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February 12, 2018


Tune in as Jenna talks with Marie Wold, a 23 year old taking over the fitness industry all about creating a business with purpose, how to pivot in your work, social media marketing tactics, and setting ambitious goals. 


Marie Wold is a force to be reckoned with. At the young age of 23, she has created a loyal following, graduated college, and has crafted an irreplaceable brand in the saturated fitness market. She has brains, heart, and is one of the most business savvy ladies I know. 

On this episode, we chat everything from sticking out in a saturated industry, the vulnerability involved in living a public life, creating a business with purpose, how to pivot in your work, social media marketing tactics, and setting ambitious goals. 

Safe to say, we covered it ALL. This woman is about to rock your world. 


Marie is known for her brains, passion, and commitment to the fitness industry. A social media influencer for many years, she has come to know this unique health community well. The fitness industry is unique in the fact that your body, health, mind, are very easily up for critique. It is a climate where sharing is particularly vulnerable, and there is always a “fad” of the moment.

To stick out in a saturated market, Marie recommends breaking the status quo, doing something different. For her, it’s authenticity and taking her followers along for the ride with her. It has also involved her own personal development and transformation in terms of being able to disregard other’s opinions and find true friends. She mentioned navigating relationships can be tricky and have a hidden agenda. She has personally found community over the competition to be the mantra of her life– “There’s room for all of us… People see the success of others as a threat of them, but it’s not true.”


Find what you are called to and make the biggest impact in whatever way you can. For Marie specifically, she found passion in the education process of health and fitness… she saw a void and wanted to be the one to fill it.
To provide evidence-based, sustainable solutions to fitness problems. And she’s going for it!

But it’s not without difficulties. Maria mentioned that some followers or customers get attached to who you were at one point in your journey and find it difficult when you move on (for her, when she moved on from bodybuilding competitions or focuses on non-business tips). People like what they’re used to so when you move on, your followers can be left wanting, and you feel trapped in your spot…You become locked into your brand and feel like you can’t work beyond it.

But along with that transition in terms of engagement and passionate followers, you find your tribe– the people that just get it, that get YOU. Your true fans. Marie reminded us that “Engagement doesn’t mean anything if there’s no purpose there… don’t look at the number, look bigger picture.”
To boil it down, Goal Diggers: you can care about the numbers, the followers, the likes, but most importantly you have to be self-assured in your mission and your journey,

What makes Marie unique:

I loved Marie’s answer when I asked her what makes her stick out in an admittedly VERY saturated industry. And she said it simply, “Authenticity.” She spoke to the journey and vulnerable moments by saying, “I’m not just showing the before and after— I’m showing the during. If you take them along, they become empowered to do the same.” To sum it up: The brand is her. And if you ask me, that is more than enough.

Goal Diggers, there is SO much wisdom in the episode that we couldn’t cover in these shownotes.
Tune in to find out how Marie is writing her own rulebook, harnessing what makes her unique, and building a LONG-LASTING social media empire. This is one episode I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Link To Marie’s Book Choice, “Better Than Before” By Gretchen Rubin! 

Want To Hear More About The Fitness Industry? Throwback to Episode 64!

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  1. Becky Strand says:

    I personally know Marie, and can attest to her passion and authenticity!! She is truly an amazing young woman!


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