Navigating Being a Girl Boss in a Man’s World

December 25, 2017



We’re talking about something we’ve never discussed as a topic before… What it looks like behind the scenes to be an insanely driven woman in a man’s world. Now, it’s not all bad by any means, but there is some common inner dialogue that happens with many of us Goal Diggers, and it can be hard to navigate.

So today I invited the brilliant stylist Emma Natter as she shares her story of how she transitioned from a future as a stay-at-home-mom to primary breadwinner of her home! The tidbits in this episode are not only super relatable but also wildly motivating! Let’s dig in!

How You Grew Up Matters…

One common thread that Emma and I both touched on was how being a super driven woman and starting our own businesses was seen as very risky to our parents and extended family. We get it, the creative industry is hard to wrap your mind around, but we both definitely felt the nerves and doubts of our family as we decided to build our own careers… Gone are our parents’ days where you found one job and stayed your whole career! The world now is full of chance and opportunity to make it on your own terms, it’s just your parents may not see it that way! And that’s OK!

You Kind Of Feel Like a Rebel…

We couldn’t help but chat about that it feels rather rebellious to be a total businesswoman in a man’s world! Especially with the new frontier of business that the internet has brought on– working from home is common now and our education system and the jobs we learn about in school are generic: You hear that you can be a teacher, doctor, engineer, etc. But you never hear that you can actually make a living as a creative. Emma and I both quickly bonded that we felt like a rebel chasing this career that is so foreign to so many!

Being A Girl Boss AND A Mom…

Wow, was this topic interesting to hear from a girl boss momma firsthand. Emma is a beautiful mother alongside her full-time career and finds the most beautiful balance between the two. But it wasn’t always like this… when Emma was at home full-time she said she didn’t feel like her best self- as a human or as a mother. She also spoke to the fact that when she proclaimed that she wanted business success people automatically assumed that she wasn’t a good mom. While it could be in our head, there is some definite truth to the fact that many people think a successful career and a successful mother role are mutually exclusive. It was SO interesting (and helpful!) to hear Emma’s experience in this area and made me proud of all the wonder women out there that defy society’s opinions.

Sometimes You Just Have to Jump…

When Emma and I talked about what made us good business owners we both agreed that not being a perfectionist is one of the best traits. Simply put, sometimes you just have to jump. You cannot wait until everything is perfect, or you’ll be waiting forever! If you relate to the girl boss messages in this show, take this as your sign– JUST GO FOR IT! Hustle hard, dream big, and just jump. 

Emma was such a breath of fresh air and such a versatile woman. Just hearing her story made me so proud of this brilliant, inspiring group of girl bosses we have in this community. We are defying the norms, you guys. Or should I say, you ladies.

if you have that voice that says “I know I can do this” you have to listen to it.

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