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February 23, 2016



Making this house a home has been one of the most fun projects yet! Something happened when we moved and I went into full on nesting mode. While we took almost everything from the last house to here, we had to get rid of some of our furniture and purchase some new pieces. The hardest part was matching the new style of the home, since our last place was a new build and this is a 100+ year old, historic home. Suddenly our modern pieces looked out of place and we needed some more rustic/mid-century modern pieces (don’t worry, this was so fun for me!) Thankfully, one of my former brides (and dear friend) Stacy is an interior designer and she’s been helping us pick our pieces that fit the scale and vibe of our house! Stacy has been my voice of reason and the person I text about rug sizes, table sizes, seating needs, and more. You know when they say that you should leave it to the professionals? Yeah, it’s true.

Above are a few of the pieces we have added to our home since the move! It’s safe to say we have an overload of cardboard from all of the deliveries and I’ve gotten pretty darn handy with a power drill putting together a lot of the pieces with Drew. It’s been so fun to make this place our home and mixing the old with the new has been a challenge I’m willing to get dirty with! We did a ton of our shopping at: Wayfair, Overstock, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Target and a few pieces have been antiqued or hand me downs! I’m a big believer in high/low shopping so investing in certain pieces and then going a bit more affordable on others! We want some investment pieces that will stay with us for some time and we are okay in spending less on more of the decor that will likely change with the seasons!

1. Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs // 2. Tufted Dining Room Chair // 3. Gold Coffee Table // 4. Moroccan Trellis Rug //  5. Vilas Night Stand // 6. Basket and Matching Chair //  7. Leather Desk Chair // 8. Round Gold Mirror  // 9. Upholstered Dining Bench // 10. Grey Loveseat //  11. Vilas Four Drawer Dresser  // 12. Chembra Cotton Weave Rug


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  1. Lauren Peterson Fales says:

    Thanks for sharing! The pieces are beautiful! Justin and I recently purchased a home and have been looking for odds and ends in stores and online…..what has been your luck with Wayfair? I see things on there that I love but I get scared of their return policy and the quality in person. Would love to hear and advice you or Stacy have to offer with online purchases.

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