12 Baby Products We’re Using Again for Baby #2

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January 13, 2022


Full disclosure we bought VERY few things for Quinn because we had so many useful things that we loved from Coco’s newborn stage. So, 95% of everything is being used again and it’s the best… hand-me-downs for the win!

Truth be told, newborns don’t NEED a whole lot. Most postpartum nurses will tell you that as long as you have a way to feed them, a safe place for them to sleep, and a safe way to get them home from the hospital, you’re all good. So these items cover some of those categories (feeding, sleep & travel) but there are also a few nice-to-haves, too.

12 baby products we’re using again:

We did all the deep-dive research before baby #1 so that we felt super equipped with products we absolutely LOVED (and would last us to baby #2). Here are some of the newborn baby products we swear by!

01. Snuggle Me Organic:

Hear me out, you certainly don’t need a baby lounger, but it can be sooo nice to have a safe place to set baby when you’re in the kitchen or hanging on the couch (or working, or folding laundry) that isn’t their bed or the ground. We also use and love the DockaTot, and actually keep one lounger upstairs and the other downstairs. But we brought the Snuggle Me with us to AZ for a couple months because it was easier to pack!

02. Spectra 9 Plus Pump:

You can trust me when it comes to breast pumps because I tried MANY with Coco… and this little number is the most powerful and convenient by far. It’s a bit bigger than a cell phone and doesn’t need to be plugged in to work. Aka, you can pump on the go and not worry about finding an outlet or having strong enough suction to empty out the girls.

03. Bloom Coco Bouncer:

This is definitely more of a nice-to-have (and a beautiful one, at that!). Baby bouncers seem to either take up a ton of space or don’t get used enough to warrant having. And we actually didn’t use this bouncer much with Conley, but I think now that we have fuller hands with two little ones, another safe space to let Quinn chill and bounce is only a good thing! And I like that this looks nice in our home and doesn’t have a huge footprint.

04. UPPABaby Mesa Car seat:

Let me tell you, car seat research fatigue is REAL. I remember searching for hours when I was looking for an infant car seat the first time around and just thinking there was no way there could be so many options. We landed on this one after some friends recommended it, and I love that it pops into a base in the car or into the same brand’s stroller for a whole simplified travel system.

05. UPPABaby Vista Stroller:

This stroller is honestly the GOAT of strollers… and yes, the pricetag backs that up. I know, I know, it’s certainly more of an investment piece but if you’re using it for two or more babies over the years, the price per use is absolutely worth it in the long haul. It works with our carseat and also grows and adapts with baby as they grow. If you want to take a lot of walks or travel with baby, I 100% recommend this. Not many items on Amazon have 4.9 star reviews and hundreds of raving ratings. Oh, and it can fit up to 3 (3!!!) kids with add-ons like a double stroller addition and a balance board. Honestly, this would be a great item to ask family members to go in on together instead of everyone getting you tons of newborn clothes and toys that you (probably) won’t use.

06. Nanit camera:

This monitor is amazing because it’s on your phone so you can check in on baby if you’re on date night or running errands! Also super cool that it tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and gives you data to understand what your baby might need or the phases they’re in. For travel, we like the Infant Optics monitor because it’s quick to set up and is compact enough to easily pack!

07. Solly wraps:

Miss Quinny Lou all but lived in my Solly wrap snuggled up against me for the first few weeks of her life. These wraps are not only comfy and soft for mama and baby, but they’re also ergonomically safe for baby’s posture and hip placement so that they can sleep or hang out in the carrier without concern for injury or misalignment. In fact, it sort of makes them feel like they’re cuddled up in the womb… and it makes chasing around a toddler WAY easier when I can have my hands free!

08. Lalabu Pouch Shirts:

These shirts are absolutely incredible. Drew wears them more (since I use the Solly wrap mainly) but it’s essentially a shirt with a giant almost-kangaroo-like pocket to place your newborn in. Yeah, sounds sort of weird but holy smokes, it’s the cutest and most convenient thing EVER. And amazing to quickly throw her in when we need to run around the house and get stuff done!

09. Zutano booties:

We live in the arctic tundra (basically) so even though newborns don’t need shoes, they sorta do in our neck of the woods. For warmth if nothing else! Socks and newborns aren’t really a fit (literally) and so these cozy, warm booties are a dream to throw on and the best part is they actually stay on!

10. Rohm White Noise Machine:

White noise is the gift that keeps on giving. Honestly, we have gotten so used to it as our own background noise for sleep after hearing it through the monitor in Coco’s room for 3 years that it feels weird to sleep in silence now. White noise actually mimics the sound that newborns are used to hearing when they’re in your tummy (apparently it sounds like a vacuum in there!) so not only is it soothing and familiar, but it also drowns out any exterior noises like, oh I don’t know, barking dogs and screaming toddlers. Win freakin’ win. This one is awesome because it’s portable and easy to travel with, but we also use it at home!

11. Haakaa breast pump:

Those first few weeks and months of breastfeeding are a dang handful. Figuring out your milk production, feeding schedule, nipple pain, and on and on and on… It’s A LOT. But I will say, this second time around it’s been so much smoother since I (sort of) know what I’m doing, and using the Haakaa has helped me build up a small freezer stash in these early months. The Haakaa is a suction, non-electronic pump that you attach to one breast while feeding on the other side. Once your natural letdown begins, the suction of the Haakaa pulls out more milk without having to hook up to your electric pump. It’s amazing honestly!

12. Lovedbaby Zip Footies:

All in favor of eliminating jammies with buttons and snaps, say I. These zipper footies have a zip at the top and bottom for easy late night diaper changes, and come in the prettiest solid and neutral colors. And, they’re SO SOFT. Quinny is living in these, and truthfully, I wish I could too.

These are our tried-and-true, now used x2 baby products that we love and recommend to any new parents! Do you have any newborn products you couldn’t live without? Share them in a comment so we can all learn from the other mamas in this community!

Oh, and don’t forget my favorite baby + mama skincare products!

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