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August 3, 2022


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Back to school energy gets me every year and there’s something exciting about the feeling of a new starting line. Maybe you’re feeling it too, the desire to learn something, apply the new knowledge, and get a result. 

So what topic do I hope you tackle THIS month? Finally starting, growing, and serving your email list. If you know me, you know this topic absolutely lights you up and so today I’m recording a candid PLEA for you, that if you have not started growing your list yet, I hope that today is the day it changes. 

I’m going to share my own list building story, how my profits grew as my list grew, why an email list must be a priority if you’re already strapped for time, a crazy stat on ROI that will forever change how you measure results when it comes to marketing, and I’ll share a trick for automating emails so that you truly can set it and forget in a beautiful way. 

P.S. Join my free Zero-250 List Build Challenge and in about 10 minutes a day for five days, you’ll be well on your way to building and serving your email list.

Why Social Alone Isn’t Enough

I love social media. It’s part of my strategy. It’s a way that I connect with people. But your followers on those platforms are not yours. Instagram owns them. Facebook owns them. Pinterest owns them. Those platforms are not your retail space. They’re not meant for you to own. It’s like we’re renting. In fact, we’re even worse than renting – we’re squatting in these domains and trying to get results off of them. 

When I am on social platforms, the number one reason why I’m on those platforms and consistent on those platforms is solely to connect and to share my story and to make a difference and to impact. But there has to be a strategy piece in that, or else we’re just wasting our time.

For me, the number one real result that I’m after when using social media and posting about business topics is growing my email list. My email list is a resource that I own. It is the number one way I drive profits in my business. It indicates the health of my company and it is where we do the most sales. 

Email by the Numbers

According to OptinMonster, in 2022 people aren’t just using email to connect with family and friends. 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands through email, which is really good news for your business. People are saying, yes, I like to be reminded about what’s going on. Yes, I want to know about your next sale. Yes, please invite me into your next offer. People are excited about being contacted by brands. 

This next stat was slightly crippling and a little alarming, but also really good news for the email marketing world. 99% of email users check their email every single day and sometimes they check it up to 20 times a day.

And the crazier part is a lot of people check their email even before they go onto social media and news. 58% of users check their email before they go onto social media. That’s a pretty big statistic showing the prioritization of email and how it is infused into people’s lives.

When My List Grew, My Profits Grew

You may have heard the stat that for every email subscriber on your list, that’s equal to an extra $1 per month in revenue. But what does that look like in a real-life scenario? What does that look like in my business?

Here’s a post I made in April 2015 after launching my very first course to a very small email list:

“In these last four months, I developed a course for creative entrepreneurs, grew a beta group of over 100 people who wanted to learn from me, an email list of almost 1000, and I launched the course with 16 participants in the first round. Not only am I watching people’s lives change, I made over $30,000 on my initial launch.”

So within four months of learning about email lists I quickly took action. I grew my list to almost a thousand, but did my first five-figure launch and ended up making $30,000 with 16 course students. You don’t have to have an email list of hundreds of thousands of people. I want to remind you that back in 2015, I had less than a thousand people and did my first launch and it lit a fire inside me.

One year later, I more than doubled the size of my email list with an Instagram challenge and launched my new program, The Instagram Lab. I ended up doing over 6-figures on that launch. My results exponentially grew along with the size of my list.

Grow Your List Now

I want this to be your time. I want this to be your January of 2015 that changed my mind and made me focus on something that didn’t feel sexy, but that helped me strengthen the roots and the foundation that my business is still standing on today – my email list.

Join my free Zero-250 List Build Challenge and in about 10 minutes a day for five days, you’ll be well on your way to building and serving your email list. This challenge complete with video tutorials will help you start your own strong foundation and exponentially increase your business results. Join at listbuildchallenge.com.

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