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May 10, 2023


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We more than DOUBLED our best launch ever!!

I was about to go Live for my third webinar of the week when I said to a member of my team, “I can’t believe how relaxed I feel. This launch just FEELS different.” 

Different was an understatement, of course… Because over the next few days, we completely blew our goals out of the water and served over 24,000 humans in the process. *mind blown!*

In the last few years, we haven’t done a lot of really big live launches. It’s been a while since we’ve done a REALLY big launch. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons why we haven’t gone all out: pregnancy, postpartum, not having an office, and more. 

But this time around, I was ready to go BIG!

In this episode of the Goal Digger Podcast, I’m spilling ALLLL off the tea about how we doubled our best launch when promoting The Pinterest Lab. So pour yourself a cup and learn from what worked (and what didn’t) to sell your next offer!

Moving Parts of Live Launching

There are SO many moving parts to a live launch. This was a big update for us and something we LOVE to do on our courses so that we always have the latest and greatest content to share with our students. 

From the inside of the program, we updated the course, added new templates, re-recorded sections, tweaked some design, and made sure everything was following the current best practices for Pinterest. So this included a full top to bottom review, a lot of data sourcing, and looking at what’s working for us, anything that’s changed, and how we want to share it all inside the program. 

Outside of the course itself, we updated the offer, the copy, the webpages (sales page, webinar page, and thank you page), the webinar, the ads (photos, copy, videos), and refreshed and refined our content plan to promote on social media, blogs, podcast episodes, and ads.

We also updated site-wide promotional assets like pop-ups and highly trafficked pages. The amount of preparation that goes into a launch like this is a LOT, so even though the actual launch period itself was about 14 days, we had been working on all of these updates for a solid month or two before!

If it sounds like a lot of moving parts – it was. We created a super clear system and organization strategy in Monday.com here as we essentially build repeatable launch checklists with all launch resources via that platform that aid in this! If you want to check out Monday, I’ve been using it as our project management software for over four years and it’s been crucial in our success! Click here to try it out for free, because it is literally our bible for launching. 

What We Did Right

  1. Anticipate

One key thing that I think we’re SO good at on Team JK is anticipating. We’ve done this enough times to be able to anticipate what we need. We think through things like:

  • What questions will I get on the webinars
  • How can we prep templates for support questions
  • What pages do we need
  • What times do we need to tweak on landing pages
  • What happens when the offer expires

…and so much more!

Using a program like Monday allows us to effectively house, communicate, delegate, and track all launch moving pieces so that the entire team is tapped in and supported.  We treat launching like a team sport, which is why it’s important to me to bring everyone into the process and anticipate what everyone will need that week.

  1. Timing

Timing was critical for this launch, and it’s definitely something we did very right. We started inviting people one week before the webinars began, had live training on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then closed the cart one week after it opened.

Before the launch, I did a ton of work on the offer. After we made the updates and added quite a few tools to the program, we upped the price by $100. Instead of just raising the price quietly, we offered the old price to anyone in the funnel recently. We also did some chat priming with a couple of emails and our Pinterest strategy of pinning fresh pins on the topic of Pinterest.

  1. Chatbot Integration

During the launch, our chatbot integration was insane. Over half of our webinar registrations came organically through automation, and half of our sales were attributed to people who were in the automation sequence. Using Chatbots, we doubled our VIP DM list during the launch, which allowed us to more directly reach people on that list. We also added 12k new email subscribers through the automation alone!

To learn more about chatbots, message me FUNNEL to me in a DM to connect with my team who ran this. It’s been so life changing!

  1. Social Media Presence

We were more present on social media with Instagram Stories, Reels, Lives, and carousels. Our two top posts were more adjacent than on the head with the launch, so overlaying messaging on a more lifestyle type video or collage of videos was the way to go. One of our top posts was a Reel that was like, “Start today, commit for the next 3 months,” and the other was a video of me putting on makeup with Quinn in a carrier.

  1. Optimized Pages

We also optimized more with check-out pages, add-to-cal, TY page video, time zone converter, and reminders for the training. We painted more of the destination, not the process. Two massively helpful tools here were the 100M Offer book from Alex Hormozi that helped us in the early stages of identifying the offer and the objections people would have, and then an amazing guy named Colin Boyd helped us with some of the storytelling aspects of the launch.

  1. All Hands on Deck

Finally, we had all hands on deck to support potential purchasers as well as new students. We had multiple team members helping with the support of the launch. Several team members were dedicated to answering questions, being in the chat on the sales page, watching for DMs that I could answer, and welcoming new students into the Facebook group. This was our biggest launch ever and so the additional help in support was HUGE and necessary!

Key Takeaways from This Launch

  1. Shift your sales mindset. So many people get so fixated on the offer itself, but if you don’t do a good job of selling the offer, they will never experience what’s on the inside. So compartmentalize the creation of the offer itself with the marketing of that offer. 
  1. Anticipate every possible thing you can so that you aren’t scrambling. I swear the energy around this launch was SO good and minus the first webinar day where there was slight chaos when we had a tech glitch (more on that in a minute) doing your best to anticipate needs before they arise will save you so much stress! 
  1. Don’t be afraid to phone a friend, hire an expert, etc.  There was ZERO pride getting in the way of improvement. I was getting help and advice every turn because there are so many people who can see into your launch when you’re in go mode. 

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