What Your Intuition is Trying to Tell You

February 3, 2020


What your intuition is trying to tell you with Rha Goddess on the Goal Digger Podcast.

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I see you. You’re buzzing with energy, you’re eager to start, and you know you’re meant for something more than what claims your best working hours each day. But knowing exactly *what* that something is, your true calling… That’s often the roadblock that keeps us stuck.

Finding your calling is a journey that begins with a little tip-toe forward and a lot of inner work and soul searching. Rha Goddess is an entrepreneurial soul coach and she’s just the woman to help you begin the journey to find your true calling.

What is your intuition trying to tell you?

Her Story

“I knew in some ways that life was about working in a way that could make other people’s lives better.” Rha was raised by parents who were very active in her community, always working to improve the lives of others, and that was what she saw as the purpose of life. While she chased the textbook “perfect job” and “perfect life”, it was always with the focus of helping others.

Becoming an entrepreneurial soul coach came from her experiences working in New York City public schools doing conflict resolution. Her work there was about getting to the heart of the matter with families, which is what opened that entrepreneurial soul coach idea for her.

“I’m in a soul conversation with anybody that I’m serving. I’m not just what does your stomach say? Or what does your head say? I wanna know what your heart says,” Rha explained.

“The path of entrepreneurship has always been about being able to forge your own definition of success and to create your own reality. Every entrepreneur that I know has been inspired by a vision of freedom and wanting to create something, wanting to solve a problem, wanting to bring a solution to the table and wanting to improve the lives of people.” Amen to that, Rha.

Finding Your Calling

I asked Rha: Is finding your calling always a soul journey or is it simply figuring out what you’re good at? Rha explains that for her, and how she coaches, that it’s both of those things and more.

Some people know from birth while others spend their lives searching, refining, and claiming their purpose. “It’s the thing that we are supremely good at, but don’t always own that we’re really good at,” Rha continued. It’s the thing your friends and family always turn to you about.

And your calling, Rha says, “gives you share when you share it. A lot of us are good at a lot of stuff but we’re not necessarily passionate about it. We find ourselves in situations where we’re doing the things that we’re good at but it’s not giving us life. It’s not making our hearts sing.”

“It’s the combination of the things that we’re really good at and the things that light our fire. And being able to have that marriage, that really begins to put us on the path.”

Profit from Your Passion

As women, we can feel apologetic for wanting to profit from our passions. We’re told to see work as work and our passions are something we just give freely to the world. But Rha helps people find their passion with the goal of profiting from it, so what does that look like?

Rha explained that she believes and teaches that, “Success is actually a function of alignment. Meaning that when you are in the center of your values and in the center of your gifts and the center of your passionate contribution that you want to make, whether creating or solving something, that’s when true success in money, peace, and fulfillment finds you.”

Rha also teaches that we all have a unique combination of gifts, talents, and abilities that are ours to bring to the world. “We have a contribution to make, we have a proposition to make,” she explained and that proposition is something that people are willing to pay for because of the difference it would make in their lives.

“It belongs to us and if we don’t bring it, the world doesn’t get it,” Rha said to totally drop the mic on this topic.

Self-Work First

In this online business space, there are so many resources and courses and podcasts that can teach us the blueprints and give us a 5-step plan to reach a desired outcome… But it ignores the self work needed to even make those things happen.

“[Self-work] is everything. Even your capacity to receive the knowledge contained in the blueprints is a direct correlation to the degree to which you believe you are worthy and capable of actually executing on them.”

Think about that. Have you done the self-work, that soul-digging to unlock the permission, belief, and self-worth that you need to act on the things you’ve learned in these resources?

More from this Episode

Press play to hear this full discussion, because Rha covers the three fundamental shifts that it takes to bring your contribution to the world, profit from it, and do good in the process. Interviewing Rha left me feeling lighter and inspired, and I know it will do the same for you, too.



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