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December 1, 2022


It’s gift-giving season, but sometimes that brings about more stress than joy when we’re hunting for the perfect thing for everybody in our lives. If you’re seeking out a great holiday gift for your fellow entrepreneur or business bestie, look no further. I’ve collected all the BEST gifts for entrepreneurs that are all at once thoughtful, useful, and fun! Take a look (and no judgment if you hit “add to cart” for one or two of these for yourself. 😉 ) Happy holiday giving!

01. The mug that actually keeps your coffee/tea hot ($99)

This mug is true bliss if you’re the person who has to reheat your morning coffee or tea 100 times just to finish it every day! It’s a “smart” mug and keeps your warm bev the perfect temperature for as long as there’s liquid in the cup (then turns off on its own once empty). Genius?! And perf for every entrepreneur trying to get their daily caffeine fix.

02. A fresh planner for the things you *want* to track ($68)

I know there are endless planners out there to choose from, but I really feel like this one has it all. It’s got blank pages for your planning and list-making needs, plus spots for daily lists, appointments, meal plans, gratitude, top 3 to-dos, notes, goal-setting worksheets, and so much more. You also have daily, weekly, and monthly overview pages to keep things organized. It’s honestly the best (and comes in so many beautiful designs)!

03. A thought-provoking journal for reflections & dreams ($28)

I’ve been really intentional with a SIMPLE and quick journal practice late this year, and it’s been incredible to see what I’ve learned and the insights I’ve gained with a few minutes jotting down my daily thoughts. That’s why I created this journal for you —  with thoughtful prompts that make you think, you’ll get your feelings, goals, and thoughts down in one place (without wasting a bunch of time wondering what the heck to write about). This is journaling for the busy, non-journaler, created with love and intention just for you.

04. A book that will guide them to the life they desire ($19)

Admittedly, I went about writing my book with the goal of not writing a business book. Yet, still, “How Are You, Really?” goes deeper than business and can be applied to anyone’s life, business owner or not. It guides readers through what their lives look like currently—and where they’d like to be—but rather than shaming you into action, I’ll show you how tiny, micro-steps can lead you to the place you want to be. 

05. A cool timer to help them focus when time-blocking ($11)

Focusing on one task isn’t always easy. We all have distractions and responsibilities outside of work, so sometimes we need a little nudge to stay on task. I’ve found that time-blocking with a real timer can work WONDERS on time management and focus. This cube timer sits on your desk and can be set for 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. You just select the time you want, and then work until time’s up. So easy yet monumental! 

06. Noise-canceling headphones when it’s time to WERK ($69)

This has been a recent addition to my life when I really need to focus. The more I learn about my ADHD, the more I realize that I need to create an environment that allows focus and when you live and work in the same space, boundaries can come in the form of things like headphones! Whether you work-from-home or elsewhere, we all need to block out the outside world from time to time and just concentrate on the task in front of us. Noise-canceling headphones help. (And they don’t need to cost hundreds of $$$!) I love these mint green ones, and even better that they’re Bluetooth!

07. A massage, facial, or other treatment at their fav spa ($TBD)

You know how on the seldom times you actually treat yourself, you vow that you’ll make it a monthly or quarterly occurrence and then you realize that a year passes and you haven’t been back in? You can’t go wrong with showing your entrepreneur bestie a little pampering. We ALL need more of it, tbh. Most of us don’t take enough time to treat ourselves to a spa day but it can truly feel like the biggest gift to be spoiled in this way! A $50 or $100 gift card to their favorite spa also goes a long way.

08. An oil diffuser to set the mood in their workspace ($90)

No joke, we have five oil diffusers spread throughout our home and they run daily. There’s something special about dropping your favorite scent into a diffuser and watching the magic that happens! Coco drops lavender into hers nightly to set the mood for her room and dang, I love how bougie she is for a three-year-old. I feel like oil diffusers are so underrated but SO impactful. Essential oils are shown to improve mood, energy, alertness, and focus! It’s an amazing addition to any workspace.

09. A coffeemaker that lets you make fancy at-home lattes ($180)

I swear, our coffee shop budget has been at least cut in half by getting one of these bad boys. Most of my team converted after I couldn’t shut up about how much I love ours and why I’m so thankful we got one. There is something so fun about making a latte daily (I’m still working on the whole latte art thing) but seriously, it feels like a treat every single time I make one. They make quality, luxurious coffees and espresso drinks with literally the press of one button! A must-have for any coffee lover.

10. A cozy blanket to keep on their lap during work seshes ($142)

Anyone else live with a blanket on their lap when you work from home? Same, same. Why not make it one that’s extra cozy and soft? This one has gotten tons of love online (I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite influencers rave about it), and for good reason! It is truly the softest, comfiest blanket you’ll ever get and lasts a lifetime.

11. A set of beautiful (and functional) pens ($18)

Anyone else geek out about beautiful desk and home office gear? If you know, you know, right? There is something about having a fresh and new pen and when you find one you love, you want the rest of the world to understand your obsession. If your entrepreneurial friends love a great aesthetic desk moment, these pens will complete them. Throw in these low-key gorgeous pastel highlighters ($7) for a little extra something!

12. A subscription to a meditation app ($TBD)

I used to be someone who claimed their mind was “too busy” to meditate. I am now on a 6+ month streak of meditating for at least five minutes each day. Change is super cool, right? Most entrepreneurs I know are wanting to deepen their relationship with their mental health and mindfulness, but can’t always find the time to fit it in. Tools like meditation apps make it a no-brainer because you have access to meditation from your phone and you can do it anywhere. It’s truly such a gift! This one is great for beginners, while this one is really good for focus.

13. A luxurious face mask or bath salts to unwind ($32-$52)

Not gonna lie, an at-home spa night can go a longgggg way after a crazy day. A little face mask + a little hot bath action might just be the thing to breathe some life back into your soul. This non-toxic skincare line is my all-time favorite and they carry all the best holistic skin and spa essentials. You can’t go wrong with their plumping face mask or sea soak bath salts. Save 10% when you use code JK10 at checkout!

14. A tablet reader to keep up with their fav biz books ($89)

Trust me, I was team “real book” too until I tried an e-reader years ago and now I will never go back. Yes, my shelves are full of hard cover books but the real reading happens on my Kindle. Honestly, it’s rare that I buy a real, physical book anymore! I’ve converted many book readers to e-readers and I love that I can lay on my side at night and read without breaking my wrist trying to hold up a book. Not only is it easier to take with you, but it’s also more affordable to buy digital books and better for the environment. A must for your book lover pals!

15. A water bottle to keep up with their hydration goals ($38)

Not going to lie, I wasn’t sure if I should believe the hype of these darn water bottles…. until I got one of my own. I remember the day I got it, Drew asked, “How is that thing going to fit in a cabinet?” And I laughed because there is no cabinet storage needed, this thing goes with me everywhere (it even fits in your car cup holder!) These water bottles are the BEESSSTT. They hold 64 ounces of water and keep it cold! Plus, they have a handle for easy carrying, a straw, and come in the cutest colors. Perfect gift for anyone & everyone.

16. Some tried-and-true WFH clothing staples (varying prices)

Whether you prefer a more polished WFH look or live in leggings and t-shirts day and night, here are a few work-from-home clothing staples every entrepreneur needs in their weekly line-up:

17. A pair of cute blue light blocker glasses ($15)

I swear, this is one of the most-requested links I’ve ever gotten asked for on Instagram. Anytime I wear these blue light glasses, I get a million link requests (and the best part is, they are wildly affordable and so chic you’ll want to wear them everywhere.) Every working gal needs a great pair of blue light blockers; they truly make a HUGE difference! Your eyes will feel less tired by the end of a long day in front of your computer, and you’ll probably sleep better, too.

18. A box of healthy & delish meals/smoothies ($TBD)

Hands down, these make a GREAT gift. Whenever people I know have a baby, I send a box of these smoothies, because it’s so nice to have a healthy and quick meal on hand. This is my favorite meal delivery service EVER. Their smoothies and bowls are completely plant-based but keep you full and nourished for a long day of meetings and to-dos. Send a gift card or a box of your favorite picks! Use code JENNAK to save!

19. A cooking or art class in their area

Sometimes entrepreneurs are SO dialed into their business that they rarely have margin for fun or creativity outside of work. Encourage them to play by getting them signed up for a cooking class (Sur La Table has great ones) or art class in your area! Bonus points if you join them! There is something so incredible about learning something new and working with your hands. 

20. A plant to brighten up their office ($TBD)

Would you believe me if I told you I have 21 houseplants? I do. And shockingly I’ve kept them alive for years. I could literally tell you where I got each plant and if someone had gifted it to me. They hold a special place in my heart and they seriously change the way an environment feels. Nothing breathes life into a dreary workspace like literal life… aka, a living plant. You can even order plants with pots online these days to have them shipped to your biz BFF! I love these ones.

21. A cozy candle to bring in some warmth ($36)

Drew and I have this thing where we LOVE to set a good environment in our home. We love turning the lights low, lighting a candle or two, watching a romantic Bravo TV show (kidding, but seriously) and creating our own little oasis. I swear, candles just make things feel… fancy. A never-fail gift option = a great candle. Who doesn’t LOVE a beautiful scent filling the room as they kick off their workday?! This brand has such fabulous scents and they’re non-toxic.

Still my #1 gift to give…

Get 10% off anything from the best non-toxic home & natural skincare brand.

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