of ours when our babies were tiny and needed a cozy spot to chill so we could be hands free! We also love our Dock-a-Tot!
  • SlumberPod: If you travel with kiddos, you NEED this. It blocks out all outside light to create a dark (but safe) sleep environment… perfect for hotels and Airbnbs when separate rooms aren’t an option!
  • InfantOptics monitor: We’ve raved about this monitor before, but I can’t recommend it highly enough. You can hook up multiple cameras if you have more than one kid, and it doesn’t need wifi to connect!

Skincare & Beauty Black Friday Deals

I’ve become OBSESSED with natural beauty products (and as a result, my skin has never looked fresher!) – and these products are the best of the best.

Save 20% sitewide & get a free holiday lip balm kit at Primally Pure through 11/28 with code JK20.

  • Crunchi: Finally an all-natural make up line that lasts. This is my go-to for all things clean makeup and beauty! I’m obsessed with the bronzer, primer, and foundation, but you really can’t go wrong with any of it (and the ingredients at A+)! It feels like skincare and looks like airbrush (seriously!) .

Shop and save on the natural, no-fuss makeup I love! 

Business Black Friday Deals

Grow your business and reach your goals next year with these amazing items.

  • TONIC Site Shop: My fabulous website designer and friend Jen creates the most stunning and intuitive Showit website templates for business owners with legit any add-on you could ever want or need. You can easily design your own website with one of these drag-and-drop templates and get a high-end, high-converting end product to boot!

Get 20% off any and all Tonic site templates and get a FREE business timeline site add-on as a gift from me to you when you do – use code JENNA20 at checkout! 

  • The Contract Shop: Need a contract for your business? Look no further than The Contract Shop – a one-stop-shop for all of your legal needs, from NDAs, client contracts, consulting contracts, and beyond. They have something for practically every industry and small business to keep you and your assets protected.

Curious about their top templates people snag? 

Save 40% on contracts, templates, and more!

  • Social Squares: Small biz owners with websites, social media, or any marketing efforts in general (*ahem*, that would be all of us!) need access to amazing stock photos, and Social Squares has the BEST of the best. 

Save 10% on your first payment AND snag 20 stock photos + 2 stock videos hand-picked by Jenna for FREE with code JENNABONUS. 

  • My custom photo editing presets: Working on getting the perfect AND consistent Instagram grid and feeling frustrated that your photos never look aligned? You can snag my popular photo editing presets for 20% off all weekend long!

Save 20% at checkout today-Cyber Monday! (No code needed.)

  • Podcast gear: I rounded up all my favorite podcast gear – from microphones and headphones to a webcam, sound box, and audio interface – for you to easily launch your own show with everything you need.

Home Black Friday Deals

You all know we’re getting ready to move into our new home, and here are the things I’ve been eyeing (or already buying) for our new space!

  • Branch Basics: Cleaning products are one of THEEE easiest swaps to make if you want to move to a more low-tox lifestyle. This brand is the best of the best – you take the concentrate and use it mixed with water to make an all-purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, laundry detergent, and even handsoap. It’s safe to use around kids and pets, and best of all, it WORKS!

Save 20% on the entire Branch Basics site this weekend! (No code needed.)

  • The Frame TV: I sorta wish I would’ve thought of this brilliant invention… Instead of having a big black screen hanging on your wall when your TV’s turned off, this TV looks like high-quality framed art. You can even upload your own images or choose from their beautifully curated selection! Such a cool way to upgrade the family room.
  • Nespresso: We use our Nespresso coffeemaker every single day – this sucker is WORTH it. It makes the best lattes and fancy coffees at home… a must for any coffee lover.
  • Loloi area rug: This rug is SO pretty in real life – and super well made (while not being *too* fancy for kid life). I love the blush and gray tones.

Wellness Black Friday Deals

My health has taken a front seat this year and these products have been game changers.

  • Daily Harvest: I LOOOVE these smoothies and harvest bowls for quick, nutritious meals at home. Created with all plant-based, wholesome ingredients and delivered to your door, these are healthy and easy meals that taste SO good. (And make great holiday or new mom gifts!)

Use my code JENNAK to save $25 OFF 9 items, $30 OFF 14, and $40 OFF 24! 

  • Amazon Deal for Peloton: My Peloton has changed my approach to fitness in every way. Their cycle classes are epic of course (and double-amazing that you can do them from home), but they also offer a ton of other fitness classes like yoga, strength training, pilates, outside walks/runs, and sooo much more! I love that you can take short 5 or 10 minute classes all the way up to 30 or 60 minutes depending on how much time you have.

Save 15% on the Peloton Bike with delivery available to select locations and save $100 on accessories! 

  • Green powder: This is one of the easiest and BEST health/nutrition hacks out there…You just put one scoop of the greens powder in a glass of water, and it gives you 75 vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens, and whole-food sourced nutrients just like that.


Looking for more deals this weekend?

Peruse ALL my faves in my limited time Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shop!

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