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October 8, 2020


Because so many of us can’t change our scenery these days while we’re working, we’re left staring at the same four walls of our homes during the long, at-home workdays. And, let’s be honest, it can get a litttttle stale after some time. One way to shake up the vibes when working from home is to have a few playlists to cycle through that keep you energized, engaged, and inspired. Is anyone else with me?

While what I listen to depends on what I’m working on, you can bet I’m jamming out to a number of tunes and playlists during any given workday. After all, what you listen to CAN affect how you work. Did you know that music can help boost your productivity by keeping your mood and energy buzzing when you listen to music you love? However, alternately, if you’re doing something that requires extreme focus or memorization, music can hinder your performance and be more distracting than helpful.

(The more you know!)

Overall, though, when it comes to being creative and cranking away on your to-do list, music can be a benefit to your effectiveness. My team and I love sharing our recent listening room recs with one another, so we thought it would be fun to share with you this week, too!

Whether you need something to keep you on tempo during a busy day, want a mood booster while working from home, or can’t stand the silence (or noisy kiddos in the background) any longer… Here are our go-to playlists for working from home!

01. The JK Lady Gang Playlist

My integrator Marisa crafted this masterful playlist before a team retreat last year, and it’s eclectic, upbeat, and just the thing to keep you bumpin’ all day long. (Or at least for an hour or two!) It’s got a little pop, a little rap, some acoustic jams, and even my favorite meditative tune (hit play on “Grandmothersphere” for a serious transformation of your day). This list will make you feel like you’re working alongside Team JK at our favorite sunny Scottsdale resort on a team retreat!

02. My Low-Key & Folksy Daily Mix

I loooove me some slower, melodic acoustic tunes to play in the background of my more focused work seshes. BUT… just because they’re more alt-acoustic doesn’t mean these songs are slow sleepers, though. From Johnnyswim to Caamp, this list is full of happy, folksy songs that’ll keep you energized and spur your creativity all day long.

03. Songs of Glory

Where are my fellow worship music lovers?! Praaaaaise be, this list is so uplifting and warming to the soul, from the inside out. Some people think I’m funny for listening to Christian worship songs as I work, but there’s something so comforting and honestly *motivating* about hearing songs about the Creator as I do my own bit of creating within my business! These songs keep me grounded while also encouraging me to reach for my biggest dreams. The BEEEST kinda music, if you ask me.

04. Savasana Playlist

Queue up this list as you wind down for the day, because like the title suggests, it’s the perfect way to come into resting after a hard day’s work. Yoga fanatics know: Savasana is kinda, sorta the best part of any yoga class. It’s the final pose of class, where you lay down, be still, and absorb all the work your body has done for you during your yoga practice. It’s kind of like the end of a long working day, when you can see what you’ve checked off and acknowledge the progress you’ve made. I turn on this playlist around 4 or 5 p.m., as I’m wrapping up my day, to feel all the peaceful vibes, notice where I’ve made progress, and soak in these positive, heart-warming songs.

05. Mellow Classics

Finally, and last but certainly not least, this playlist is packed with some classic jams that you’ll know and love. But, like the rest of these playlists, the songs aren’t too raucous or distracting. They’re classic, mellow acoustic hits from the ’70s and ’80s that’ll just make you happy to hear (and probably a little nostalgic as you listen, in a good way). This playlist takes me back to my childhood and the tunes my parents would love listening to as I grew up, and it always gives me a boost of happy feels and creative juice to fuel my workday.

Music just does something beautiful for the brain and soul, don’t you think? It’s the perfect easy uplifter, the best mood booster, and the quickest way to change your environment if it’s feeling a bit… bleh. (I know you know what I mean!) These days especially, we need small and simple ways to find more joy and light, and music can be JUST that. I hope these playlists infuse some productivity and happiness into your days working from home! Happy, happy listening to you, friend!

Photo by: Kaley from Kansas

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I always wonder how you listen to music with a baby…
    headphones – can’t hear baby cry
    no headphones – baby wakesup
    Not a mom but music is so important to me, so I wonder. 😉


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