HIT RECORD: Tips to Incorporate Video TODAY

April 8, 2019


I dare you to post a video to your Instagram Stories right now. Like, show up, wherever and however you are, and talk to your audience. Is your heart nervously racing at the thought? I’m with you… Video is scary! We might feel comfortable posting a selfie after some editing and applying our favorite filters and presets but video? So much more difficult to SHOW UP in that way.

But video is important. We’re getting clear signs every day that if we’re not using video for our businesses, we better start. Today’s guest, Sunny Lenarduzzi has nearly a decade of experience in creating thriving brand strategies using social media and video marketing. When I wanted to dig deeper into the struggle of feeling comfortable on camera (for selfish reasons, really, I could use some help in this area) I knew Sunny would be the best guest to offer actionable tips to make us ALL want to show up on video for our businesses.

Does it feel corny to say Lights, Camera, Action? I already said it anyway… So here we go! Get the episode right now. We even have a challenge for you! You in? Press play!

Meet Sunny

Sunny Lenarduzzi grew up dreaming of anchoring the 6 o’clock news broadcast. She wanted to be a journalist so she attended college for journalism and one of her first big assignments was covering the Olympics in Vancouver. Although it was a dream assignment, and her whole life she thought she wanted to be a journalist, something about it didn’t feel right in her heart. Driving home from the Olympics, Sunny decided to start her own business with an online magazine. She was totally self-taught in social media, she built the entire website herself, and built the skills she needed to make it successful. Companies started to take notice — Who was this girl who was growing an audience and building something so big, all on her own? That’s when her consulting career began and she helped many companies with their social media efforts. Sunny started to get a lot of the same questions from her clients, so she decided to answer the questions via YouTube video so she only had to explain the answer once. Overnight, a video she had sent only to her clients had several thousand views… And that was her lightbulb moment. Now, Sunny teaches and empowers entrepreneurs to show up on a bigger stage and spread their messages further with video.

How to Start with Video in Your Business

What’s the best way to get started with video in your business right now? Lucky for you, there are so many options to start incorporating video that weren’t around when Sunny started her business. “Instagram Stories are the best way to start using video because they’re non-committal,” Sunny recommended. There’s less pressure with IG Stories, and they disappear 24 hours later.

Another way to start using video is going LIVE. Live videos, no matter the platform, are a great way to test out content. Go live to talk about a new idea or discuss new content with your audience and gauge their reaction. Do they want more? Turn it into a fully produced video to release later.

If either of those still feel like a big, scary step for you, start in a safe space… Like sending video messages to your friends or responding to DMs with a video instead of text!

Content Value Versus Production Value

Don’t get caught up in perfection. That goes for everything, not just video. But when it comes to video, think about the value of the content you’re providing and prioritize that over your “production value” AKA the perfect, lighting, camera angles, editing, hair, make-up, etc. that are likely to cause you unnecessary stress. Sunny learned through experience that her most effective videos, the ones that really took off and had a ton of views, were the videos that didn’t involve a ton of fancy production. In her very first video, the one that spoke directly to her clients answering a FAQ, she hadn’t washed her hair, she filmed on an $80 webcam, and used a stack of books as her tripod. It was effective because she spoke to one person and she didn’t worry about herself — she was totally focused on her client and the value she was providing. Sunny nailed it when she said, “People in this day and age don’t want to hear from someone who is perfectly polished. They want to hear from their friend. They want to hear from someone they can relate to.”

What Kind of Videos Should You Create?

The kind of video content you create depends on the platform. Sunny approaches it like this: YouTube videos last longer, the content needs to be more evergreen, and it’s important for the content to be researched and valuable since it’s usually a longer form video. For Instagram, especially stories, that content turns over more quickly, so it doesn’t need the same level of research or in-depth preparation as a YouTube video. Try creating one video on a specific topic for YouTube. Then, create shorter videos on Instagram and other social media on micro-topics relating to that larger YouTube video you produced.

How to Prep to Press Record

Are you feeling ready to sit down in front of the camera and create your first video? Amazing! Sunny shared so many tips to prepare for that first recording session, and I loved her advice when it comes to scripting, especially for live videos. Don’t worry about a word for word script (you don’t want to sound too rehearsed… remember that whole thing about people wanting to hear from a friend and not perfectly polished person?) Instead, use her HOT Script formula which includes Hook, Outcome, Testimonial, sequential steps, and a call to action. This template is a life jacket as you press record on that first video or livestream, and keeps the content focused so your audience will grow to know, like, and trust you.

More from This Episode

Why you don’t need more than an iPhone to get started with video, what your FIRST video should be about, why you should create a master list of potential video topics (and where to find the content to fill it up), plus how video can set you up to be an authority figure in your field. If you’re nervous about video but know you want to get started, this is your episode. Press play on the player above for the full chat with Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Oh, one more thing from Sunny: If you want to invest in video and really learn the ropes, you can take her YouTube for Bosses Course! Use code “JENNA” at checkout for $200 off the course!

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  1. Monica says:

    YES! I have recently become obsessed with video. It honestly came from not having cable but having the YouTube app on my smart tv. I’ve gotten hooked on video content. It’s such a fun way to get people involved in what you’re doing! Check it out:

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