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October 15, 2020


Anyone else ready to ditch eyeliner and real pants for good this year? I’m right there with you, sister. Let’s be real, even if this year wasn’t all about getting comfortable with staying home, I wasn’t the biggest makeup gal to begin with (I know, no shockers here). So, I’ve been rocking the “no makeup” makeup look long before it was en vogue, you could say.

I also just rock the straight-up no makeup look (like legitimately *zero* makeup on this face) probably more than half the time anyway because, well, your girl likes to let her skin breathe. And, if anything can save me 10 minutes in the morning to use toward hang time with my family before work or to get in a little extra oomph from my sweat sesh, I’m all ears.

If you’re like me, you know that there are a few strict requirements for any beauty routine:

  • It must be FAST.
  • It must be low-maintenance.
  • The products must work well (aka, stay on and do their job).
  • And they must be natural products with cleeean ingredient lists (because if we’re keeping things low-key, I don’t want to go and erase all that goodness with a bunch of chemical-filled products).

I’ve played with ~LOTS~ of natural beauty products through the years as I’ve cleaned up my beauty and skincare regimen, and I’m pretty dang confident that this small-but-mighty list of natural makeup goodies is the creme de la creme. (Pssst… For a deep dive into all my fav skincare goods for cleansing, moisturizing, and caring for your skin, check out this post!)

Keep on reading for my ultimate “no makeup” natural makeup routine… And as a bonus perk, it literally take less than FIVE minutes to apply all these beauties. You’ll be feeling pulled together and glowy with minimal effort in no time, my friend.

01. This tinted SPF 40 serum ($46)

They don’t call this stuff “Super Serum” for no reason. I legit use this guy in place of moisturizer and SPF because it does alllll of that, plus it adds some subtle coverage for a lax work-from-home day. For fuller coverage, I mix it with a half-pump of the same brand’s foundation ($54). I love how clean this brand’s products are, and that I don’t have to worry about clogging up my pores with yucky ingredients.

02. My all-time favorite brow gel ($24)

This gal LOVES a bold brow. And the quickest way to fill in any lacking brow spots is a tinted brow gel. You don’t have to worry about carefully coloring in any spots, either; the gel just smooths, holds in place, and gives them some extra color. Pro tip: brush your brows UP for a more awake look and the illusion of fuller-looking eyebrows.

03. Natural bronzer ($39)

This bronzer is so pretty and sooo subtle, so it’s perfect for an everyday look. I do a super-light dusting for a little glow on my whole face, plus a little bit extra *right* in the hollow beneath my cheek bones, at my temples, along the sides of my nose, and under my jawline for the quickest and easiest contour ever.

04. A multitasking beauty stick ($34)

I adore a good multitasking product (see also: that tinted SPF moisturizer above… hello!). This beauty stick is dubbed the “Multi-Stick” for that verrrrry reason. And I adore it. You can use it on your cheeks as a liquid blush or your lips for a light lip stain. Double the use, double the fun. The color “Lady Bird” looks good on seriously every skin type and color… It’s one of my favs!

05. A super-subtle highlighter ($42)

I’m not the sort of girl who needs mega shine and glitter (but… you could’ve probably guessed that?). However, a touch of shimmer on top of the cheeks, in the corners of the eyes, and on your collarbones goes a LONG way and just adds a natural, fresh, awake look. (AKA, mamas, this product was maaaade for us!)

06. The best natural mascara ($17)

The secret weapon of this mascara? A primer that comes in the same tube. IDK y’all, something about the primer, the applicator, and this formula makes your lashes dream-worthy every single time. It’s a little pricier than my pink and green tube I used all through high school and college… But the fact that it’s a cleaner brand and lasts me up to 2 to 3 months make it a non-negotiable for my makeup routine!

Six natural products to kick off your day with an ultra-natural and ultra-simple *LEWK*, and you’re all done! And honestly, sometimes I use one of these, just three of ’em, or some days it’s all six. That’s the fabulous part about using natural products that enhance YOUR natural beauty (rather than covering up or transforming that gorgeous face into anything else)… You can pick and choose what you need and want to use each day to amplify your beauty. Or, you can just let your natural beauty shine on its own!

No matter what, I know you’ll feel confident, glowing, and most importantly, like *you* when you try out any of these guys and add them to your own low-key “no makeup” makeup routine!

Looking for natural skincare to go with your new makeup?

These products are natural, non-toxic, and my absolute FAVORITE — get 10% off with code JK10!

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