Why Your Business Needs to Be on Pinterest in 2023

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March 16, 2023


When we think about Pinterest, a lot of us naturally associate it with social media. Maybe it’s because its cute little icon often appears next to Instagram and Facebook icons on your website or in the footer of your email, but the truth is, Pinterest isn’t social media — and it’s not just a place for you to pin your dream home or outfits, Pinterest is a place where you can generate massive results for your business with little effort and no expense. Let’s break it down…

Pinterest is a Search Engine

Pinterest is often considered more of a search engine than a social media platform because it allows users to search for and discover new ideas and products through visual content. Unlike traditional social media platforms, where the main focus is on social interaction and sharing personal experiences, Pinterest is centered around discovery, inspiration, and the ability to save and organize ideas for later.

The platform wants to connect its users with the best content and the plus side of this fact is that you aren’t focusing on more “likes” or followers to get results, it’s about focusing on making your content searchable.

For businesses, Pinterest offers a unique and relaxed way to showcase their products and services, as users are actively seeking inspiration and ideas. The platform’s search function enables businesses to be discovered by a highly engaged audience looking for new products and services, making it a valuable tool for companies looking to drive traffic and increase visibility.

Additionally, Pinterest’s user-friendly interface and visually appealing format create a more relaxed and enjoyable browsing experience for users compared to traditional search engines. This makes it a prime opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers in a more organic and unobtrusive way, without feeling like they are being bombarded with advertisements.

Pinterest Converts More Browsers Into Buyers

We’ve all heard of Pareto’s Principle. You know, the one where 80% of our results are generally drive by 20% of our efforts. While this principle is helpful, I’ve come to see that a lot of entrepreneurs miss leveraging this fact when it comes to content creation and the promotion of their content. A lot of times entrepreneurs spend 80% of their time creating and 20% or less focusing on the promotion of their creations, thus they are constantly on a hamster wheel of making content but not really focusing on how their content will get seen, enjoyed, and engaged with.

In the simplest terms, we’re focusing on the wrong thing! It makes me sad to think of all of the amazing content you’re creating that few people get to enjoy. So why does this matter? Well, Pinterest is the solution here. Not only is it a platform that will allow you to share and promote your content (for free) but it will position your content in a way that drives more eyeballs and traffic to your hard work which in turn will give you a greater opportunity to generate real, tangible results from your hard work.

What good is your work if no one (but your mom) is seeing it? Pinterest is our #1 organic (read: unpaid) traffic driver and is responsible for tens of thousands of visitors to our website each month! More traffic means more visibility for your brand, products, and services. This can help increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and ultimately drive more sales.

You Can Extend Your Content Shelf Life with Pinterest

The lifespan of a pin on Pinterest can vary, but generally, pins can generate results for several months to several years. Compare that to the fact that the lifespan of an Instagram post is typically less than 24 hours. Can you confidently tell me that the work you’re doing is setting you up for success for months and years to come? Yeah, Pinterest can do that (in fact, we have pins from years ago that are still driving traffic to our website and blog today!)

The exact length of time a pin remains relevant and generates results will depend on several factors, including the niche or industry, the quality and relevance of the content, and the level of engagement it receives.

For example, pins related to seasonal events, trends, or holiday-specific content may generate results for a few months, while pins related to evergreen topics such as recipes, home décor, or DIY projects may remain relevant for several years. Additionally, high-quality, visually appealing pins that are well-optimized for search and receive a high level of engagement tend to perform better and generate results for a longer period of time.

Use the Platform to get an even Better ROI on your Time

I’m going out on a limb and guessing that you’re a quite busy person. In fact, maybe you nervously opened this blog post and thought to yourself, “I don’t have it in me to add one more platform to my plate.” If that’s you, then I get it! Let me tell you something though, I truly believe that if given just one hour a week to focus on marketing, your house would be best spent on Pinterest.

Hear me out! We get over 3 million views each month on Pinterest and our strategy takes less than one hour each week — that’s it. And it’s a system that you can set and forget, meaning you’re not clocking time every day of the week. The ROI on your time when it comes to Pinterest is unbeatable when you look at all of the other platforms that we’re spending time on.

Pinterest has become an increasingly popular platform for businesses looking to improve their return on investment (ROI) from marketing efforts. Pinterest users are actively seeking inspiration, ideas, and products, making them more likely to take action and make a purchase. This high intent provides a strong opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers who are already in a buying mindset. Pinterest has a large and diverse user base, with over 400 million active monthly users, which can help businesses reach a wide audience and generate a higher return on investment.

Discover What Your Audience Loves on Pinterest Today

I promise you, it’s not scary, it’s not a lot of work, and if it’s already a place you’re enjoying as a consumer, make it a place where you’re driving massive results with little effort! In conclusion, Pinterest is a valuable platform for businesses looking to improve their return on investment from marketing efforts, offering a combination of high intent, long-term results, wide reach, affordable advertising options, and a user demographic that is attractive to many businesses.


And learn more tips and tricks that will make Pinterest your #1 lead generator. Yes, really!

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