10 Fun Products I Couldn’t Live without During My Second Pregnancy

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November 26, 2021


In my second pregnancy, I released the concern about buying things just for “this season” and recognized that pregnancy is pretty much an entire year of my life, so I want to navigate this time with as much comfort as possible. I purchased things a little faster this time around, knowing that comfort is key and that pregnancy brings on unique needs!

10 products I couldn’t live without during my second pregnancy

Here are 10 products that I couldn’t live without this go-around.

01. This pregnancy pillow:

So this isn’t one of the traditional snake-like body pillows — it’s actually something I had never seen before. This one came to me through an Instagram ad, and it was one of those times I rejoiced when a targeted ad came right at the right time.

Sleep is challenging for me while pregnant, and even though I’m great at building pillow forts to support my belly, I often wake up to find I’ve flipped to my back. I was a little skeptical of this pillow because I had bought one of those long U-shaped pregnancy pillows and just didn’t love it, but this one has been a life-saver… I’ve even traveled with it! My only complaint is that I can sometimes feel the velcro, but I just wrapped a sock around it and it doesn’t bug me. If you’re looking for a pregnancy pillow and you’re a back sleeper, this one might be the right one for you.

02. Body oil for the belly:

I was super fortunate (thank you, stretchy skin genetics!) that I didn’t get many stretch marks with Coco. In fact, I didn’t have any until the last week of pregnancy when she dropped, but alas, I still lube up my belly every night since I’ve heard stretch marks are a mix of moisture and genetics.

I’m not going to lie, a little belly massage each night is an enjoyable part of my routine and really makes me pause and acknowledge the growth and the miracle of pregnancy. 

03. Maternity leggings:

There are so many options out there these days that buying maternity clothes can be overwhelming, and as soon as my regular pants started feeling too snug, I went on the hunt for the perfect maternity lounge/yoga pants. Let’s just say I have a bit of a collection at this point, but the good news for you is I’ve tried a bunch and can share my top faves, aka the ones I grab for again and again (and basically live in these days)!

04. Comfy bras:

I don’t know about you, but one of the first big changes in my body happens with my boobs. They jump a cup size (or two), and suddenly my regular bras feel constricting, like boob straight-jackets.

I’ve been reaching for a lot of seamless bras that are still supportive but don’t take away my ability to breathe. I also didn’t want to have to order a bunch of new bras knowing my cup size will change again and again, so I got three bras that have gotten me through this pregnancy and have become everyday staples. (Umm, hello a “real” bra that feels like a sports bra, yes please.)

05. This pregnancy-safe clarifying skincare:

The biggest difference between this pregnancy and the last one is that my skin isn’t suffering constant hormonal breakouts. I remember being in the hospital giving birth to Coco and being so embarrassed about the state of my skin. My breakouts were so painful and my skin was entirely different.

I’m not sure if I’m pregnant with a boy or if my skincare routine has been the real MVP, but my skin this time around has been absolutely different. It also felt like destiny when Primally Pure released their reformulated clarifying line (my fave for years) with a few new products. These have been my go-to this pregnancy and have kept my skin clear, plus I love that each product is made with non-toxic, safe ingredients for me and baby!

Save 10% on all of my faves below using the code JK10! Every single product is all-natural and safe for you (and baby!) 

  • Cleansing Oil : If I were to get only one product, it’d be this! A hydrating way to cleanse your skin and feel like you’re at the spa.
  • Clarifying Toner Mist: This new product not only smells great but is formulated to fight acne and help balance your skins PH after cleansing.
  • Charcoal Bar: This has been awesome not just for my face but for my body too! With drying and antibacterial agents, it works great for cleansing.
  • Clarifying Serum: This would be my second must-have, just a few drops a day has helped clear up my skin and melasma so much!
  • Clarifying Cream: Another new one that has been great as our temps drop and my skin gets more dry! Just a tiny dab each night!
  • Clarifying Mask: This one is a splurge but it lasts forever, just target trouble spots with a mask formulated to fight breakouts!

06. Stretchy undies:

Bear with me, but when I’m pregnant, I avoid anything that feels constraining (which is just about everything), and that includes underwear. Not only can it be frustrating when your pre-preggo skivvies start to feel tight, but it’s hard to find a solution that works with or around the bump.

These super stretchy undies came out when I was pregnant with Coco, and they’ve become my go-to (both pregnant and not) just because they feel like you’re not wearing anything. They come in a variety of colors and styles (I like the thongs and the briefs) and they stretch to accommodate all the size changes you and your body are going through — plus, they don’t break the bank.

07. These maternity Spanx:

Hear me out, I know I’ve said over and over again how I hate constricting clothes but somehow these get a hard pass because when you’re pregnant and your body is changing and you want to throw on that cute dress, you need a little extra support. I was super skeptical that I could actually find a pair of Spanx that I liked and that were comfortable, but after reading (far too many) Amazon reviews, I landed on these ones and I love them.

I’ve worn them speaking on stages, for dinners, and all day long — and not only are they comfortable, they help eliminate the dreaded thigh chafing, plus they stretch to accommodate your belly. My only regret is that I didn’t have these last time around.

08. Compression socks:

This time around, I did a fraction of the flying that I did last time, but flying or not, these compression socks were a game-changer. I even gave a pair to my mom who’s healing from an accident affecting her feet, and she loves them.

They’re perfect for everyday use and/or great for long road trips or flights. They help boost circulation and keep leg pain at bay (what a weird side effect of growing a human, eh?) Grab a few pairs, and just know that towards the end of your pregnancy, you might need a little assistance getting these babies on.

09. These sneakers:

I may or may not have two pairs of these sneakers. I also am grateful that it’s now trendy to wear sneakers with just about everything! Drew calls these my “grandma” shoes but the truth is, pregnant or not, these are my all-time favorite shoes.

They are comfortable, fashionable enough to be worn out or on a leisurely stroll, and they wear really well. I’ve had one pair for well over a year and wear them almost daily and they look brand new! The other thing I love is that I have bigger feet and they somehow make my feet look smaller (perks!)

10. These shirts:

I swear towards the end of my pregnancies, I just want to grab an easy, baggy pullover and live in it, and that’s just what I’ve done. From sweaters to crew neck sweatshirts, I always just bump up on size and I find myself grabbing these on the daily.

I have a few sweaters from when I was pregnant with Coco that are perfectly oversized to accommodate the bump, and this time around was no different. For something that won’t break the bank and be adorable in your postpartum days, grab one (or three) of these to live in. Cuter than a baggy sweatshirt, but comfy, stretchy, and accommodating for your changing body.

Well, there you have it! 10 random and fun products I couldn’t live without during my second pregnancy. Pregnancy is such a wild ride, an adventure of sorts, and I’ve found that while it’s easy to resist the idea of needing things for a somewhat temporary time in our life, curating a handful of things that make you feel good and comfortable while you’re growing a human is something you will rarely regret! Most of these items can transition with you into your postpartum days, too! Oh, and in case no one told you today, you’re doing an amazing job, mama!

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