How to Show Up Online Exactly as You Are (No, Really!)

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February 14, 2022


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In the online space, it’s easy to get pulled into the thought that we can only show up when we’re polished and perfect and presentable. For years, the highlight reel of Instagram had us believing that perfection is the only acceptable goal. Now? Finding new feeds to follow where realness, not the highlight reel, is the focus… That’s what I’m after. And that’s why I love following Radhi Devlukia Shetty — you might have heard of her husband, Jay Shetty before! 

No matter the platform — YouTube, Instagram, her blog — Radhi shows up with realness to share inspiration, mindfulness, kindness, and of course, conscious cooking content that makes me want to whip up something from scratch in the kitchen. I had the privilege of spending time with Radhi at an event recently, and I am eager to continue the conversation on the podcast with you tuning in. 

Carving out her own identity, eliminating the negative self-talk, pursuing her individual passions, launching product-based business with her husband, showing up (even when she’s in her PJs), and how she always seems to know how to remind people what’s important and what matters. That’s what we’re talking about in this deep conversation. Let’s dive in.

The Evolution of Radhi

If you were to watch the home movies from Radhi’s childhood, she told me you’d see a child full of life and confident who always wanted to be the center of attention. Radhi did not make herself small, she did not cower to pressure or expectations of other people, and she was unapologetically herself. That is, until she started attending an all-girl’s school. 

“It fuels your insecurity so deeply and that’s when I realized I was ‘overweight’ and maybe I realized that I was brown. I didn’t even think of being different up until going to high school,” Radhi explained. 

Radhi went into a shell and became a different person. She was insecure and made herself small so as to not attract attention. Her sister would make phone calls on her behalf and her mother became her manager because she was too shy to ask for anything or put herself up to do anything.

That experience was formative for her. Now, looking back, Radhi realizes that the experience formulated her view of how to move about the world now and lead with kindness, never bullying or commenting on someone’s appearance as others had done to her. “I really believe I don’t regret any of it,” Radhi explained, “I don’t wish any of it didn’t happen. I honestly believe that that allowed me to feel so much more compassionate to people in my life.”

The Toll of Insecurities

Moving past her insecurities and becoming the confident version of herself that she is today did not happen overnight. Instead, it was a process that took kindness and understanding from those around her, and a partner who was willing to meet her where she was at. Radhi’s husband, Jay Shetty, worked with Radhi to help her move past the insecurities that were taking a toll on their relationship. 

“What I realized was our whole relationship was being consumed by a lot of my insecurities. It was reducing the joy in our relationship,” Radhi explained. “He really had so much patience for me, but it also made me realize that it, by the time we go out, it’s almost like we’re both exhausted because we’ve just been focusing on these aspects rather than the excitement of going out.”

“I just decided that this has the opportunity to ruin a lot of relationships around me and also reduces the opportunity to deepen the relationships because of what my focus is. It takes two people to deepen a relationship, and so if I am focusing on myself, that means I’m not focusing on the relationships that I have,” Radhi shared.

Press play to hear how Radhi navigated these insecurities and overcame them, strengthening her relationships in the process, beginning with manifestation, journaling, and mindset work.

Pursuing Your Purpose

Radhi spoke about finding her life’s purpose and pursuing the work that brings her joy, and it started with realizing that just because she saw other people happy doing certain things didn’t mean she would also be happy doing those things. 

For example, when Radhi was living in New York she was part of a big yoga community. Her friends had so much joy as yoga teachers, so Radhi thought if she became a yoga teacher she would also experience that joy. She pursued yoga teaching training (which she loved) but being a yoga teacher didn’t bring her the joy she expected… It wasn’t what she was meant to do. 

Radhi tried so many different things that excited her before finding the one thing that brought her the joy she wanted to feel from her work. Food has always been at the center of her joy, and that’s the focal point of her work today. Press play to hear more about Radhi’s journey to finding her purpose and her advice for others seeking the same. 

More from Radhi

What is Radhi working on now? You’ll want to hear all about the tea company, Sama Tea, that she and her husband Jay Shetty crafted together and be sure to follow Radhi on Instagram @radhidevlukia.

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