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December 27, 2017



At the end of last year I did an episode reviewing my year, it’s wild to look back and to see this show just starting, this year I got to really take a step back and stare my triumphs and trials in the face as I created this episode to help review what 2017 held for me. I’m always challenged when I pull together lists like this because while a year can feel impossibly long at times, it totally flies by in a blur. Creating this show helped me slow down, celebrate, relive some of the finest moments, and pause on the things that didn’t quite go so well.

It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s easy to discount the impact that 365 days can have on a life but when you really slow down, when you really compare, when you really dig deeper, so much can be backed into one single year and today I want to share what worked well, what didn’t work, and where we are headed in the new year.

First: let’s outline the GOOD!

  • This year I launched two new courses: The List to Launch Lab AND The Pinterest Lab.
  • I joined my first mastermind and have been mentored with of other entrepreneurs.
  • We purchased The Kutcher Condo after a spending a month in Maui.
  • We took TWO months off of work and enjoyed the island life.
  • I’ve graced the top of iTunes charts and continue to lead as a lady podcaster.
  • I expanded my team hiring my mom and my sister.
  • We led five six-figure launches for my courses.
  • Hit 2 million downloads on this show!
  • I funded 3 water projects in the Dominican Republic providing clean water for hundreds of families in need.
  • We hit over 2 million dollars in revenue for the year (CRAZY!)
  • I hired my first associate photographer and had multiple shooters on my team.
  • I launched Shop Jenna Kutcher, a shop of resources for online creatives
  • I cut out gluten from my diet and made steps in our fertility journey.
  • We retired Drew from his 9-5 so he could pursue his dreams.
  • I’ve automated revenue streams so my business can work while I rest.
  • Lots of dog walks, lots of podcasts, lots of reading.

Next, I don’t want to say: the BAD, but what didn’t quite work!

  • It took us some time to adjust to us both working from home and to find out our flow and what works best in terms of spending time together and getting work done.
  • We experienced our second miscarriage which totally threw us for a loop and opened up for another season of grieving.
  • I definitely struggled to delegate in spaces where I could have instead opting to put myself into places in my biz that I need not be (busy work.)
  • It took me (potentially) too long to make another hire. Caitlyn was being stretched thin as her position was shifting without having the additional support she needed to focus on her genius spots.
  • Disconnecting more intentionally. Beyond the 2 months off, I struggled to really disconnect and log off more often.
  • Struggled in managing brand sponsorships and making the right decisions in which sponsorships made sense and fit organically and which were too much work or not the right fit.
  • Need to create better intention in connecting with people in the flesh! Having more girl dates, coffee dates, going on walks with friends.
  • Self care was a struggle throughout times of the year and I had to really focus hard to put myself first and make that a priority.
  • Getting more clear on our “best” yesses and our clear “nos.” Really looking at the big picture and finding clarity in our decisions.

What’s Next:

  • We really want to focus on blowing this podcast up! I know it can make an even greater impact and so we are getting laser focused on producing the best show, having the best guests, and putting out the best content to earn your trust each week.
  • Automation: not just working towards it but paying attention to the results! I want to keep tweaking and perfecting the automated parts of my business to free me up on creating new pieces and aspects of my biz!
  • Team Culture: one of my biggest goals for 2018 is creating a true team culture, I want to have my team be a part of something bigger and to really feel like they are growing in tandem with my business, that they are owning processes, and feeling fulfilled. I want to give opportunities, I want to offer incentives, and I want to create a space that focuses on being their best self while helping move the bottom line.
  • Figuring Out When We Want to Start a Family: as you know, this journey hasn’t been easy but we are faced with another decision in the upcoming year if the timing is right. It’s been hard to figure out what that looks like and so we will be forced to face the facts and determine how/when we will move forward!Wowza. 2017, What a whirlwind. There’s been some ugly parts, but a majority has been oh so beautiful and fulfilling. And one of the most beautiful, impactful parts? You guys have been there every. step. of the way! Cheers to 2018!

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