Courses, Coaches, and Masterminds: What’s Best for You?

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June 23, 2021


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I didn’t stop learning when I earned my college degree. In fact, I think I’ve only gotten more committed to learning and growing through my decade of entrepreneurship because every time I invested in myself, my business grew and improved exponentially.

There are so many different learning opportunities for entrepreneurs, from free to cheap to super high-ticket, so in this episode, Kylie and I are exploring the different options, why some make more sense than others depending on where you’re at in business, and how to discern which investment is not only worth your money, but that will actually accelerate your success.

I’m covering books, podcasts, courses, coaches, masterminds, and more, and giving my take on the learning industry for business owners. Ready to learn?

Books and Podcasts

If you are just getting started with investing in your own learning, books and podcasts are a great jumping off point. But really, they’re a great option no matter what phase of entrepreneurship you are in. Right now, as a toddler mom and being pregnant with my second child while running this business, I seek out easily digestible learning opportunities versus massive undertakings, and so audiobooks are my go-to source of new knowledge right now. 

When you approach learning from books or podcasts, I think it’s important to remember that you can take just one piece, one element, one lesson from the source, apply it to your business and see results. The book or the podcast does not need to become the sole guidebook for how you will move forward. I’m looking for education these days in my life that gives me that one idea or that one piece of permission or that one gentle nudge to keep moving forward versus looking for the entire blueprint strategy.

My favorite personal development books are Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, High Performance Habits by Brendan Burchard, Launch by Jeff Walker, and Atomic Habits by James Clear.


Clearly I’m a course creator myself, but I would have never created a course if I had not experienced the personal power of taking one. I remember when I took my first course, it was actually a really high ticket course at $5,000. I didn’t totally tell Drew the extent of the investment because I was just a little shell shocked. But I was taking it for two purposes, the actual course content, but also to study how this is done and how does it work? And is this something I could do?

Online courses can range anywhere from $37 to thousands of dollars. What I would advise doing is really making sure that you understand what the end promise is and is that worth it to you in terms of the level of investment? 

I think the best online courses, in my opinion, help empower you to be more of you. They’re not trying to get you to turn into someone else or to look like someone else or to do something exactly someone else’s way. They give you those systems, those strategies and tools that empower you to do more of the thing that you want to do.

Should I Hire a Business Coach?

It’s a loaded question. It’s nuanced. The first thing I’ll ask somebody in response to this question is what is the end result that you’re looking for? A lot of times we’re not even clear on how to answer that question. You can’t pick out a coach until you know what you want to get from that coach. 

I think the coaching industry can be both wonderful and terrible, if we’re being transparent. I think it can be really hard to discern who’s legit and who’s actually getting the results they are claiming, and what is that end promise and how is it delivered and what level of accountability will I get and what level of service?

Coaches play a big role in accountability. Coaches can help fill in a gap of your skill set that you don’t think could be met with a self-led course. Coaches can also help you model your business or lifestyle after their own. But it’s key to consider the true end result before you hire someone. Can they show you the receipts that they themselves have accomplished what they’re getting paid to teach you?

Press play on this episode to hear more of my view on coaches and the coaching industry. 

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Are you ready to invest in your own learning? We dig into even more options, ideas, and advice for pursuing education and personal development. Hit play on the episode above or find it on your favorite podcast app. Join the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook Group and tell me your favorite way to learn!

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