Maui Guide: Our Favorite Activities to Do and Beaches to Visit in Maui

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July 18, 2019


maui guideMaui’s our home away from home, but with a lot more sunshine, year-’round warm temps, and beachy vibes than the Midwest can offer. We go for a month every year to escape the rush of everyday living, reconnect with each other, revisit our goals, and regain clarity on the important things in life (like chunky baby legs in a tiny bathing suit and lots of big, belly laughter).

Simply put, it’s our happy place. And a couple years ago, we ended up buying a cute condo that we could also share with you. One condo became two, and The Kutcher Condo 1.0 and 2.0 were born (available for rent via Airbnb). So, if you’re looking for a little getaway to heaven on earth, check out the availability at our units, and then get to planning your own beautiful Maui adventure!

To help you get started, today we’ve rounded up our favorite activities to do and beaches to visit on the island that’ll keep you entertained, relaxed, or in awe… or all three!

Adventures to go on and activities to do in Maui

The Road to Hana: This daylong trip is beyond worth the time commitment it takes to get there and back. There are so many incredible stop and sights to see along the way between hikes, hole-in-the-wall markets, waterfalls, beaches, and bays. You will want to stop to see everything, but we’d recommend taking your time and soaking in a handful of stops along the way!

Whale Watching: For visitors between January and March, whale watching is a must! It’s marvelous to see these massive, ethereal creatures journey through the sea. There are several whale watching excursions to choose from, and The Ultimate is our favorite!

Attend a Luau: You can’t go to Hawaii and not experience a traditional luau! It’s one of the best ways to learn about Hawaiian culture, eat traditional cuisine, and appreciate an evening of entertainment and history. The energy at luaus is unbelievable and infectiously fun!

Haleakala Sunrise or Sunset: The windy road that ends at the peak of Haleakala is a beautiful traverse in itself, but getting to the top and setting in above the clouds in time to watch a sunrise or sunset will be an unforgettable experience. Just make sure you pack warm clothes because it gets chilly way up there!

Helicopter Tour: For more of a splurge expedition, sign up for a helicopter tour of the island. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I cannot recommend enough — it’s simply one of the coolest (and most breathtaking) ways to see and experience the island and learn more about the history and different areas!

Beaches you can’t miss in Maui

Big Beach: Only a short drive away from the condos through Wailea, Big Beach is located in Makena State Park. It’s super vibrant and lively, and probably one of our favorites on the island!

Ho’okipa Beach: You’ll trek to Paia Town to get to Ho’okipa Beach to experience some of the best surfing and watch some adorable sea turtles as they swim to shore during sunset! You can’t beat this fun beach.

Kaanapali Beach: This is probably one of the most well-known beaches in Maui, and tourists come in droves to see Black Rock. Plus, it’s near a bunch of awesome beaches that host most of the larger hotels.

Kamaole II: This one’s only steps from The Kutcher Condo and is a beautiful, chill beach that hosts some of the most stunning sunsets ever.

Wailea Beach: Also close to TKC (just a short distance down the road!), this area has some beautiful stretches of beaches between the popular Wailea resorts.

So, there you have it! Those are our top favorite activities to experience and beaches to set up camp on when we’re visiting this slice of paradise. Now you have all of our insider advice and can’t-miss adventures to build your very own trip of a lifetime! And if you need food recommendations in Maui, don’t miss our guide sharing all our favorite Maui restaurants and food stops! We hope you love your time there as much as we do!

Come stay with us!

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