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June 14, 2019


As we prepare for a month-long getaway to Maui, we’re SO excited to bring out 6-month-old baby — what?! Half of a year has come and gone… like everyone else has said, fastest year of our lives. I get it, really, I do.

We’ve had a few really busy months coming straight off of maternity leave into a giant launch and then creating a brand-new program, being a part of a bundle, and traveling for events… it’s been busy over here and I’m so looking forward to another month-long sabbatical to recenter and just slow back down. Hawaii for me is such a restful place, I breathe easier, I don’t sit behind screens all day, and I get to stick my toes in the sand and soak in the sunsets. I feel like it’s really where I go to recalibrate and this trip is coming at the perfect time after a few busy months.

We’re breaking up our flights again and spending a few days in Arizona for work with my business coach before taking off the final leg of the trip to Hawaii, which has worked out well and made our travel days way less stressful. I’m interested to see how travel goes, because she’s definitely loving to move around and stand up in our laps and I’m thinking she won’t be the little tiny baby who just eats and sleeps anymore… I’ll report back on that, but so far, she’s been a great little traveler.

It’s crazy to think the first time Conley was in Hawaii was when she was 6 weeks old and now she’s 6 months old. I’m so excited to see the differences in this trip vs. our last trip when she was tiny. It’s going to be so fun to watch her discover and play! I’m so excited.

Over the last month we:

Got to spend quality time with both of our families. It is my favorite to get to see our family love on our girl, from time with cousins to nana and papa time, it’s the best and I love that we get to see our families on a more frequent basis. Every minute counts and the long road trips to Wisconsin are so worth it.

We also got to go to Los Angeles for a few days and Conley was an amazing traveler! She rocked the flights, navigated the timezone change with grace and got to meet some new people. I love the way people look at babies and the joy they bring to others and this little girl is social and such a hoot. She loves to smile and offer her gummy grins to anyone who will make eye contact with her. She stole the show at the Aerie event and it was so fun for people to meet the baby they prayed for.

We’ve been going on long daily walks (2x a day) with the pups and Conley loves the puppies. We’re teaching her to gently pet them when her tendency is to grab hold and they are so patient with her. Chloe sleeps near her bassinet when we put her down for naps and waits to make sure she’s okay and Tucker will always sit next to me when I’m nursing her. They love to be close to her and we’re all loving the warmer weather and sunshine.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Ergo Baby Carrier: I was so excited that Coco was big enough to sit in this comfortably and now we use it daily. Going on walks with our girl is my favorite activity (and pretty much my only workout these days!) She loves to face out and see all the sights and I have to say, it’s super comfortable, is supportive and something we use every single day and are of course we’re packing it for Hawaii.
  • Frozen Teethers: Our girl is definitely teething and with her extra drool and rosy cheeks, it’s pretty obvious. She LOVES chewing on anything cold so we’ve been swapping out a few different teethers as she works through this. It’s amazing to watch how she’s learning to use her hands and how pretty much everything goes in her mouth. We’re getting serious over here about baby proofing the house.
  • This Babybalm and Oil: Hilariously enough, I forgot my cleansing oil when we went to LA and I was about to cleanse my face with the harsh hotel soap when I remembered that I had baby Coco’s skincare packed (of course, mom forgets hers but remembers the babies, sounds about right!) I used her baby oil for both her and myself post-shower and used the balm to get my makeup off after my event. I love that these products are clean and safe for her AND me.
  • The SNOO: We’re saying goodbye to one of our FAVORITE products ever (and yes, we actually paid for it and it was worth every penny.) We got six solid months of the SNOO and this past month we’ve used it on wean mode and had Conley nap in her crib to make the transition easy. I have loved this thing and it’s been worth every penny to get more sleep every night.

What’s New for Us:

Oh, this little is a moving… she is happiest when she’s standing triumphantly which means we’re getting great arm workouts in. She’s rolling like a champ and squeals in her little rolling walker. She’s definitely getting around a lot better in that thing and is more intentional and something tells me that she might be like her dad with the way that she constantly is clearing off her tray. I’m equally excited and nervous that she’ll be crawling soon, something tells me I’ll be busier than ever but it’s so fun to watch her grow.

We’re sticking to a schedule (which is something we didn’t really do up until this point) and it’s been great. Having more clear timing on naps has helped us all to create a schedule and it’s definitely helping her get better rest and sleep. She’s sleeping through the night most nights (from 9-5) and then she’ll come snuggle in our bed while I feed her in the morning. I wish we had gotten on a better schedule sooner just because it’s helped me be more productive on a work front but better late than never, right?

I’m still breastfeeding and we are getting ready to start introducing food. I wanted to wait until Hawaii because let’s be honest, their produce is just a little more fresh than ours in Minnesota. I also feel slightly emotional that she’ll be starting to add in some foods… I am so, so proud that I’ve exclusively breastfed her these 6 months and I’m aiming to keep going as long as I can manage so there’s a part of my tender mama heart that’s feeling like she’s growing up so fast and food just feels like a big deal. All that being said (maybe I’m weird or overly emotional?) I’m really excited to start introducing food to her.

How’s Mama Doing:

Whew, mama is ready for a break from work. I feel like when I look at these last few months, specifically since April, it’s been a blur of giant project after giant project and those promises of  “I’ll slow down when….” statements. Well, the slowdown is officially here and I’m ready. The funny thing? Work hasn’t stressed me out at all – not in the least, it’s just that I am so excited about all the things that I am doing that I feel this tug to work and so I’ve been clocking more sporadic hours and checking things off of my list so that we can really take this full month off. We were sitting at the dinner table with family the other night and went around saying one thing we are really excited about and I said, “I can’t wait to take Coco on long walks by the beach and catch up on podcasts.”

It hit me that I’ve devoted pretty much every minute to either work or mothering and have been neglecting things like exercise, self-care, and any time to myself that isn’t productive. I feel like every minute of the day is maximized whether it’s being productive in business or being present as a mama and so in that thick of it all, I stopped doing some of the things I love because there simply feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

As a strong 3 on the Enneagram, this doesn’t shock me in the least, I am a do-er and feel value through being busy and while I’ve been busier than ever, I’ve also been more present and calm when it comes to work. If I’ve learned anything, nothing is urgent and I’ve valued that approach as we juggle a weird schedule that includes nursing every few hours and middle of the day family walks with the dogs.

The last month can be summarized as:

The fastest month of our lives with the slowest moments enjoyed. I feel like this last month has been one where Conley feels like a little girl, she’s getting so much more interactive, so strong, and so fun. She continues to amaze us with her ability to be resilient, her go-with-the-flow style attitude, and the sweetest little gummy smiles that melt our hearts. I think we kiss her a million times a day.


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