The 11 Books You MUST Read This Summer

June 27, 2024



While stepping into summer brings the excitement of what kind of adventures my family and I might get up to, I can’t help but also think, “Hmm, I wonder what book I’ll read when we’re there!” Whether it’s on solo trips, weekends at the lake house, or my early mornings and nights, I know I’ll be finding little moments to sink into a good book. In fact, I’m already excited to hop into bed tonight to get back into my current read!

Since becoming an author, I’ve noticed how my to-be-read list has only gotten longer.  I’ve always been a real life-long learner, and nothing captivates my attention and imagination like a new book. I love picking up a new release (especially in one of my favorite book genres.) Somehow, the hunger to devour books only gets stronger as I get older, and the constant rotation on my nightstand continues to prove it to me. 

Your summer might be inviting you into grand adventures or world travels, or it might be beckoning you to slow down and soak in the sun. Either way, I think a good book will be a great companion for you, too. I love dropping my favorite reads throughout the seasons, so I’ve wrangled up my favorite recent book obsessions to inspire your own summer reading list!

Your 2024 Summer Reading Roundup

1. The Wife Upstairs | Freida McFadden – I read this thriller in just two days, which is basically like one day when you’ve got two kids. (Parent math.) Keeps you guessing AND gives you closure!

2. Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times | Katherine May – I know, wintering doesn’t sound like a summer book, but hard times don’t stick to a season. This is a beautiful book with a powerful lesson for any time you need to know how to come home to yourself.

3. Weyward: A Novel | Emilia Hart – It’s wild that this is Hart’s first novel. It’s SO good. I loved following these three magical stories across several centuries (even just one of these characters would make for an epic novel.) I finished this book feeling powerful and resilient!

4. The Burnout: A Novel | Sophie Kinsella – I actually laughed out loud while reading this one! A light, easy, lounging around kind of read, this is one of those perfect palate-cleanser books that just lifts your soul with relatable characters and lots of wit.

5. Reminders of Him: A Novel | Colleen Hoover – As a fully-fledged member of the CoHo fan club, I must say that this book is truly a stand-out story with an extra dose of hope and redemption. You’ll be rooting for this unlikely protagonist just like I was! 

6. I Hate, I Bake, and I Don’t Date! | Alina Jacobs – Okay, I fully admit that I don’t mind the predictability of an enemy-to-lovers trope, especially when it encompasses so much good writing about delicious food. You’ll probably get a strong hankering for cake with this one… worth it! 

7. SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence  | Cindy Wigglesworth – After years of emotional intelligence work, the idea and practice of spiritual intelligence caught my attention. EQ and SQ have been immeasurably profound in how I live my life and run my business!

8. Buy Back Your Time | Dan Martell – If you actually want to “work less and play more” then this is your book! Ever dealt with burnout, lack of focus, always feeling behind, and playing catch-up constantly? Dig into this book to get a better time mindset!

9. The Women | Kristin Hannah – I’ll always be drawn to books where I get to immerse myself in a story of women as heroes. This is a powerful story of bravery, friendship, loss, and what it’s like to see yourself and the world “start over”. 

10. One of the Girls | Lucy Clarke – Suspenseful and full of twists, this book has me wishing I could read it again for the first time! Perfect for when you want to enter a story that grips your attention and doesn’t easily let it go. Plus, the setting alone is a delightful mental vacation!

11. How Are You, Really? | Jenna Kutcher – Oh, hey! It’s me. Two years into releasing this book into the world, I’m still stunned by the stories that find their way into my inboxes after a new reader has asked themself how they really are. Want to reconnect with yourself this summer? Crack this book open and get ready to ask yourself the best questions ever.

My Intuitive Reading Routine Approach

I know there can be a lot of undue pressure on us be impressive readers – to read ravenously and as non-stop as possible. But everyone consumes books uniquely, whether thats because of time availability, a preferred way of learning, or having an already full plate. I get it. There shouldn’t be any pressure on you to keep pace with anyone else! Reading is supposed to benefit you, not stress you out.

I like to read based on my intuition – like, “What I am craving right now?” Do I need a little escape? Something funny to lift my soul? Am I hungry for information? Would I benefit from something to connect to the deeper layers of my identity? I don’t read what I think I should be reading… I read whatever sounds good in the moment!

So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options for your summer reading list, simplify the process a little bit. Dig into whatever book first pulls at your attention. What book feels like a must-read to you? Start there, because if you’re wanting to start or strengthen your reading habit, that’s the best way to do it!

Ready to Plan Your Summer Reading List? 

Chart Your Summer Reading (& Summer Goals!) with my Free Downloadable Planner!

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