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November 8, 2022


Whether you’re a new face here or a familiar friend, you might be new to the education side of this space and wondering which of our online courses will best serve where you CURRENTLY are in your business. Yes, I mean exactly where you are now. These aren’t just for seasoned pros!

When I set out to launch digital courses to support other entrepreneurs, I didn’t want to merely add another course onto the ever-growing internet pile that people would buy because it’s shiny… and then never be able to implement. Online courses can be fluffy, overwhelming, and waste a student’s time by assuming they care to know about a bunch of business jargon. As a student myself, craving real help, that’s what I knew my courses needed to be. Real solutions, and the opposite of boring.  

I wanted to make this kind of education accessible and impactful for any and every business owner, no matter what stage of life and business you’re in. So whether you’re new to running your own business, are still in the dreaming stages, or you’ve been a self-made CEO for a while now (and feel stuck in a few areas), I have resources for you to grow and reach your goals.

If you’re hoping for support with Instagram, growth via Pinterest, a healthy and responsive email list, a non-overwhelming approach to managing digital content, or a guide to launching a podcast—we’ve got you covered with my suite of 5 digital course offerings.

(Plus, for a short amount of time, you can get 30% off on any and ALL of my courses, as my way of sincerely thanking you for your support this holiday season!)

Now, let’s get into all the course goodness.


But first: a brief review of my courses and what each of them can offer you!

  1. The Instagram Lab: A blueprint to learn the Instagram ropes for a deeper connection to your digital community that drives engagement and profits all in a 4-module, self-paced program. You’ll learn what to actually post on IG to drive results and engagement, how to plan out your content so you never feel rushed to pull together a post again, how to turn followers into paying clients, plus, you’ll receive TONS of bonuses, including deep-dive trainings on the perfect bio, hashtags, Reels, Stories, and more!
  2. The Pinterest Lab: I’ve taken everything I’ve seen and learned from making Pinterest a #1 traffic driver for my business and turned it into a 4-step, fluff-free, done-in-a-day online training program for multi-passionate business owners like you. You’ll master how to create viral-worthy pins, set up your Pinterest account, and create streamlined systems in place that grow as you do. This process takes less than 30 min of your time each week to manage!
  3. The Podcast Lab: This course is fully-stacked and ready to help you create your OWN path for planning, recording, launching, promoting, scale, and monetizing your podcast in 30 days. You’ll determine your unique niche, style, and approach, outline your episode content, create a long-term game plan, learn what equipment you need, and get the answer to how to make money from your podcast.
  4. The Content Lab: Content creation should be an effective business strategy AND a creative joy — never a time waster. I’ve consolidated my own simple and strategic content creation methodology so that you can take one piece of content, repurpose it 10 different ways, and see results for 90-plus days after publishing. I’ll show you how to create purposeful, reusable content for multiple platforms that drives leads, engagement, and ultimately … sales.
  5. The List to Launch Lab: This template packed email marketing course is focused on getting you your next (or first!) 1k email list subscribers without the fear of tech holding you back. You’ll learn how to set up your email list (yes, even if you have NO clue where to start or how to figure out the tech), how to attract subscribers, what to say to them right off the bat, how to craft compelling subject lines and conversion-friendly email copy, and how to grow your biz and speak to your ideal audience in a whole new, intimate, impactful way.

(Learn more about all 5 of our courses HERE!)


Think of this like a choose-your-own-adventure game! We’ll share our top recommendations below (going in order of relevance) for the course/s you would get the most out of depending on what’s going on in your business and your life. Then it’s up to you whether you want to pick one or grab a couple to create your own ‘lesson plan’.  !)

I’m going to give it to you straight: Not every business owner needs every single one of my courses. Maybe you’re already rocking the algorithm on Instagram, or consistently engaging with your email list. You’d likely still learn something from The Instagram Lab and The List to Launch Lab, but there are other programs that would serve you better based on your goals and needs! So keep that in mind as we walk through a few business scenarios you might resonate with, and I’ll share exactly what I think you’d benefit from the most in accelerating toward your goals!


Recommendation #1: The Instagram Lab

Because your conversions happen mostly online, you want to generate a strong digital brand and presence. And Instagram is often one of the best places to start gaining momentum and leads.

Recommendation #2: The List to Launch Lab

After people find your social media, they need a place to land that is a more consistent connection to you beyond the algorithm.  Enter: Your email list, where you can chat, serve, and ultimately (successfully) SELL to your audience, when built with strategy and intention.

Recommendation #3: The Content Lab

If you don’t have a handle on how to create bingeable, desirable content in multiple forms online, The Content Lab will help you grow your resource library for your increasing fanbase in a way that’s SO simple (and not overwhelming).

Get more info & choose your courses!


Recommendation #1: The Pinterest Lab

Mhmmm, we want you (and your products) lining the boards of Pinterest ASAP. Whatever you sell — whether it’s digital products, online music lessons, personal styling, recycled yarn, or even artisan soaps — Pinterest is an amazing spot to promote and sell your products. And my process takes less than an hour of your time a week.

Recommendation #2: The List to Launch Lab

You might not think an email list is top priority right now, but think again! Anytime you’re preparing to launch new products, offer a discount, collaborate with another cool brand, or anything else big or small, sharing with your email list first is powerful so they feel like they feel like they have the inside scoop (which = more conversions). Plus, it’s a great place to serve and get to know your customer base.

Recommendation #3: The Instagram Lab

Even though the name of your business game is a product, Instagram is a powerful spot to build your brand and show the human side of your business! Learn how to rock Reels, share authentically, and get people interested in the brand beyond the business with The Instagram Lab.

Get more info & choose your courses!


Recommendation #1: The Podcast Lab

You’ve got the bustling business, but now you want to expand on the authority and personality side of your industry? A podcast is where it’s at. I’ll show you how you can launch a podcast that up-levels your business in every way.

Recommendation #2: The List to Launch Lab

The best thing about email marketing is that stories SELL. So when you have a list of subscribers who are invested in you and your stories, they’re also more likely to stick around and buy long-term. I’ll show you the quickest way to get your list up and running (and thriving).

Recommendation #3: The Content Lab

If you don’t have a consistent content strategy, we need to talk. No, content is not dying — it’s simply (ever) evolving. And with my approach, you’ll be able reuse and recycle content again and again, saving you countless hours while simultaneously expanding your reach.

Get more info & choose your courses!


Recommendation #1: The Podcast Lab

Is social media a love-hate thing for anyone else? I get it, and while it IS important, it’s not everything. Learn how to use your life stories, expertise, and contacts to attract more conversions with a podcast! I’ll show you how to plan, create, and launch your podcast from start to finish (even the tech!).

Recommendation #2: The List to Launch Lab

If TikTok and Instagram are driving you nutty, another powerful place to focus is your email list. Chat one-on-one with your audience instead of shouting into the crowd of social media, and learn how to create an email strategy that feels less public than curating a social media presence while bolstering your bottom line.

Recommendation #3: The Pinterest Lab

Did you know Pinterest is NOT a social media platform? It’s a search engine! When you pour your energy into building a presence on Pinterest, you’ll see ongoing growth (without the icky feeling of watching your like and follower counts).

Get more info & choose your courses!


Recommendation #1: The Pinterest Lab

Pinterest is the number one traffic generator for my website for YEARS now. My program will show you how to quickly set up your Pinterest account, spend about an hour a week (or less!) on your Pinterest strategy, and convert your leads into paying customers.

Recommendation #2: The List to Launch Lab

Email = power. It’s as simple as that. According to OptinMonster, 60% of consumers say that they have made a purchase as the result of a marketing email, while only 12.5% of them even consider a buy button on social media. 

Recommendation #3: The Podcast Lab

Podcasts are a GREAT place to connect with your audience, yes, but the next step after connection is conversion. I believe the majority of business owners can accelerate their business, increase their leads, and boost their revenue with a podcast, when they know the right approach.

Get more info & choose your courses!

No matter which path you choose (or if you create your own!), here’s one takeaway I want to leave you with: more often than not, it’s not the business challenges or technical difficulties that will get in your way of growth. It’s your fear of wanting to get it perfect or fear of trying something out of your comfort zone. I get it; there’s a reason the comfort zone is so comfy. 

So, this is your moment to rise up and finally declutter your strategies. You don’t have to lead yourself through the dark and piece together your own plan anymore. My courses are designed to help light the way and make starting and growing your business feel joyful and exciting, just like they ought to be! Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s about to get wayyyy more fun.

Ready to make the leap and invest in your business and reach your goals in a more effective way? Here’s a reason to grab the courses you’ve been eyeing and save some money while you’re at it!

Whether you choose 1, 2, or more of these impactful online courses to help you streamline and strategize (and ultimately boost your impact AND profits), you can save big $$$ on them for the next few days with our pre-holiday sale! I can’t wait to see how these courses up-level your business and get you BACK to living your life away from your business, too.



Save 30% on ALL of my (usually-never-on-sale) courses now with our pre-holiday sale here!

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