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3 Ways to Book Your Dream Guests For Your Podcast

Jenna Kutcher 

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“But what would I say every week?!” This is one of the top questions I hear from people who WANT to start a podcast… but feel like it wouldn’t be a sustainable format long-term. I actually said the same thing when I was first starting out, worried I run out of topics, questions, or ideas. My response after 500 shows? You don’t have to worry about what to say when you learn how to book dream guests on your podcast. 

The truth is, what YOU have to say is valuable and important, and there’s an audience out there who does want to hear from you. But I also know that the pressure of coming up with topics to talk about week after week within your niche is… overwhelming. To say the least.

The good news: The people who want to hear from you would also love to hear from amazing guests within your industry or related fields. Having a conversation with someone else is so much more natural and easy for the majority of us than it is to talk by yourself for 30 or 45 minutes straight. (Trust me!) And while I actually do love recording solo episodes, there’s something magical about recording with a guest who can share powerful stories, insights, and takeaways beyond my own personal experiences.

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3 creative tips to book dream guests on your podcast

But then comes the inevitable question: How the heck do you even book dream guests on your podcast? You know I got you! I’m going to share three tangible ways to make it easy for your guest hopefuls to say “yes” to you, and even want to come back for repeat interviews!

1. Present what you’ll do for them.

Your podcast is an opportunity for others to be exposed to your platform. When reaching out to anyone for business collaborations, it’s always more impactful to lead with how you can serve them rather than asking for a favor or saying what their participation will do for you. Present your platform briefly and then get into what this opportunity can do for them!

If you’re pitching your dream guest, there must be a reason you’d love to have them on your show. Look at the ways an interview can benefit them. Try to angle your outreach in a way that shows them why this will be a valuable experience. Whether it’s an exciting chance to expand their audience, reach more people, interview with a new angle, get more leads, impact a larger group, or make new connections, there are so many ways your show can help them. When you look at the pitch, layout as many benefits as possible for them to give over their time. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Why is your audience a good fit?
  • How will you promote the show with this guest?
  • Why do you want them? (A genuine compliment or two can go a long way—don’t be afraid to share how their story has impacted you!)

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2. Provide a unique angle.

One of the best ways to land a dream guest is to prove that you know there’s more to them and you want to offer them a unique interview. Listen, most social media managers know that people want to hear their social media tips. Most influencers know that people want to hear how they get awesome partnerships. If you can approach potential guests with a DIFFERENT angle than the norm that they get asked about 100 times a week, you’ll stand out from the crowd of inquiries.

People who get interviewed often fall prey to getting asked the same questions over and over. It makes sense because the questions often have to do with their expertise and background, but if you can take a unique approach, I promise you’ll snag their interest. Of course, in the interview, you’ll likely cover some of the common questions, but your audience will also appreciate a more creative, out-of-the-box angle, too, when they learn something new or unexpected from your guest.

An added perk: Allowing guests to share something different or new increases the odds of them promoting the interview!

3. Make it EASY for them.

When you’re pitching, be as accomodating as possible and set them up for an easy “yes!” Let them know exactly what is needed from them and the precise steps they need to take if they say yes. You want to avoid as much back and forth as possible and be clear from the start. This looks like…

  • Sharing the time required for the interview (is it a 20-minute convo or will you need an hour of their time?)
  • Providing dates and times for them to easily choose from
  • Sharing when the interview would go live
  • Providing a list of topics, potential questions/angles, and ideas you’d likely cover
  • Letting them know if you’ll have graphics they can share with their audience
  • Giving them info about what they’ll need for the interview (download Zoom, specific headphones, what kind of environment, etc.)

Giving them the details upfront and in a consolidated way makes it as easy as possible for them to say “yes!” Outline the time commitment, the preparation (if any), and what you need to conduct the interview, and then let them know what you’ll take care of: outlining the questions, prepping the show notes, creating graphics and social content, and so on. You want this to be an easy lift on their part—essentially a no-brainer because you’ve already done all the work!

BONUS TIP: Make sure you’re an active member of their community.

We get hundreds of pitches for The Goal Digger Podcast each week and we look to see if the person who pitched is a part of our community. Whether on social media or private online groups, show them that you truly respect their work and take the time to really pour into them and become a recognizable name because of the way you engage, encourage, and show up in their spaces. It’s apparent when someone reaches out with a template invite vs. someone who is genuinely engaged and invested in your journey. The more you know about someone, the better your interview will be! 

Take the time to meaningfully engage with them, leave valuable comments, and encourage this person. Plus, a lot of people will hop to social to check you out, so make sure you’re following the guest, you’ve supported them, and you regularly engage with them, and share any additional ways you’ve been a part of their work whether you’ve purchased a product/course, attended an event, or listened to content they’ve created!

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