The 10 Best Baby Items We’ve Gotten Since Coco Turned 1

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November 5, 2020


Since my baby girl is turning freakin’ TWO years old in a month (how???), it feels appropriate to look back on this major year of growth and milestones, and share some of the very best baby items we’ve made use of in this last year! But can I first just say what a complete joy this stage between one and two-years-old has been? Every day is an adventure now that Coco’s walking, talking, and basically operating like a full-blown (albeit, mini) human. It almost feels like Drew and I get to relive our childhoods through her eyes.

It’s simply… the best. I honestly don’t even know what we’re going to do with ourselves when big b-day number 2 rolls around next month. Probably cry. A lot. And then eat cake of course. But if the next year of her life is anything like this one, I know it’ll be spent making memories together and showing her the way in this big, messy, beautiful world.

Now, let’s get to the *goood* stuff. Y’all probably know I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to toys and clothes, so when we DO buy something for Coco (or for ourselves, for that matter!), we make sure it passes a few tests:

  • It’s gotta be made with quality materials.
  • It’s gotta last.
  • And it’s gotta make our lives truly more simple, joyful, or easy in some way.

Here are the 10 baby items we’ve LOVED this last year—and that pass every test with flying colors.

The 10 best baby items we’ve purchased in the last year

01. The Burley Stroller/Bike Trailer ($400):

Okay, this is the priciest item on here, but if you live somewhere outdoorsy or love to walk, bike, or run with your babe, I promise it’s worth every penny! We literally have used it daily either as a stroller, a jogging stroller, or a bike trailer. It’s been such a blessing so we can stay on the move and bring Coco along for the ride. (Plus, it’s safe and has plenty of room for her to store a couple toys or snacks!)

02. The Lovevery Montessori Subscription (starting at $36/month):

I adore this company! And, they’re pretty much the source of all of her toys that we own. They are beautiful and intentional to help babies’ and toddlers’ developing minds. These are the majority of the toys that we own and it’s fun watching her developing mind learn how to interact with them in new ways as she grows. They are also incredible at educating parents on how to interact with and challenge your child’s development so it’s a win/win! We rotate the toys by hiding some in the closet and reintroducing them to stretch their novelty longer! 

03. These Croc-type shoes ($20+):

Crocs are making a comeback… Mark my words! Or, maybe they just look extra cute on babies? I mean, I swore I’d never wear them but Coco is convincing me otherwise. These ones are super easy to put on, breathable, and fun for her to run around in. She loves them and they don’t break the bank! The perfect $20 solution for a growing girl.

04. The Slumberpod ($155):

Full honesty: This was a total splurge, but it’s been a Godsend. This Shark Tank product is as good as they made it seem. If you’re even thinking about getting it, I’d recommend purchasing it right away so you can get as much use out of it as possible. It’s PERFECT for travel, it’s the size of a shoebox, and it helps you (and your baby) get sleep anywhere. Even if you’re at home and your kiddo’s room doesn’t stay totally dark for naps, this would be a fabulous solution.

05. This baby pool ($22):

Funny story… We actually had to get 2 of these pools after the “friendly” bear lingering around the lake house took a bite out of Coco’s first one. (Don’t worry, we weren’t using it at the time he made the pool his lunch!) We got this brand just because we wanted it durable enough for the pups to jump in with their nails but fun for Coco. This is small, quick to fill, and durable (minus bear bites), and she loves it! 

06. This suction bowl with lid ($15):

This makes it way easier for her to feed herself, plus it’s microwave safe and has a tight lid to store unfinished meals. The suction keeps it secure to her spot (aka, no throwing her full meal off the highchair tray, much to Drew’s relief)! We love little inventions like this that make parenting just a little bit easier (and a little less messy!) 

07. This busy board ($19):

My mom found this for Coco and it’s such a great activity for her. She is fascinated with clips and snaps! This cool gadget is perfect to bring on-the-go, and she’s always learning new things and ways to play with it! It’s been such a fun and easy (and affordable) addition to her toys. She loves to bring it in her bike trailer and it occupies her while mama and dada are pedaling! 

08. This standing tower ($145):

This was more of a splurge item, too, but it has so many uses from being a chalkboard to a place for her to stand and help in the kitchen. It even transitions into a little desk and table for her to play or color at. It’s the sweetest little multi-use gadget for her to learn and grow with and it’s not hard on the eyes! I’ve heard from parents that your kiddos will use these for years and so to me, it’s totally worth it! 

09. This hiking baby carrier ($290):

We used our Ergo carrier for the first year-and-a-half on a daily basis, and Coco loved being carried. But once she got a little bigger and was mobile, she didn’t love it as much. Drew now uses our Osprey daily for his walks and hikes with Coco, and she loves being higher up! This is totally a deluxe carrier but since we plan to use it for years, it’s been totally worth it! 

10. These sleep sacks:

We bounce between the Nested Bean Sleep Sack ($36) and the Kyte Baby ($55) sleep sacks and love them both! The Nested Bean one has a little weight on Coco’s chest to mimic a parent’s hand on her heart, and the Kyte Baby ones are SO soft and like a perfect weight of a blanket to calm and soothe her to sleep, plus they come in super cute colors. 

What baby items do you swear by? Drop them in a comment so we can keep this list rocking and rolling!

Plus, my all-time fav natural skincare for mama & baby.

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